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  1. Nope I get the blank page too. Shame, it just re-inforces the half-assed feel about the whole launch of the game.
  2. The torpedos are quite tricky and require practice. Defending missions are difficult as the enemy have the iniative and the boats take a while to get into position. With the Allied mission, I got through it by keeping as far away as possible and then using smoke screen to lose the chasing S-Boots. They will chew up the small MTB's!
  3. But what is more desperately needed is a mission builder to get away from the strait jacket of the campaign mode.
  4. have you noticed that the threads are disappearing...........................gone........................poof!
  5. Yes I would also like to see a way of unlocking the campaigns. I wanted to be able to sail the boats that drew me to the game in the first place. I 'm getting a little tired of workng through the small Vospers and S-boots in the first campaign. I'm incredulous that this game was released without having a single misson mode or a mission builder. As mbmt said has everyone walked away. who is still plugging away. Put in a MB and I'll come back on board. It has a lot to offer, but it's too frustrating the way it is.
  6. This is a balanced review I felt. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/pt-boats-knights-of-the-sea-pc-game-review.htm
  7. and whilst I'm thinking about it, were S-boots really this hard to damage, let alone sink?
  8. I have to agree with Furia139. I have read up on British/German Coastal Forces in the North sea and the Med and I must say normal mode of operation was hit and run attacks on convoys at night as they were too vulnerable to their opponents airpower. Sure there were some combined ops with other Naval forces but they were not the 'Bread and Butter' of Coastal Forces. My main hobby is flying the hugely modded Combat Flight Simulator 3 which nowadays doesn't resemble the out of the box game at all. One inspired individual had created drivable models of a Vosper MTB and a S-Boot. You can steer them, man the gun positions and fire torpedos. As they are converted aircraft models, they have their idiosyncracies but they are great fun and you can build your own missions for them. I have and here's a video of one of them. I used them in the CFS3 MAW (Med. Air War) add-on. I suppose I would have liked a superior and proper navalised version of this. I too find the campaign only missions too restrictive. I want to be able to sail the boat I want when I want and not have to wonder when I'll end up sailing my favourites.
  9. BeauBrummie


    Thanks for that Furia139, it'll give me something to play with when I only have a short period of time available.
  10. mmm, I agree. I also miss the interaction from my force feedback stick. Those machine guns and cannons would feel great as well as looking great.
  11. BeauBrummie


    I agree. More than anything I want to be able to choose which boat I sail and not have to wait to work my way through a campaign to maybe get to it. I bought this game in part to sail a Dog boat, the D-class Fairmile,and to have a go at the Soviet stuff, which I know nothing about. Free/Quick play and a mission editor please, campaign's can become a grind when you don't have any other option.
  12. You're quite right. The problem is I think is the question of identity and expectation. Now I've no experience of naval games/sims, but from what I've been reading here, there is a desire for something with the flexibility of a naval version of a Combat Flight Sim. I've only got the free demo, and am still getting used to the game play, but I have read a lot of books about British Coastal forces. Their operations are really more suited to Combat Flight Sim scenario as they operated in small numbers, rarely mixing with other naval units. In larger 'tactical' operations they often ended up being cannon fodder against larger ships.
  13. I absolutley agree. For this game to have any longevity it needs a mission editor and to be open and moddable (if this a real word ;-). Once the initial flush of enjoyment with the missions or episodes is over folk will want to create their own stuff.
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