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  1. I've only succeeded in starting the game once. There was a dialog box (directx -type) to fill in some data but I've never seen since then (only once out of some 60-start attempts). My problem seems to be direcX related. I have directX11 on my Vista. Any suggestions?
  2. Yes I've installed the latest driver for PhysX engine. DirectX is updated and my PC specs is above the recommended.
  3. Hi I've downloaded and installed the game successfully (eLicense OK, administrators right and deactivated my firewalls incl. UAV etc). But when I try to play the game the start-up will abort. Windows says "No solution excists". Vista 32-bit Radeon HD 4770 4GB etc... all other games OK (different flightsims, such as Rise of Flight and Call of Duty Modern Warfare2 etc. is OK) please help me! Best regards
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