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  1. I can dl the mod PvP .zip, but there's stuff missing and corrupt. Like the whole scripts dir for example. Frustrating Anybody know wtf is going on, is it on my end?
  2. Just tried to dl the pvp but got error with .zip as corrupt unrecognizable. Is there an issue there? Anybody else.
  3. Hmmm, conquered France set up Vichy and received NO plunder? Is that part of the Brute Force mod? Cause that is 'brutal' or... is that a bug? Think there should be some plunder if especially if Belgium and other minors give a bit of plunder. Was kind of counting on 400-500 MMP for Germans? Please tell me this is a mistake? Of course then I have to restart this PvP for the second time, or maybe not.
  4. Well I'm not sure what I clicked or right clicked on (some tile or unit?), since my hand kind of slipped on my mouse at the time. The result was a pop-up with the words (or something close): "Failed on menu command" then poof the app crashed. I've never seen this before and have been playing since GC came out. I was doing the Brute Force mod, but not sure that had anything to do with it since it was an interface action that cause the crash. Of course I can't reproduce it, cause I'm not exactly sure what I did to cause it.. sorry. :confused: Anybody else seen this?
  5. Noticed when playing allies against AI, that the axis(AI) always gets Denmark with some special event? What is that about? Always on first turn too I think? Something special in the scripts to help axis AI get Denmark?
  6. Asking because I started a PvP game yesterday with your mod and we're thinking we need to restart because of the USSR force pool changes. So if the PvP is updated, we can restart. Thanks! And thanks for all the prompt response to questions!
  7. Al, thanks for some clarification, but still in the dark about - Are there warnings when Manchuria or east garrison are below levels? - Do the german units need to be 'ON' the border or in Poland?? What if Germany takes all of Poland, border moves and garrison placement (if on border) too I hope. Thanks.
  8. Have some questions regrading the notes: USSR +15-25 Allied Japan adds units to Manchuria USSR +15-25 Allied Japan removes units to Manchuria What is the start level of units that need to be in Manchuria? USSR® +5(1940) Allied Axis < 4 on USSR Border USSR® +5(1941) Allied Axis < 8 on USSR Border USSR® +5(1942) Allied Axis < 12 on USSR Border 'on the Border' means literally on the border? Or in Poland? Are there warning messages that display when these conditions trigger allied USSR leaning?
  9. I played a game where France didn't surrender (Paris occupied) when all but left a one UK unit in NE France and a weak French unit near Maginot. When they did surrender on the allied turn.. got almost nothing or for plunder. Was ready to surrender at that point. France should surrender (offer Vichy) when Paris is taken... end of story. IMO, anything else is ridiculous and will cause large balance issue for the Axis later in the game
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