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  1. Just finished ... great scenario!!! Lost a BTR and the Jeep, got 9 men killed 19 wounded, but the hills and phase lines were secured. The Mujahs were denied advancement pass the first line of tranches and I started mopping up the battlefield with the T-72 and the remaining BTR at T -5 minutes, but at the end Mullah Hamid got away with 35 men. I thought I would have had a Minor Victory, but only managed to get a Small Minor Defeat on WEGO Iron. I thought the victory conditions were a little harsh...but then fighting in Afghanistan is/was harsh... Looking forward to start Battlegroup Ivanov and your new scenario.
  2. I normally don’t comment on the forums, but you sir have made my day! Brilliant piece of writing. You should put up a blog or get your own section on the forums. Bravo P.S. "Forgetting their lack of religion, the crew lept from their treasured tank and raised their hands to the heavens." ... too funny
  3. My Bad... I was using incompatible mods All's well nothing to see here, move along folks :D
  4. Every time I click on quick battle CMBN crashed on me. Everything else works fine. Vista 64bit, 8G memory, ATI 4870. Thanks,
  5. I think I know what the issue is with Vista and Windows 7. You need to change the desktop appearance settings back to Windows Classic, or Standard in Control Panel -> Personalization -> Window color and appearance. CMSF does not like Windows Aero or other customized appearance /color themes. You can also leave it at your customized settings and right click on your CMSF shortcut icon -> properties -> compatibility and check "disable visual themes" and "Disable desktop composition" ... but that does not work every time. Best to leave it at default color and themes if you play CMSF all the time... and who doesn't ? Sorry to hear that you had to reinstall Windows and video card drivers, but I am afraid it is just a windows' setting, by reinstalling windows you have set your window back to the default that's why it worked. I actually liked the Aero settings... can we have a patch to fix this please? Thanks
  6. Schrullenhaft, In spite of what it says about IL-2 Sturmovik on that download page, I am reading that some people have gotten it to work. It is encouraging to hear that there's a good chance that Eyefinity would work with CMSF. I guess I'll just have to try and see. Thank you for your help!!
  7. No, I could not get SoftTH to work with CMSF. CMSF only display on the center ( primary ) screen. I've edited the display size.txt file ( 5760 1200 60, 3840 900 60...etc..etc.. ) and the new resolution setting does showed up in the option menu , but it has no effect. I have also tried all the monitor display settings from the TH2G web site. I've got SoftTH to work with other Battlefront games ( TOW I, II and PT Boat demo, I even got Steel Beasts to work on three monitors ) , just not CMSF !!. which is a huge disappointment, because CMSF is still the best out of all the battlefront games, IMHO, and it should be played on thee monitors or more . I was hoping to get the three monitor setup working before the upcoming Normandy and Afghanistan titles. Any other suggestions to make CMSF work with multi monitor setup?... and if Battlefront need someone to test Eyefinity with CMSF ... ;)
  8. Has anyone tried CMSF with ATI's Eyefinity or got it to work with multi monitor setup? ( besides using TH2G ). I have been playing with SoftTH, but so far no go... http://www.battlefront.com/community/images/icons/icon8.gif Thanks in advance.
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