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  1. Tweaks, including GOD mode: http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=166578 timetraveller
  2. Hi feverett, Probably you already realize this, but make sure you are actually online when you register the game as it requires it for the registration process. My game key was on a sticker inside the DVD box, under where the DVD sits. Good luck.
  3. Hi Magnum50, I thought (???) that the PT boat's searchlight was controllable by the mouse in the stock game. After turning the searchlight on, try holding the left mouse button down and moving the light with the mouse like you do for a gun sight. I know they are controllable in my mod, even on the big ships. But there, I am focusing on each searchlight socket through new code. timetraveller
  4. The "start.ini file can be tweaked to do a few cool things. Read on. The simple way to unlock all missions eluded me till yesterday. Find your "start.ini" file in the main game folder. Add the following line: <all_missions_unlocked val = "1"/> Get rid of the intro movie: <play_intro val = "0"/> Show FPS: <show_fps val = "1"/> God mode: <god_mode val = "1"/> Run in windowed mode: <window_state val = "1"/> Other possible tweaks for the "start.ini" file are as follows: creation_width creation_height locale auto_mission menu_mission_holder empty_mission_holder log_level debug_weapon short_asserts physx_use_hw single_thread ignore_asserts disable_sound no_exception_error_box profile_level profile_quote fixed_time_mode disable_effects_preload disable_pcw_rewrite missionstats_debug force_water_mode enable_stdcon debug_input dump_type show_script_errors heap_check_interval -timetraveller
  5. Thomm, Glad you liked the review. Thanks. Joe, Yes, I agree, the out of the box game has no resemblance to reality. PT boats escorting destroyers and cruisers on missions? It was hard to believe that Akella presented it this way. Personally, though, I was happy to see all the larger ships modeled because it makes for some variety in modding for me. -timetraveller
  6. So as not to duplicate myself, here are my impressions of this game. http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?p=1328784#post1328784 -timetraveller
  7. This game is hugely moddable right out of the box, like Pacific Storm was. I hope Akella does produce their mission editor for all to use. It would be a shame not to. The editor I wrote for PS was nearly a year in the making. It is not a trivial task to write one. timetraveller
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