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  1. It is for CMBN. CMBN still uses the Z folder.
  2. I am having a problem with the 12th SS mod by Jaquinot. In this mod some .bmp files are tagged [camo-peas]. When I load the mod into the Z folder, the tagged .bmps are used whether the scenario has the tag camo-peas or not. Should they not appear only when the scenario is showing the tag?
  3. Is this the new thread to check about CMRTV release date?
  4. Thank you very much for the tips. Bear in mind the scenario is raw. I have yet to develop the victory conditions, those included are tentative. You have given me some good ideas and I will experiment with them before my next play-through.
  5. My scenario is not uploaded anywhere yet, it is very rough and all the presentational elements are in a mess. I have worked on about 15 scenarios across CMBN and CMFI on and off for the past ten or so years. Most of them are crap, but I do enjoy developing them. This one approaches reasonable quality. It is the latest and many lessons learned developing the earlier ones have been put into practice here. It could do with playtesting by someone not involved in the production. It is a head to head (I don't have the editing skills to produce good AI plans). I attach it below for what it's worth. If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know and I'll give you some background. Incidentally, most of the time I get around that bug by giving units halt orders. That seems to nail them in place. It's annoying each time the situation changes and I give them orders to move, forgetting to remove the halt order. 0 [FM] Le Haut de Audrieu.btt
  6. I am developing a scenario for CMBN and playing it to test it. I have now frequently observed situations where troops in cover behind a hedgerow come under machine gun or artillery fire and react by moving out of cover towards the enemy firing on them. This is pretty stupid behaviour. I have checked the Allied Friendly direction in the editor and it is W for the Allies and E for the SS. The Brits are withdrawing in an Easterly direction to the front of their cover, the SS are withdrawing in a westerly direction, also to the front of their cover. Am I setting the friendly directions wrong? I am setting them as the direction towards which units should withdraw, is it supposed to represent the direction towards which they are attacking? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  7. I have found a cure which seems to work, albeit a labourious one. All flavour objects which appear to have shifted shape have to be removed with ctrl/click. The purged scenario has to be saved. Then you have to get out of that scenario by loading another one, then re-load the saved scenario. The map should come up as you saved it, without the offending flavour objects. You then proceed to re-create the flavour objects from scratch in the map view, and re-position them in the 3D preview. Once done, the scenario has to be saved, exited by loading a different one and re-loaded. You may still get the odd one shifting shape, but that seems to be related to exceeding the density of flavour objects per action point, so just take the one that shifted shape out and that should fix it.
  8. This is definitely a new bug, and it is driving me nuts. I set up a farmyard with cabbage patches. I had them in 3 groups of threes over 5 action points. This is set up on the main map where it is stable. On the derivative map, a cut down version of the main map which has been slightly extended along the left hedge, the cabbage patches turn into either haystacks or chicken coops. I deleted them all and recreated the farmyard from scratch as it should have been. I saved and reloaded the scenario, and when I went to look in 3d view the cabbage patches had turned back into haystacks and chicken coops. This has never happened before, so I suspect Something must have gone wrong in one of the patches. The two scenarios are attached. 6th Green Howards near Cristot is the original one, Le Haut de Audrieu the derivative where the problem is occurring. These two scenarios are in development, they are not meant for release. 0 [FM] 6th Green Howards 440611 near Cristot.btt 0 [FM] Le Haut de Audrieu.btt
  9. It was a map cut out from a larger map and there were relatively few flavour objects.
  10. I have noticed the same thing on a map derived from a larger map. A haystack turned into a cemetery monument and a vegetable garden turned into a haystack. DinĂ t happen before the latest patch. Was something disturbed?
  11. Thank you very much for the quick fix, guys, much appreciated.
  12. Wow, Rocketman, what a treasure trove! They have a ton of very good maps. Enough to keep me busy for ages. Thank you very much for the link, I have been looking for something like this for ever. I am bogged down trying to complete a scenario on a fictional map supposed to be happening in Abbruzzo, in January 1944. As it involves German Paras I am waiting for the fix to the German Para uniform bug. I must have started 30 scenarios but this one has progressed the furthest, I am busy testing different AI plans, it took me ages to learn to make them and testing them is very time consuming, plus it involves iterations as when playing them through one realises mistakes in dispositions or opportunities for better moves. This process itself can be a lot of fun. From the Leonforte map it looks as though I might have to start again from scratch. I was using Google maps, but it looks as though the place has changed a lot more than I imagined. I also need to think through how much of the village to reproduce. I need to go back to the actual accounts of the battle as I seem to recall most of the fighting occurred inside the village. I would be really grateful for any help in terms of working with an overlay. Last time I tried I made a total hash of it, I just could not get my head around it. I probably will post some of my maps when I am satisfied with them, but I feel I need to improve first.
  13. I have spent more time making maps than actually playing. However, most of my output is unusable, call it a learning curve. I have made some nice maps lately, while waiting for the patch. I am bogged down in building scenarios on them. Map making can be a lot of fun, but I find that only applies to building fictional maps. Trying to replicate real life environments comes up against so many conundrums. I have produced maps from Google maps, but I am not sure my work is fit to be published, too many compromises had to be made. They work for me. When I produce a fictional map, I try to keep it plausible by looking at photos of the general area it is supposed to represent. I have never got the knack of using overlays. I use compasses on printouts for roads and contours, fill in contours between the 20 meter intervals myself, struggle with roads that are not at 90 degrees or 45 degrees angles to the borders (the vast majority), positioning buildings, figuring out what the place looked like back in '43 or '44 etc. For CMBN maps, frequently Google maps are useless because many hedges were bulldozed after the war to make bigger fields. I find that I have to invent a lot and somehow can't be sure what I am producing is authentic enough. When it is, I sometimes feel that it is unplayable. Sicilian and mainland Italian hill or mountain villages are also a big challenge. I have been working on a map of Leonforte but have abandoned it as I am really not happy with the look. People closer to the game and more experienced have produced some excellent maps.
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