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  1. Hi All! I am currently playing a game as the allies on the new 1939 scenario, and was wondering if you guys could point out some effective tactics for hunting down subs and Spee!
  2. Same here, could you do this for some of the older expansions too? I mean if AoC and AoD are the last of SC2 esque games, then could you have like a super import pack that includes all the old campaigns from all the old SC2 games for $25-$50?
  3. USA in general had a very insignificant role in the ground war in WW1 in general. The marines may have been a significant role in USA's insignificant part in WW1. So that is one reason why marines should not be included in SC WW1.
  4. I really like Empire total wars research system. As when a tech becomes used a lot or many people know the tech you will learn it.
  5. Oh ok. Well if anyone has the Russian Civil war MOD currently could they please email it to me at dustmite@shaw.ca
  6. Is the Russian civil war MOD in the repository? If not then where?
  7. I have checked in the repository for SC-GC and could not find Vypuero's World Campaign. Am I missing something or is there another site that has more mods/campaigns available.
  8. Well have you ever played Empire total war. It worked well there.
  9. I think that For SC3 They should do something like Empire total war has done. A turn based strategy but for the battles its real time strategy. You could have two types of play then. And then the game might get a little bit more exciting.
  10. Looking for a PBEM opponent. Never played online before. message me if interested.
  11. I have had this happen to me many times. I right clicked on something then right clikcked agian a nd it shut down
  12. Same my computer crashed and i had to get it wiped. now cant unlicensed it and would have to pay for another copy just to play it again.
  13. Is it possable to add any new units to the game. like have more then the standard units.
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