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  1. melm

    New Missions?

    So that means the scenarios in respository for the older CMSF no longer works for the upcoming CMSF2?
  2. melm

    Demo Feedback

    I've got this dialog box while trying to launch the demo. My screen resolution is 1920x1080. Ths "display size.txt" in demo folder shows "0 0 0", which I suppose means the resolution of the desktop. No idea how to fix it so far. Tried run with administrator and run using high-performance video card. Both doesn't work. Same dialog.
  3. Thanks for all these tips. They really opened my mind for thinking more about the combined orders.
  4. This happens frequently for me playing CMBS. The breach team doesn't want to enter the room from the newly destroyed wall, but somewhere else that I can't tell.
  5. Russian now created a new airborne IFV - BMD-5. https://sputniknews.com/military/201609091045130577-bmd-5-russia/
  6. melm

    Split teams not reforming

    I think new feature from engine v4 doesn't require two teams are from the same squad. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. melm

    Adjust mission for air cas?

    It will be a nice improvement if my Apache could just adjust the mission instead of canceling the order and issue a new one.
  8. melm

    Galloping horse downfall tips

    When starts, I sent my forces mainly to two directions, left valley and right hill. Also I sent one or two scout teams to the middle to enhance my spotting. Positioning my T-90 in the woods. Trees sometimes can help you to absorb some javelins hitting. When Bradleys are spotted, I ask my tank to concentrate their focus on where the Bradleys supposed to be. If I remembered correctly, some Bradleys have APS(however you cant tell since ERA and APS versions are the same), so I try to use tank to kill them. BTW, I suspect US army has UAV hovering on the battlefield. I lost quite a few inf due to precision artillery strike. So move infantry from time to time if you don't want too much casualty.
  9. But why it can't penetrate 90mm side turret armor?
  10. Hi, I have a real question on IS-2 early model's front turret armor. While I was playing Soviet Campaign, I found that IS-2 early model's front turret is very easy to be penetrate by Stug III(I lost three due to front turret penertration). However, Stug III almost unable to penetrate IS-2's side turret. According to my humble and limited knowledge, I think there is something wrong here. As long as I know, IS-2's front turret shall have 100mm armor and side turret is 90mm. From the decal I see, the hit is exactly on the front turret and nowhere near mantlet. If I am wrong anywhere, please correct me. Thanks.
  11. melm

    Smoke and Smoke

    I found this related topic
  12. melm

    Smoke and Smoke

    I'd like to drive my mounted inf to the to-be-secured target area as close as possible to avoid long tedious dismounted inf moving stage since sometimes you even need to cross open field with little cover. And also I wish I won't get snipe while moving in the open by javelin team or Russian ATGM team from somewhere I can't possibly detect especially with full squad in the car. So I may compromise my own blindness for enemy's blindness. BTW, I doubt both armies, US or Russian, don't have any tube-launched infrared obscuring smoke rounds. I'd like to have someone just tell me 'no, they don't have them!', then I would just be happy with what we have in CMBS.
  13. melm

    Smoke and Smoke

    All right. Smoke seems not so useful then.
  14. melm

    ATGM Behaivor

    Hmm, I know the 1.03 patch notes says AT-14 can now be fired inside building, I haven't seen it happened so far. Maybe because of campaign or scenarios I've played so far doesn't give much chance to do so. From my experience, Javelin rarely automatically fire at infantry target in CMBS. If my memory is correct, I only saw this case once or twice. I understand that it is painful to waste precious missile to infantry when this rarity happens.