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  1. Thank you very much for the quick fix, guys, much appreciated.
  2. Wow, Rocketman, what a treasure trove! They have a ton of very good maps. Enough to keep me busy for ages. Thank you very much for the link, I have been looking for something like this for ever. I am bogged down trying to complete a scenario on a fictional map supposed to be happening in Abbruzzo, in January 1944. As it involves German Paras I am waiting for the fix to the German Para uniform bug. I must have started 30 scenarios but this one has progressed the furthest, I am busy testing different AI plans, it took me ages to learn to make them and testing them is very time consuming, plus it involves iterations as when playing them through one realises mistakes in dispositions or opportunities for better moves. This process itself can be a lot of fun. From the Leonforte map it looks as though I might have to start again from scratch. I was using Google maps, but it looks as though the place has changed a lot more than I imagined. I also need to think through how much of the village to reproduce. I need to go back to the actual accounts of the battle as I seem to recall most of the fighting occurred inside the village. I would be really grateful for any help in terms of working with an overlay. Last time I tried I made a total hash of it, I just could not get my head around it. I probably will post some of my maps when I am satisfied with them, but I feel I need to improve first.
  3. I have spent more time making maps than actually playing. However, most of my output is unusable, call it a learning curve. I have made some nice maps lately, while waiting for the patch. I am bogged down in building scenarios on them. Map making can be a lot of fun, but I find that only applies to building fictional maps. Trying to replicate real life environments comes up against so many conundrums. I have produced maps from Google maps, but I am not sure my work is fit to be published, too many compromises had to be made. They work for me. When I produce a fictional map, I try to keep it plausible by looking at photos of the general area it is supposed to represent. I have never got the knack of using overlays. I use compasses on printouts for roads and contours, fill in contours between the 20 meter intervals myself, struggle with roads that are not at 90 degrees or 45 degrees angles to the borders (the vast majority), positioning buildings, figuring out what the place looked like back in '43 or '44 etc. For CMBN maps, frequently Google maps are useless because many hedges were bulldozed after the war to make bigger fields. I find that I have to invent a lot and somehow can't be sure what I am producing is authentic enough. When it is, I sometimes feel that it is unplayable. Sicilian and mainland Italian hill or mountain villages are also a big challenge. I have been working on a map of Leonforte but have abandoned it as I am really not happy with the look. People closer to the game and more experienced have produced some excellent maps.
  4. I noticed this, too. Major downer on my elation about the patch finally being out. Have gone back to CMBN for the time being. CMFI is my favorite, though, and I agree about the comments about this bug being an immersion killer and shortchanging us gamers. I assume it will be fixed at the latest when Rome to Victory is released; no sense in bringing out yet another patch if that is only around the corner. It would be nice to have some comment bz BF on this issue.
  5. Thank you, IanL, for clearing that up. At least I am not alone. Huge frustration. I worked on my two scenarios for the best part of a year. I hope they manage to clear this soon. It may be cosmetic, but to have your FJs properly configured but looking like ordinary Landsers just doesn't fly in my book.
  6. I have created a new scenario, set in October 1943, and purchased a Parachute Battalion 43. On the small square flat map, there they all are, wearing Heer uniforms. Am I going mad?
  7. Hey guys, wake up! I have just uninstalled the game, re-downoladed the big bundle from my last order on 31 August 2018, re-installed and went straight to the editor to take a look at two in game scenarios: A temple to Mars and Kiwi soldiers. Guess what? The Fallschirmjaegers are wearing Heer uniforms. How could this one have been missed? What is going on?
  8. I was over the moon when I discovered the patch was released after coming back from a long trip. I installed it and began looking at how the scenarios I had been working on while waiting for the patch were playing with the patch. Both scenarios involve Fallschirmjaegers. Imagine my horror when I realised my Fallschirmjaegers were wearing normal Heer uniforms. In both scenarios. I then checked the scenarios that come with the game and it is doing the same thing. All Fallschirmjaegers seem to be wearing Heer uniforms. I then went into the editor, started a new scenario from scratch, selected a Fallschirmjaeger battalion and checked in deploy axis: they were all wearing Heer uniforms. The Fallschirmjaeger uniforms seem to have gone. Is anyone else getting the same problem?
  9. Thanks for the good wishes. I think I am 75% there. Another year maybe...
  10. I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
  11. Is anything moving with this scenario? If not, can you upload the map? I for one would very much like to use it as is.
  12. Before 1939 was the era of appeasement. Once that delusional (albeit inevitable given the parlous state of British armed forces and French complacency at the time) policy was rendered obsolete by events and Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, UK diplomacy came into its own, harnessing the industrial and financial power of the US, opting to enter into an alliance with the USSR and finally achieving US entry and the Germany First approach which eventually brought about the Allies victories. Given the prevalent situation in 1940, none of this was bound to happen. It was orchestrated primarily by Britain.
  13. This is a very good point. Hitler does not appear to have been a student of Sun Tzu. For him, diplomacy was useful only to gain temporary advantages on the way to his war. War was his objective, rahter than the means to achieve objectives. He believed in the supremacy of the German People which would bring about the conquest of Western and Northern Eurasia through a war of conquest. The British, of course, were consummate diplomats. They struck up an alliance with Stalin and dragged the US into a war in which its people did not want to get involved, helped by Hitler's asinine and futile declaration of war on the US in 1941. He was truly outclassed in this context.
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