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  1. Depends on the weather. There's a storm front coming in.
  2. aka_Hawk

    Newbie Frustrated with movement

    You can also ready the sticky "How to use transports" near the top of this forum.
  3. aka_Hawk

    Got the Steel Box!!

    Arrived in northern Norway. Slightly battledamaged, but it somehow snuck past customs.
  4. aka_Hawk

    CM games for steam?

    Oh great! Now we have dino grogs as well...:eek:
  5. aka_Hawk

    Once CMBN is installed...

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I have very high expectancy that it will, though.
  6. aka_Hawk

    Some questions

    Nope sorry Dude, "ATI Tray Tools".
  7. aka_Hawk

    The AI as a dll

    Wow, hat off for you Brit!
  8. OP clarified a few posts back; it's not the amount of dirt/mud/whatever on vehicles and such, it's the lighting or ambience on the battlefield.
  9. aka_Hawk

    Some questions

    Sorry, my bad! It was a graphics driver support tool that display FPS in all games... Thanks!
  10. aka_Hawk

    Some questions

    Couple of quick questions. Is it possible to turn off the FPS counter (two yellow digits) in top right corner? Does seem to be different than the FSP you can tur on/off in settings. Are AI players affected by research penalty/bonus settings in rules setup?
  11. Is there some form of view distance setting which gives a fog'ish like effect? I can't remember if that existed in CMx1 or if I'm just remember the effect of fog in foggy weather scenarios.
  12. Yeah, I think you're spot on there. As scenarios goes it was quite ok, but I guess most of us remember it since it was the first of it's kind and probably got us hooked.
  13. I believe it's still quite early in the States, so probably no new posts for a while.
  14. aka_Hawk

    CM:BN Pre-odered

    @ user38. Thanks, that made my day much brighter!