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  1. May a top smoke screen be affective against drone attacks? Drones are cheaper than an air force, right? Maybe that´s the threat the system is supposed to defeat, not javelins
  2. While I´m happy that the West won the Cold War and don´t consider myself to be anti american, I`ll take a moment to comment on this from the point of view of my corner of the world, Latin America It´s true, I think, that being in the US sphere of influence is more like having a Boss than a Big Brother, it´s more about money than soul crushing servitude, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of innocent blood spilled over that The US backed/supported/tolerated some of the worst butchers in history in Latin America during the 20th Century, and that has a cost, the cost is the monumental anti american sentiment in the region There were, of course, exceptions, when those butchers sometimes turned on the US or when some US President occasionally decided to call them out on human rights abuses (Carter did it to no great effect, but at least spoke of it) Paradoxically, this is the reason why Cuba is seen as a beacon of hope for so many in Latin America, as the one country that stood against the empire, it may sound crazy, but for many at the other end of the US foreign policy it is not In my personal case I was just a kid in the 70s and 80s when all of this was still going on, but friends of my family disappeared at the hands of the State and members of my family were forced into exile I put the blame of it more on our own shortcomings than on the US or any other foreign power, but the narrative the US propagates about being about democracy and freedom sounds completely hollow for most people here, it´s just the way it is In other regions of the world it may well be the other way around, having endured the tyrants imposed by the USSR. In the end the big powers play their game, they may not be equally evil but the simple truth is that their interest come first and the lives of the people in smaller/weaker countries comes second, it`s the nature of the nation-state model, certainly in a smaller scale similar dynamics occur everywhere, smaller/weaker countries are not blameless Sadly, after the Cold War the international community was not able to find a working status quo and today`s stage is even more complicated by the appearance of non-state actors and global economics, I don´t think the US or any other country has enough power to shape the world, and would probably be better served by using it in a targeted form that apply the notion of personal responsibility and not collective punishment or on the basis of broad regional consensus (like against ISIS) and not by large scale interventions in most cases
  3. Is this for real? http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/05/14/new-russian-armored-vehicle-is-controlled-using-a-playstation-controller?abthid=55541d021aca3e0f5600003e We´ll need gamepad support when the module comes up!
  4. Ok, as a (Non US) lawyer I´ll try : In the case of Armata Vs. Skeptics the Court finds as follow: - That given the complete lack of evidence to support anything resembling technical specs, the only thing we deem proven is that Armata exist...sort off - In light of the preceding ruling, on the question of who will have custody until majority of age, the Court awards it to LockandLoad because he cares about it the most - The previous decision notwhistanding Steve is allow visitation rights to check on it from time to time and keep it honest on the question of future module inclusion - And finally, Panzer, while not very fond of it, is appointed tutor, to teach T-14 how to be a proper tank and not some hybrid nonsense that every other tank in the yard will mock and bully - No damages are awarded to any party since the only things affected are egos and prides and the Court finds that those have no monetary value on the Internet And if everybody is unhappy with the ruling, we´ll know I did a good job , as any lawyer knows usually the worst settlement is better than the best ruling
  5. If the turret is really so thin, wouldn´t it contradict the super-duper capsule to protect the crew? Sure, it will always make sense to the crew, but if your vehicle can´t prevent a weapon kill from a HMG, it´s not a tank, won´t be used as a tank and so, it doesn't need so much crew protection It must be a place holder if what the pics show is really that thin
  6. Well, the problem with arguing that Russia doesn't have the commitments the US has and that the US doesn't plan for defense of it´s soil as separate problems is that the lesson that everybody extracts is: if you don´t want to plan for homeland defense go and build a global empire/presence...as the US...and as the UK did before...all the way back to the Romans And for the insurance for NATO partners I recommend to call it the "Pre Paid Event Triggered Strategic Commitment"
  7. I think that the T-14 turret is missing a couple of Lego pieces... But they look good to me, may the aesthetics balance be shifting?
  8. This thread is becoming tank porn...with the vehicles slowly loosing their covers as the parade approaches... While a module with this toys would be great I´m skeptical enough data of actual production units will be available, looking at that "shopping list" of features, it looks too much given the time frame On the other hand, it´s good to see new stuff and it will certainly keep things interesting, deciding what works and what doesn't and at what cost/compromises, it feels like a big gamble given there´s no other program to replace current hardware What I don´t understand is the "no export" comment, why? Russia can't keep dumping T-72/90s on the world forever, eventually some derivative of this things surely will be exported
  9. As much as I would like a weapons selector, is this kind of micromanagement a thing in real life? Does a platoon or company commander get that involved? In any case it would be nice some consistency or pointer of what to expect in different situations, so far I can never tell what a Bradley will do against a tank, I´m not sure if it comes to training, distance, weather or just a roll of a dice
  10. In my experience, both in CMSF and CMBS, gunners will die rather quickly every time I´ve always blamed me more than the game for it, since I´m not sure this vehicles are supposed to be in direct contact with an entrenched enemy, but that`s the situation in most CM scenarios The game is not primary about recon/light patrol encounters, of course those can be modeled, but are not the core experience Recon/light assets could be removed altogether and we could still have the same experience for the most part, but not so if tanks and IFVs are removed I´ve never played the WWII titles, but for modern war, the distances in the scenarios turn light assets either into observers for indirect fire or balls of fire and hot metal, there seems to be not much middle ground
  11. Javelins should be strapped to everything...Strykers, COLTs, the head of the US President... Jokes aside, the BTRs with the 30mm gun are quite handy, at least in CM...they go from nearly useless as an offensive platform to somewhat worth the risk against infantry What about Strykers with a 30mm auto cannon and big thermobaric rockets? Would that make US Inf squads happy?
  12. So...do we have enough for a Parade Module??? That would be new...
  13. The M1200 Armored Knight! Just for the cool name... Can´t believe they wasted that cool name in a vehicle that: 1) It´s not (really) armored 2) It´s not doing anything resembling a knight It should be call the M1200 Stalking Archer...but maybe then no one would want to ride on it
  14. Ok, this broke my mind...so, newer tanks (T-90s) are less capable than upgraded older ones (T-72B3s) and are put on warehouses because are too expensive to upgrade...this leads me to an obvious question... Why build them in the first place???? If they were better than a T-72 in any of it infinite forms they would be in service, if they are not is because they are worst (or too expensive to operate, which makes them worst in another way) Shouldn´t they go to one of those Brigades with really old T-72s?? I mean, justo for moral factor...90 is higher than 72!
  15. I have yet to score a hit with the IGLA, but the AI did shoot down an Apache when playing the US campaign, so, they do hit from time to time Haven´t found a way to acquire ammo for them, seems they go to battle with one shot, it´s a strange proposition in modern times
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