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  1. You can't do it in the scenario builder, only when you deploy at the start of a scenario that you are actually playing.
  2. That they will. I have found that having a jeep where I need my zook team to be can be very unhealthy for the jeep sometimes. I tend to take a good amount of time in my setups and make sure every AT asset I have is armed with all available rounds before I even start the game. I will also drain all the small arms ammo from any vehicles I can at this time. Normally, one squad in each platoon gets designated 'ammo squad' and is the back portion of my "two up - one back" attack formation. Generally this is also the squad that has the Zook as well, ready to provide mass small arms fire and infantry AT support where needed.
  3. LoL, and I thought I was the only one! I have an old issue of WWII Magazine handy most every time I play. More often then not, when I got to the 'reading room' of the house after I have finished my business I play some more since it's normally some kind of mil history book I am reading at the time. Interesting information presented here!
  4. In the screen shot thread I posted a pic of a Canadian sniper team killing an MG crew member at 425m! It can be done, but as mentioned, this was just letting them pick their own targets, not manually targeting. Also, sniper teams carry binoculars, and without the second soldier (spotter I say) those binoculars would be useless!
  5. Yes, CM:OMG is certainly chuckle worthy! I can't wait to play it, don't get me wrong, but it's funny. I know I might get a little warm for saying this, but I enjoy playing CMSF more then CMBN at the moment at least. There is just so much more stuff flying around, and everything is armed with auto-cannons and/or ATGMs. I would love to see a CM: Fulda Gap or something like that. It's never going to happen, I know, but one can dream a 3rd party will pick up the torch and carry on like Snowball did for CM:Afghanistan.
  6. LoL, just happened to be on the forum at the right time with that. It is strange to get a response within a minute tho! After many, many dead pixel truppen in CMSF and CMBN, I figured this out on my own as well. Coincidentally, I recently discovered what an impact crew training can have on reload times in CMBN, or even straight up fear for virtual lives. In a PBEM w/Bradley Dick I had a MkIV take a hit from a Cromwell and reverse out of LOS. The TC was killed so I ordered the next in line to unbutton so I could see the Cromie when I came back into LOS. I saw him first and fired, shot was ineffective but stunned the crew. In the next 35 seconds or so I hit that tank three times and it exploded. This is with -1 crew member and a Vet crew, +2 morale SS. What a fun time that was to watch.
  7. The weapon is re-loading and unavailable to be used at that moment.
  8. Fire is your only friend here. The more the better. Pretty much just repeating everything said before, but it's good advice. When you are able to have an approximate location on them, plaster the area until your troops are almost there. Split an assault team to use for this, while every weapon in the area keeps their heads down. Once you are in grenade range, stop and area fire where you want to attack. Once the frags are out, rush in and kill the dazed defenders with small arms. That's the ideal scenario, your own results may vary.
  9. Ahh, that did the trick! Thanks a ton Moon!!! I would kiss you but the jar they keep your brain in hasn't been cleaned in a while That and the keep it on the back of the shelf behind Charles and the lack of sunlight doesn't do you any good either All kidding aside, thank you again!
  10. I was able to recover the .exe files but that's all that was in the vault. I just played yesterday and all was good. I moved the files back into the correct folders and now I get just the UK module as showing as installed.
  11. So, I thought I had this figured out when I restored all my .exe files. Well, now when I start the game ONLY the brit module shows up as installed. I can't relicence as all those files were deleted by my anti virus. What do I do???
  12. Lord, why do all of us Yanks have to hate on Montgomery's clothing choices. He is British, might as well be from a different planet as far as clothing goes. Personally, I liked Patton's style of dress. The man was full of himself, and probably a touch insane, just what you need to beat the most battle hardened army in the world at the time. It's kind of scary to think what would have become in Europe if the Ruskies had made a separate peace and all those highly skilled corps from the Eastern Front had reinforced the West before MG.
  13. Wow!!! What an epic CMBN moment right there. It seems to me that the German troops are more willing to toss a grenade, or six, then their allied counterparts. Well, the brits more precisely. I have seen the US toss their fair share of frags, but have only seen the brits do so once. That time is was to kill a Wespe from inside a building. When I assault with them, they never seem to use them. The Germans, well, they throw a ton and they are effective. This is an awesome AAR by the way, love reading it.
  14. Lord yes GhostRider. I play CMSF still almost as much as CMBN. I hate the urban fight, as casualties are always high. It seems I loose them in large numbers when I do loose them at all. I will have like six casualty events, with 3 or 4 down each time. Caution, patience, practice, caution. All this while maintaining the momentum and initiative that the offensive requires. CMSF will have a place on my HD for a long time to come I'm sure.
  15. Too scared to jump, too lazy to hump, MECHANIZED!!!! LoL
  16. Wow, amazing work as always. Been waiting for these, the Achilles is my favorite TD in game. Thank you!
  17. There is always the chance a third party will pick up the torch. Afghanistan needed it too, and while it might not be the most supported game in the world, it's one of my all time favorites.
  18. For the last week or so, Bradley Dick and I have had a running PBEM match. We chose random on both, and ended up going Polish vs Polish purely by chance. This was the best PBEM QB I have ever played in my life. Learning to kill Panthers with Shermans is fun, but learning to kill Shermans with Shermans is something else totally. We had a duel at 200 meters head on, we both bounced three shots off, and then pulled back pretty much unharmed. The tank fight was amazing, really good fun and a nail biter to say the least. Our infantry fought hard, and his casualties were outrageous. I think he went real light on arty, as he out numbered me 4 - 1, but my arty decimated his troops. I tried to use tanks in an infantry support role, while his tanks did the same. All the while our single Firefly each stalked enemy tanks with success and failure. What a match I tell you. If you haven't tried it yet in CMBN, you're wrong!
  19. For those out there who had doubts about the snipers ability to do their job in CMBN (I was one) here is a 425m kill from a Canadian sniper. Epic win!!!
  20. I can't imagine a more terrifying way to die. This is exactly why I joined the infantry when it came time to serve. I played enough Steel Panthers 2 to know how many weapons exist that are designed to kill tanks in a big way. After the service, CMSF reinforced this. For infantry, Artillery is the stuff of nightmares, for tank crews, everything else. Granted, modern MBTs are designed to take hits and allow the crew to escape, but there is no guarantee that you will escape with everything you climbed in with. Really intense vid there, I already respect WWII vets with almost god like reverence for going to war without all the stuff we have today to keep you breathing, but to see it.........
  21. I would say yes, but at the same time no. It depends on your agreement pre-game. I wouldn't use them, but if my whole infantry force is dead or it's armor only, it can give you an advantage to be small and hard to spot. Hand grenades can kill tanks, it's true it's true.
  22. Friend of mine saw this happen in Iraq. Didn't know it was possible, but it is. RPG's can and have done some mighty strange things. Suppose when you have a weapon system that gets used so often every possible malfunction and mishap will happen at some point.
  23. Since the fact the German's didn't have a heavy weapon of similar caliber to the M2, I have to wonder why they didn't develop one? I know they had the capability and a decent design. The MG131 was in wide spread use on aircraft, why not mount one on the roof of a PzIV or PzIII to give it more punch and penetration compared to the MG34.
  24. IMO, about the moment you get to thinking about pulling your boys back in a shifting defense, it's already too late to do so.
  25. LoL! In an episode of pure irony, I had forgot to open up drop box when I re-started the PC and what do ya know? There is a turn from the OP sitting in the game folder. Thank goodness I read this thread or I may not have figured it out until way later on in the evening. My favorite part of playing other people is the friendships you develop along the way. Obviously, we all share some common interests or we wouldn't be playing this game. One positive thing that has come from the internet, is allowing people with interests and tastes that might not be so main stream to congregate, some of the friendships lasting a lifetime!
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