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  1. Falken! Fancy meeting you here! Grab me next time we're on Teamspeak and I may be able to help you out! Rusty
  2. How many times does the Chinese capital move? Is it different if I'm playing AoE? Will the capital move back to Beijing if I re-capture it before all other capitals are taken? I realize China is destined to fall, but I'd like to delay the Russians a few more turns . . . . What are the different Chinese capitals (if more than two)? I am about to lose the second capital right by communist China, and need to know where to send my few remaining units, or fail that send everyone out on a suicide charge to weaken the Russians before the fall of China.
  3. The AI always seems to choose India to join early. Is there any advantage to letting India join in it’s own sweet time? I’ve always let them join when they feel like it but in retrospect, that is a lot of MPP’s from India to give up until they join.
  4. Thanks for the lesson. I never knew that was possible! A couple of new strategies have just opened up for me!
  5. This is not the case - I'm playing Axis of Evil so the USSR controls Leningrad, but is an ally of Germany . . .
  6. 1.02, Axis of Evil. I had *just* taken over Gibralter and the associated port. On the AI's turn, THREE battleships went through Gibralter into the Atlantic! The port was at 0, and I thought that would have blocked the ships! It actually worked out for the best as they ran into some subs and got torn up. I held both sides of the passage (Spain had the African coast) Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
  7. Playing Axis of Evil. Germany has Norway and will soon have Sweden. If either Germany or USSR take Finland, does that provide a "supply link"? ie scandanavian cities will grow from 5 supply to 8 supply, or will that not work due to the USSR being "between" Germany and Sweden?
  8. Interesting - What are the rules for "free" units? I also recall a Chinese Corps which was in Burma went over to the English when China Surrendered.
  9. I never noticed any other "Free French" in my game, but under the description of the battleship, it said "France". Would a "Free french" battleship not say "Free France?
  10. No, this was the French Battleship. There was no vichy in this game.
  11. I'm trying axis of evil for the first time. What is are the major differences in activations for the usual Axis minors? Will Finland join automoatically? I assume not Will Turkey be more likely to be Pro Axis now, or is it the same as the regular scenario? What about Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania - Same activation scripts as usual? What about the Dutch East Indies? Is Japan going to declare war on a bunch of Pacific minors and push them towards the axis? Refreshing change - I really have to use a different mindset!
  12. Finishing up my last 1.01 game before upgrading and I noticed some oddities. 1) The UK moved their gov't to Canada after the island was taken. After I took Ottawa, and Canada surrendered, All of Canada belonged to the UK and not Germany! Is this by design ie the UK "takes over" Canada? I thought the only UK territory was Ottawa due to it being surrounded by border markings. 2) The loop from Winnipeg to Calgary . . I sent a tank through and it came out next to Vancouver! Quite a ways from Calgary! Is this by design as well? I'd had to backtrack a few turns to take Calgary. 3) After the surender of the UK, I found a French ?! Battleship hiding in one of the ports in Africa (Meer or something like that) It was the Paris! France Surrendered YEARS before (and no vichy) Is the battleship still there because it was in the UK port when France surrendered? 4) I do like how India, and Australia etc fought on after the UK surrendered! 5) When I landed troops on US soil, there was some very strange behaviour from the AI. The General and Tank group formed went to the gulf and boarded amphib transports! Worse still when I caught the transports, it looked like they were heading for the east coast where I had 6 subs blockading ie it seemed like they were trying to liberate Boston via an amphib assault ? ? ? Maybe they were headed for the UK / Europe / Africa but either way, the AI should have rushed the units to the east coast for defence and not put them in amphib transports There was another note or two I scribbled down, but I forgot the piece of paper at home!
  13. Either that or the fort still belongs to Vichy France and you need to declare war on Vichy to unload your amphibous transport.
  14. Ok, so I guess blockading the ports eventually reduced the city to below five which in turn reduced the port to 5? So if I keep the subs parked there the city will eventually be reduced to zero, taking the port anlong with it? I remember stopping the india convoy in india by blockading the Indian port. I *though* it was reduced by 1 each turn, but I could be mistaken.
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