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  1. After a long pause I am getting back to this great game with the new expansion assault on democracy. I still really like this game but against a human opponant... So If you want to play the global campaign (axis or allies or both at the same time), hard build limit and no replay, I am your man. I usually play untill the end, 1 or 2 turns every 2 days. One last thing I am a false beginner. Alex from Paris
  2. Looking for human opponent, AI is good but does some suicidals moves at my opinion and I beat it all times... and I when turn up the difficulty level it loss historical realicity... I am Not a newbie and take either side, PM me if interrested. PS i play untill the end let say 1 turn every day at least. Not the good field but as I am french little bit disapointed with french... not a major ok but why free french can retake their colonies and set new capital in libreville, then dakar, algiers and paris... and then rebuild armies... after all their were hundreds of thousands french combatting in Italy, landing in provence and french 2 DB retaking Paris with Leclerc as HQ (De Gaulle was more a political beast even if general before...), anyway good and more realistic game about WWII. PS forgive my frenglish...
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