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  1. No need to duck the flying shoe, even though Jesse Ventura has nothing to do with Global (or penguins, for that matter. And penguins don't wear shoes, so can't throw them). Pending the release, the posts around here are morsels I devour. Anyways, I'm actually playing my first Email game. Patton drives East, Storm across Europe. I'm playing the allies similar to how I would against the computer, knowing I have a little time before anything happens: So I strengthen up my French air and start bringing back the corps and armies from the Med. England invests in Uboats. Russian doesn't ma
  2. One of the things I used to love to read on this forum (and still love reading on other forums), is the after action reports. What ever happened to them? Are they kept in another zone of the forums? Also, on a similar note, where does one troll for opponents? (oh! wrong word, not that I think about it, search, I meant, yes, search) I'm sure this has all been mentioned before and guidance provided, but on the day that occurred, I must have been looking at penguins... In the meantime, Seasons greetings...
  3. Perhaps we should get back on topic and discuss penquins... I confess I did use the alias of Brian the Wise back then. And based on the reread, I obviously was not all that wise I'm still not all that wise (on reflection it's pretty dumb to put the word Wise in ones alias, actually). Kuniworth, I commend your memory. I mean goodness, seven years have passed, and you connect all the dogs, dots I mean, almost immediately. Impressive. Very. (Gotta say, with the exception of that day, which I put out of my mind, good memories of back then. Good people too.)
  4. Hi, Folks. Been gone from the forum for a while, since SC1 (I was so pleased with my Dutch gambit back then, and buying a French tank in defense against Rambo, back then. I still got crushed, but that's the fun of it), but this seems an open ended topic of discussion, so I went through the effort of getting all logged in. Anyways, I've bought all the SC's thus far, and like them all (much to my wife's chagrin) I'm as curious as anyone as to when SC Global is going to out. Using history as a guide (and a good memory, which I don't have), how long after SC2 was announced, complete with a
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