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  1. It's all good. It's in fact, all very good. Excellent even. It's just the excitement building. The AAR is a kicker tease of delight and we all want Christmas. Now. I hear voices saying, patience grasshopper. (since the game is newer and somewhat more different, reading the manual is like a nice appetizer). Close it is. It's all good. Very good. I've never been dissapointed by a Hubert Cater (and team) release. Ever.
  2. I've already warned my wife, about the release of this game. So planning ahead, I bought her a Mercedes to keep her smiling. Not! I can't afford that! Besides, I'll just make up later. Thank god my PC is portable - I'm working late, hon. No, Really. God I'm stressed! too. On all fronts! It's the triple entente all over again! Be home as soon as I can.
  3. Well, I'm not going to Myanmar, nor Cuba or even Denmark. Nothing exciting like that. I am thinking of going to the grocery store though! Pretty excited about that! Anyways, my guess for the release date looks to be a little off, as it's a few hours ago. The after action report is such a tease! I'm looking at the screen shots and thinking this is going to be so cool. It's kind of like seeing and smelling a great meal and being told you're not hungry enough yet. Wait awhile. I hear voices saying learn patience, grass hopper. But it's all good. I'm looking forward to it. It looks like the Big Deal. My new guess for release date is February 28th, 2011. Now that I'm reconciled to it, it's all good. But man, that meal looks good!
  4. It's idle fun, but and fundamentally unimportant, but since I can't storm the trenches yet, why not? I'm guessing the game will be released on February 19th, 2011 at approximately 2:11 am. But that's a rough guess. However I will also say that's Eastern Standard Time. So for me, the actual release date will seem like 5:11 am. Now that's just a speculation. I could be off by a couple of minutes (and no, I have no inside knowledge). I think the World War Two expansion will be out in early April (say, April 3rd at 4:13 pm, eastern standard time). I think also, this will be the best release yet.
  5. That's a great questions And a great answer. I'm reading between the lines and I can smell the sulfer in the trenches coming soon. Very soon
  6. Your older bones are not very happy bones on this subject, and though I like and appreciate all your comments and insights, and more, I'm having question marks about those older bones...sad question marks... Actually, not really. Because I've not seen games by Fury Software come out much later than was expected. Plus note the silence of King Hubert - that means he's kind of busy (and it's not that he's busy brooding). And besides, well, I don't got any besides. So anyways... Well, I don't have any of those either.
  7. I don't think you're going to get an answer to that. Probably because Hubert and company are totally swamped doing the final touches on this upcoming majestic creation of intense gaming and genre. But also, because I think it's going to be a surprise. I feel in my bones it's definitely February, but when in February is the question I'm eager to know. I had read it was mid- to late February. One thing I'm sure of is that we won't be told it's next week on the tenth at 3pm. (though one can wish). I'm checking here everyday though
  8. There's lot's, but to keep this short... 1) It's be a great surprise if this were, like, released on Tuesday, February 1 - kind of like a February fools day. 2) I'd like a special viking unit for Denmark. We know they avoided trench warfare because they had their viking boats to get them around and up and down the rivers. 3) Seriously though, I'd like if there were more than two difficulty levels. With the experience, we've got .5, 1., 1.5, and 2 as I recall. But for difficulty levels there's only 1 and 2, and both just kill me. I'd like .5, 1, 1.5 and 2. I know I'm asking for this late in the stages of release, but maybe if and when a patch is needed (especially for the Viking unit!). Meanwhile, can't wait. Well, I can, technically, since I have to, but that aside, can't wait.
  9. Frankly, I don't think I'd be a customer of a WW3 game with the Strategic Command Engine. The whole movement module would have to be radically overhauled. Afterall, with basically a two week turn cycle, jets could move just about any where, ships would be incredibly slow...just thinking about it makes me start seeing potential fault lines.... World War One with the SC engine. I think it works. Once done, I also see how things could go futher back in time - Civil War, War of Independance, Franco Prussia war as a scenario, lots of opportunities. Similarly, Korean War could probably be tackled as a scenario somewhere along the lines. I just don't think the SC engine is made for a circa 1980's WW3 scenario. I admit it's a neglected area, don't get me wrong. But SC has a niche, that I think it would need to evolve slowly out of, if we're to keep receiving the quality that we have. But that's just my nine cents worth...
  10. I'm buying this game the day it comes out! Maybe the day before it comes out! I have no complaints on the game engine. I don't mind squares. The games are nail biting. I don't think Hubert would be going to WW1, if he didn't know what he was doing.
  11. But I can't wait. This is going to be so cool. I've always felt that the SC game engine would fit the WW1 era perfectly. This game is going to sell. Hmmm, thinkin Christmas is coming soon...
  12. This is a great AAR! Thanks Guys. I will read it to the end. I still think the Germans have a chance to take over all of Europe. (well not really, but it's fun to say)
  13. I'm curious. How much readiness does Stalin get if Hitler doesn't agree to divide Poland. In my games as allies (always allies), I've never seen the computer not divide Poland (in Patton Drives East, it sometimes happens). There are so many permutations of what can happen in this game, that even though there is less tactical than the others (or so it seems to me), there's alot going on. Against the computer, as allies again of course, Japan took that Portugese island without permission, and suddenly Portugal became an ally. Not a useful one, but a fun one. Anyways, this doesn't have anything to do with the AAR's, which I'm totally enjoying reading, and one day will get to start and make once I'm good enough not to get stomped on right away (I play so linear).
  14. Hey Folks, I just want to say thanks for the AAR's. They are great, and very great, and I learn alot from them, plus I get to enjoy the game vicariously. Soon, I'm going to want to challenge, but I'm no where near good enough. At this point, I'm still playing Allies, with the Axis getting only a plus one experience bonus. Anyways, if I could ask, I'd like to hear a bit more about how some of the decision points impact you and the game. Like not accepting Vichy surrender seems so far a bad mistake, so I don't know why one wouldn't do it always. Same with Dividing Poland. Are you having India declare war on the Axis right away? And if so, why? What about the free French. It seems expensive to me, but I do it anyways. Anyways, great reading. Thanks Rambo, for getting it somewhat organized so we can track them better.
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