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  1. I would love this game even with no H2H option, but since it's there, you're just depriving yourself of what is, IMO, one of the best wargaming experiences you can have period! It's amazing! If you ever feel like taking the plunge, send me an IM and I will play a mission with you. I'm no Patton or Rommel even in my own mind so no worries on that aspect. I always try to remember the folks who had to do this for real when I play. I served in my nations armed forces for a time, never saw any combat, and when I show friends of mine who have this game series I am always apprehensive about how they will react. Most all of them are glad there are people out there who are interested enough take the time, get the details as close as is possible. People who actually give a ***t!!!
  2. It's strange, but in this genre graphics are a touchy subject. Many of us happily play larger scale games with simple 2D maps and little counters to move around. The gameplay is what sucks you in. At this level of combat, the company size tactical engagement, a 3D environment really adds to the atmosphere. This, IMO, is why the original CM series was as successful as it was. Now, as our 'average' expectations increase with the advances in hardware, the minimum level of graphical fidelity we will accept raises with it. I have played most of CM's direct competitors, and I always find myself back 'home' with CM. The combination of graphics, gameplay, and fidelity of the simulation is unmatched IMO. Granted, there is no wargamer in existence who doesn't have a little 'gripe' about their favorite game, and I am no exception. I echo the feelings of others about maybe having some more animations. But I constantly remind myself, whining about the little things in CM is like complaining the your mother of pearl spoon has a little chip missing while eating caviar. We have things pretty darn good!
  3. Hey folks, since we're on the topic. Can I use the H2HH install I have for CMSF too? Really want to get a Shock Force game going and after being spoiled by H2HH in CMBN, it's a must for any other CMx2 game!!!
  4. Been playing CMBN PBEM's since the first week I had CMBN (couple weeks after the release) and just started using H2HH two weeks ago with the start of my first matches at The Blitz. Don't know how I ever got by without it!!! Dropbox is great, and took me a while to use that even, but H2HH takes ALL of the hassle out of PBEMs. They should really package both Dropbox and H2HH links/files with every CMBN download to help get the newer folks into playing online. It can be a real challenge to play the AI with the right circumstances and a good scenario designer, but nothing can come close to the experience of playing a live human.
  5. CM:A is like a cult game in a niche community. I love it, might even be my favorite of them all, but there is very little community activity for this title. I love the time period, my absolute favorite to wargame. The weapons are lethal, but the optics aren't evolved like in Shock Force, making fights all the more lethal. Great fun, great fun!
  6. I am all of 29 years old. Will be 30 on 9/11 this year Been wargaming for 18 years, and playing CM for 8.
  7. Thank you George, appreciate the prompt response. That's what I was thinking, but wasn't sure and it sounded like a lot of fun. The holidays have killed the cash for a month or two, but I will be getting the upgrade a soon as I can. Been waiting for it since CMFI came out. At any rate, thanks again for letting me know.
  8. Is this scenario not compatible with v1.11? I installed it just like any other CMBN scenario but it will not show up on my scenario list. I have both the base and CW module patched to 1.11.
  9. I find that Snipers make excellent reece assets. A short cover arc is a must until the big show starts since their reach is fairly long with the sniper rifles. It seems that they spot better then regular infantry, and a smaller team is harder to spot. All of the tips given here are good ones, I would say write em all down so you can reference it while you play.
  10. I am up for a PBEM. Got the kids this holiday weekend so no real time sadly. Stryker07(at)yahoo(dot)com (sorry for all that but spammers tend to enjoy open email address links, lololol) Not picky about which side I play, but do prefer QBs with human force selection for PBEM.
  11. I have always run nvidia cards and with my current one, 9800GT 512MB, I have had no issues with current drivers.
  12. My $0.02 on this subject is as follows. CMx1 modeled armored combat beautifully, and infantry combat in an abstract, but fully believable way. CMx2 continues the high fidelity armored combat tradition, but the improvement is not as dramatic as the change in the way infantry are handled. The infantry fight in CMx2 feels so much better then in CMx1, the 1:1 representation of troops makes such a difference IMO. My favorite CMx2 scenarios feature a company of infantry and maybe a platoon of armor, as a reverse to my preference in CMx1 which favored armor over infantry, and much larger numbers of both. The CMx2 engine is just begging to be used simulating the ground combat in the PTO. Not only do we have battlegrounds like New Guinea, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and all of the China-Burma-India area, but many many islands and atolls in the Pacific and Dutch East Indies that all saw battles that were won and lost in the scale CMx2 does so well at. And it's not like a game that is asymmetric in the strength of the forces involved can't be fun. Both CMSF and CMA feature opposing forces where one is far more powerful in firepower then the other. The Japanese towards the end of the war used many of the same tactics used by guerrilla forces today, such as adapting aircraft bombs for use as what we now call IEDs, ambush tactics, and suicide attacks. Granted, the folks out there who swoon over fast moving armored thrusts supported by infantry in half tracks might not like the idea, but the game would be awesome. The vicious short range fire fights that typify PTO combat would make for some amazing CM replay moments. And when you do have armor at your disposal, dealing with the almost impossible terrain will force you get the most out of each tank and support the infantry you need to secure victory. The Battle of Okinawa alone could be a base game, with that one island representing almost every type of terrain WWII in the PTO included. Again friends, all of this is my opinion and I am welcome to feedback. I am fully aware of Steve and the rest of BF's position on doing any type of PTO game. I think CMA is the closest we're getting to Asia any time soon, I just wish some 3rd party group would come in to pick up the torch like was done for CMA.
  13. I have to say, that with this demo in particular, there is more gameplay here for free then most $40 games give you. Three full missions, that is outstanding. Can't wait till CMBN is upgraded, and CMSF2 comes out
  14. One book, well two now that I think of this, I would like made into movies are "Samurai" by Saburo Sakai and "The Jolly Rogers" which was written by Blackburn iirc. We have such amazing CGI capabilities that the air combat scenes could really be done right. Take the air to air scenes from Pearl Harbor, add the good ones from Red Tails, with a historically accurate story (Samurai would be most excellent for that) and you would have the best WWII air arm movie ever made. Heh, Kickstarter here I come!!! ;D If no one has mentioned this yet, at the youtube page for the "Grace and Danger" trailer there is a disclaimer that states the footage used isn't even from the movie, but from pre-production days to drum up interest in the movie. I hope their right cause it does look like it could be decent.
  15. I think CMFI is the first CM title I haven't picked up in the first week since CMSF, lol. Sad part is a member of the forums here ended up helping me out with like $30 to pre-order CMBN before it came out, so I think I have more then enough CM gaming goodness to keep me squared away till I have the opportunity.
  16. Training really came into it's own during WWII, taking a horde of civilians and turning them into 'professional' soldiers in as little time as possible. I think they got basic time down to something like 6 weeks in WWII for infantry. My infantry basic at the same base they used then was 14 weeks, and then there was more training at the unit level before a deployment. This was in 05 before the surge in Iraq, and the rumors then were the time was being shortened again to get more infantrymen into the field quickly. Fear can work both ways. It can really make certain things stick in a mans head, things he needs to remember when he is too scared to really think. Films like this served an important purpose, to at least acclimate a green soldier to the sounds of weapons he has already heard horror stories about. I think the most important line in the whole thing was, "look at your squad leader". When you are in the weeds, look at the guy in charge, he will tell you what to do. The thing that struck me was the way they described a weapon as being superior by the number of rounds on target. It only takes a single full rifle caliber round to kill you, just one. So when 17 of 30 hit a two man sized target, I am dead several times already, so is my buddy. Ahh, propoganda.... I had seen this film before, but it's been a while and I enjoyed this view, thank's for the link!
  17. Sergei, that is awesome! I will be singing this all day, I know this, right after I order a set of panzerslips
  18. I love HE chuckers like the Grille, just love em. I know that it's not historically accurate, yet I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling when my Wespe gets LOS on a troublesome MG or rifle squad and just splats them with HE. It's not the same as doing it with a tank, I think since SP guns like this are not intended for this role and fare badly against incoming fire. That's one area where the Priest has a helping hand in the form of a .50 cal machine gun. Getting a burst off with that keeps their heads down while the main weapon is sighted. Loving this AAR Bill, holding my breath with anticipation!
  19. As far as running Battalion level engagements, every fight breaks down into small firefights and armor engagements at some point. I tend to run large scenarios in WeGo just so I don't miss things that I shouldn't. Where CM is awesome is the Company and Platoon level fight. Larger then that and the amount of control you have becomes a liabilty instead of an advantage.
  20. You make some very good points John. Many scenarios I've played have no rhino equipped tanks and it's frustrating like it should be. In a QB type situation, I find it hard to tell a player not to use a tool at his disposal because there were only a few in service in reality. If the two players want to agree on something, that is fine, but I don't think it tips the scales so far into the allied direction as to make the fight unfair. I almost want to confine myself to certain time limits in setup when the situation states that I am being pressed by the enemy. We have the luxury of taking all the time in the world to set up an ad hoc defense that should really be set up in a half hour at most. Honestly, since we have far more direct control over our forces then any company or battalion commander would have, the time should be shortened. I may very well try this in the future, just to add a little role playing to my war gaming.
  21. In the armchair general vid linked earlier in the thread, 3 hours alone were spent on setting up the defense. It is vital. I am one of those few I guess who prefers to attack then defend. It is tense in the beginning, up until you make contact, then things become simple. As the attacker, I choose when and where to meet this well laid out defense. I can bring any number of weapons to bear on a very small area and kill everything I meet in a slow methodical fashion. On the defense, you are at the mercy of enemy arty, and the fact that they may have found a way to approach you that you didn't cover. In the bocage, this is the use of Rhino tanks or engineers. I prefer the rhino, as it doesn't make a huge explosion when you break through a hedge, but anything that allows you to engage enemy forces in a vulnerable position is fine by me!
  22. I had heard of this book, but forgotten where to find it, so thank you John! I do wish that every piece of kit these vehicles carried was avail in CM, like being able to restock a squad with grenades
  23. In CMBN I use my 60s with the line infantry only, it's a waste of time and energy to use them for indirect in most cases. Note I didn't say all the time, there are times indirect is preferred with light mortars, but for my style of fighting they are few and far between. With US forces in particular, an infantry company either has 1x 60mm team assigned to each rifle platoon, or 3x 60mm in the weapons platoon. The Airborne has them with the rifle platoons as well afaik. To me this is a clear indicator as to how the weapon should be used, as the TOE is generally designed around making it easier to manage the assets tactical doctrine calls for. In the HBO series 'The Pacific' 60mm mortar crews figure prominently in just about every episode. They are generally right behind the lead elements of their company on the advance. When the advance gets slowed down my enemy fire, the crews set up a few yards behind the lead unit and provide direct fire. This fire is generally guided by their platoon leader, who is in turn directed by the Company CO or assigns targets of opportunity as they appear. This is exactly how I try to run my 60's in CMBN. The British 2" mortar operates in the exact same way, and their TO&E makes their use clear to me as well. I do love the 60 for it's punch compared to rifle grenades. Even the 2" is a little on the weak side it seems, as I don't deal nearly as many casualties with those as I do the 60s. I see that in CMFI the Italians have the 45mm, and it's awesome that the axis forces now have a light mortar modeled in game. I am personally at a loss as to why the german 50mm 'knee mortar' hasn't made it's way into CMBN or CMFI. I was under the impression that they were very plentiful and found with German forces on every front up till the end of the war. Is this impression incorrect? The 8cm mortar they have now is an awesome weapon, but it's heavy and tires troops much faster then weapons like the 2". It seems like it's size also makes it much harder to bring into LOS of an enemy target without getting them spotted and killed. I don't even attempt to bring any of the medium mortars in game up to the front, they are used indirect only, being on the defensive is the only exception. LoL, this forum is such a tease for me, as I want CMFI more then anything right now and I am going to have to wait. I promise Santa, I will be a good boy all year if you get me CMFI early!
  24. I am saving my pennies for that one. There are too many products coming down the line to buy them all on the spot like I have been since CMSF! I am not complaining, it's good to have a choice of conflict zones/times for my favorite wargame!
  25. LoL, think I'll have to wait till September to get this fine masterpiece of a game. It's going to be harder to keep up financially, since you were releasing a title every year or so. So far this year we've had a module and a new base game, and it's only the start of August. My birthday is in September, so we will see. The one I really want is going to be Shock Force 2! I doubt it will be out before my b-day, but I also thought that about CMFI when it was announced, and see where it is now! I guess the vineyards of CMFI will have to wait a bit, back to my hedgerow I go.....
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