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  1. The allied weapons includes an FN/29. Is this supposed to be a French FM 29 machine gun?
  2. Mine also says version 1.20. CMBN has the version and engine number. Maybe CMFI will have this after the upgrade.
  3. Keep up the good work. Very good progress has been made. Since BF has not mentioned North Africa at this point, in my opinion, it is unlikely that anything will show up soon. At this point, I'm happy with the current game engine. I hope BF keeps developing more content for it. A few vehicles would go a long way. For me a U. S. M3 medium tank and some German and Italian tanks would be great. It appears that reasonable terrain MODS are already possible. Suitable German and Italian vehicles could very likely appear in the next release for CMFI.
  4. The security features of Windows 10 make is very difficult to create your own battles.
  5. Could a Cromwell tank be used as a substitute for a cruiser tank?
  6. The United Kingdom have their own book series about World War II. There are several volumes for the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is listed on Amazon as the HMSO Official History of WWII.
  7. You have done very well with the available resources! I like the way you are making all of your work available to others. Good work! I would also like to see more for the African front. Maybe after Battlefront reaches the end of the war in all of its current projects.
  8. The first battle had a problem where the save option would not work. Assigning ownership in the security settings of the game folders and files appears to solve the problem.
  9. TOW 2 Africa, TOW 2 Kursk, and TOW 3 Korea all run on Windows 10. All were already installed on Windows 7 before the Windows 10 upgrade. Both TOW 2 games are running in Windows 7 compatibility mode. The software license had to be reinstalled for TOW 2 Kursk.
  10. That hole in the Sherman is too big for a shaped charge weapon.
  11. I like the idea. I will willingly contribute. My guess is that Battlefront's fund raising method is based on sales of existing games.
  12. I would vote for a Tunisia module for CMFI. One that covers Operation Torch from November 1942. There doesn't appear to be many vehicles to add. Terrain and structures for southern Tunisia might require some work. Maybe this can be adapted from CMSF. Based on what has been done in previous MODS, it appears possible. Two modules may be needed, depending on the development time. One for the United States and one Common Wealth forces. The U.S module would cover the Kasserine Pass battles, the El Guettar battle, and the final advance on Bizerte. The U.K. module would add the initial race for Tunis actions, the defense of Thala and Sbiba, the Medenine battles, and the final advance on Tunis. I would even want to include the French contributions, but that may be asking for too much.
  13. It is still a good game in my opinion. The latest Combat Mission games seem to be the next closest comparison.
  14. I wish we had access to the work regardless of the state, but there is no indication that it will happen. Have you found the downloads for the Almost Eastern Wind Mod for TOW2 Kursk? I highly recommend it.
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