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  1. we were supposed to get 2 feet, got like 8 inches and 6 of sleet so far....good time to game I say!
  2. Yes you are correct. The tabs in the bottom left of the unit purchase screen are where you get to them now. I have all the modules so should be able to access them, but they're blacked out in QBs and available in the full editor.
  3. Same here, the issue is that you cant access the Republican Guard or Special Forces tabs from the QB unit purchase screen, and that is where the mech airborne are. You can still get to them in the battle editor though, that's how I found this out.
  4. Got home from work at 1030. Intalled CMSF2 at like 11, had to restart PC cause reasons, and then my game wouldn't activate properly cause I bought the CMSF + marines bundle back in the day. Entered a ticket and no less then TEN MINUTES later they had sorted me out, and I am up and running. BFC, well done!
  5. lol, decided to check one more time before work and bam, there are the upgrades. Will have to wait for after work to play but downloading now!!!
  6. lol, looking like after work fun today, muhahahaha.
  7. @LukeFF, you the same Luke from the IL2 Forums? The location is the same so I am assuming so, funny I never put it together before.
  8. I have been part of the CMANO testing crew since closed beta started like 6(?) years ago. Personally I think it's biggest training potential is as an introduction to the realities of modern warfare regarding the use of sensors, EW systems, and the employment of various assets. As the pro version progresses (I test the commercial version, not the Pro Edition) I think one of it's more interesting uses will be in defining the tactics and general usage of new systems, ships, aircraft, before they even hit production. No use buying a hammer when a screw driver is what you need sort of thing.
  9. I bet you guys were busy after that storm last October, wind comes in from a slightly different direction and all of a sudden everyone had trees down in their yard. Just a month ago we had a 10 MINUTE storm in Brunswick, knocked power out for the entire day for a quarter of Cumberland County and most of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, and Knox.
  10. My opinion might be skewed, but I did myself to death on hedge rows during the teething time of CMBN. The most fun I've had with WW2 CMx2 has been with FB. Late model US units, late war German units and formations......and snow. A close second is the Market Garden expansion of CMBN, that is a blast too, much different terrain then the rest of the game. But lately I've been playing CMBS cause it's my most recent buy, waiting for the upgrade for CMSF2 to drop.
  11. LoL, I actually live on the island of Arrowsic, Hells Gates runs on the back side of the island facing woolwich, and I have heard many a story about running them in small aluminum boats. From what I can tell it's primarily when the tide is all the way out or running hard that way when things get exciting. I went through a number of times at high tide in a 16' fiberglass with no problems, just feel the current through the wheel very strongly. I am sure it's similar all over, but seems to be a good number of wargaming types in these parts. There used to be a little gaming shop in Bath called the 'Toy Soldier' I went to in the late 90's, probably what got me started on this path.
  12. Same here, as long as my phone isn't using my home wifi I can see the new site, even got my new password all figured out. On my home connection it's still the old site. Can say the new site is much more mobile friendly.
  13. The last SF module I got was the UK one and I got it while waiting for the commonwealth module to be released for CMBN. My kids were maybe 1 then, they're almost 8 now, time has most certainly flown by. I am glad I managed to finish the collection though, it's paying dividends now.
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