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  1. i'll download the demo and keep you posted For Retail versions the v1.1 patch is available from support@n3vgames.com.au
  2. v1.1 patch is available from n3v games, the patch contains bug fixes for the tutorial missions, and mission 4 easy catch. i doubt though this will help to make the game more localised , i'll let you know if the translations change at all
  3. it's hugely misleading, BF should do a better job clearly differentiating the release from the Retail version as the cover is nearly identical to whats displayed on BF.com, you also receive a printed game manual So it appears that i've wasted $50 buying the AUS retail version, and now I'm told i'm not entitled to v1.1 what a joke! are there plans to release a patch to all affected AUS gamers?
  4. I'd been following the reviews for some time, then having seen that PT Boats was officially released (finally), I quickly tracked down a retail (AUS) copy at my local EB games to purchase the title rather than wait for it to be shipped as it wasn't apparent that there was any difference PT Boats requires the latest generation graphics cards, fair enough, however after eventually getting it to run its games like this that remind me why I gave in and went to ps3. Issues installing, a lot of manual effort updating drivers etc, game crashes, error messages throughout and lacking any multiplayer servers Then to have missions that are seemingly impassable (episode 1, mission 4:easy catch) most likely due to yet another in-game fault. This title is very unpolished. I hope someone can sway me!
  5. i had same problem, depends on ur HW specs. My issue was old generation graphics card which although exceeded minimum spec (512mb vs 256mb) it didn't support directx 9.0c which has different shader support.
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