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  1. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    I bet you guys were busy after that storm last October, wind comes in from a slightly different direction and all of a sudden everyone had trees down in their yard. Just a month ago we had a 10 MINUTE storm in Brunswick, knocked power out for the entire day for a quarter of Cumberland County and most of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, and Knox.
  2. My opinion might be skewed, but I did myself to death on hedge rows during the teething time of CMBN. The most fun I've had with WW2 CMx2 has been with FB. Late model US units, late war German units and formations......and snow. A close second is the Market Garden expansion of CMBN, that is a blast too, much different terrain then the rest of the game. But lately I've been playing CMBS cause it's my most recent buy, waiting for the upgrade for CMSF2 to drop.
  3. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    LoL, I actually live on the island of Arrowsic, Hells Gates runs on the back side of the island facing woolwich, and I have heard many a story about running them in small aluminum boats. From what I can tell it's primarily when the tide is all the way out or running hard that way when things get exciting. I went through a number of times at high tide in a 16' fiberglass with no problems, just feel the current through the wheel very strongly. I am sure it's similar all over, but seems to be a good number of wargaming types in these parts. There used to be a little gaming shop in Bath called the 'Toy Soldier' I went to in the late 90's, probably what got me started on this path.
  4. Sakai007

    New Website status update

    Same here, as long as my phone isn't using my home wifi I can see the new site, even got my new password all figured out. On my home connection it's still the old site. Can say the new site is much more mobile friendly.
  5. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    The last SF module I got was the UK one and I got it while waiting for the commonwealth module to be released for CMBN. My kids were maybe 1 then, they're almost 8 now, time has most certainly flown by. I am glad I managed to finish the collection though, it's paying dividends now.
  6. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    Yes it will when CMSF2 is released.
  7. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    Honestly I am so grateful for the reduced price for previous owners of the game. $35 to bring the who deal up to engine 4 is not a bad deal, I mean we're getting on board regular/vehicle mounted mortars and the updated QB force selection. That right there is worth the money to me. It's also the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back, and getting new stuff whenever I can.
  8. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    @MikeyD Nice, that makes 4 of us. My word, Presque Isle is a ways out there. I've only been up that way once, and I've lived here most of my 35 years. I always kind of figured wargaming would have to be popular, with the long winters and all. If you don't like winter sports your options are that are the other state pass time, Allens Coffee Brandy.
  9. Sakai007

    The state of CMSF2

    OMG, Mord I am also a maineah, I think BF Steve is as well. Every time I buy a CM title I have to pay state sales tax, couldn't figure it out until I had a technical issue with the site and he responded personally and we got to talking a bit. I am over by Bath, not too too far out of your neck of the woods.
  10. My system is somewhat dated, but runs Cm2 just fine on best settings to my tastes. Running Win 8 Pro 64-bit, AMD FX-6100 (6 cores @ 3.3Ghz), 8 GB RAM, Gigabyte MoBo, nVidia 9800GT 512MB (yea it's super old but gets the job done)
  11. I tend to give group orders to platoon size units, and only in the beginning of the battle. About the only time I 'need' to split up squads is for urban and heavy woodland combat. Since the infantry TacAI behavior improvements in 4.0 there is even less of that micro. As the rest have said, it's got to be fun. I really don't enjoy anything over a couple companies at most in CM, but in something like Steel Panthers a couple battalions is just fine.
  12. Sakai007

    i can has pbem?

    This looks to be an interesting match so maybe a couple reports from the front.
  13. Sakai007

    i can has pbem?

    PM me, I've got one going but can manage another. I'm up in Maine so same time zones at least, lol.
  14. Sakai007

    About upgrade4/ engine4

    I picked up FB a couple weeks ago, and it was in it's current 4.0 form.
  15. Sakai007

    PBEM Medium Map RECON package

    Hey Sven, I am a long time CM player but just recently grabbed CMFB, and would love to run some PBEM. Drop me a PM and we can get going. Thomas