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  1. It wasn't called 'Combat!' was it? I used to watch that as a kid and loved it. Starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. Jeez, I've just googled it and seen this: Vic Morrow died in 1982 as a result of a helicopter crash on the set of "Twilight Zone:The Movie," Dick Peabody in 1999 of prostrate cancer and Rick Jason in 2000 of self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  2. Has anyone come across any fun scenarios based on movies? I guess with CMBB it could be a battle from 'Cross of Iron', or with CMAK it might be something like 'Where Eagles Dare' with a handful of elites against hordes of enemy?
  3. Thanks for bumping this thread! I'm working through the rules and this looks like it will be great fun! And a big Thank you to RobO for an incredible amount of hard work putting it together.
  4. Excellent, thanks Wicky, just tried it and it works a treat!
  5. I want to use a tank's HE to area fire a building with inf in it, but I only want to fire one shell and then stop (but the tank's reload rate means it will get off at least 2 shots in the turn)...is there a way to do that? I know I can use the pause button, but I want the tank to fire at the start of the turn.
  6. Weird, why I copy and paste that address into my browser I get wikipedia site about HTML.
  7. But then they both have the same number of MG42s and yet the section is stronger. Maybe the section has 3 (sorry I should have said doesn't the section have more than 2 MG42s rather than 1 in my last post) I never thought about the fire factor being related to ammo amount (the section has lots more than the squad)...wouldn't that relate to how long they can fire for?
  8. Wow, thanks! I've never seen this before! It's really helpful when you're picking units for battles (pity there's no cost column). There's something I don't get though. Assuming the figures are correct (and I have no reason to doubt them), the Panzer Grenadier 43 (9) unit has 2 MG42s with an attack value of 42 points at 500m. Yet a single MG42 section has an attack value of a whopping 52 at 500m. Is this to reflect the fact that there is more than one MG42 in an MG42 section?
  9. Brilliant! Thanks for a very entertaining read. It is not often (I suppose) that people will post about defeats, and it actually makes the read better for me...it's more telling and touching somehow.
  10. Thanks Jason. I made the fatal mistake of withdarawing back to the building, it broke LOS with some of the attacking units but the ones who still had LOS fried a few of the men. Prior to that I tried using all of my squads to target one enemy squad only in the hope of breaking them one by one, my opponent's fire was more dispersed which had the effect of pinning many of my firing units so my fire wasn't so effective. Thanks everyone for the kind advice which I will use in future scenarios.
  11. The terrain was really hard to have breaking LOS positions, it was a few small scattered trees tiles and mainly open ground and the odd small building. It wasn't an ambush situation but a meeting engagement where I made a rush for the flag and then found the enemy (I had no idea about what the set up boundaries were) were flanking me and there were lots of them...I think it was a mistake too far to repair!
  12. Thanks Vulture, I didn't know that about the cover arc command.
  13. It's all too late. I used the 'withdraw' command and most of the units broke/routed. (and as this is a PBEM game I didn't want to ask the question too early).
  14. Brilliant! Thanks! I am already outflanked and outgunned, but I'll make sure it doesn't happen the next time!
  15. I'm kinda hoping JasonC will answer this: I'm playing a scenario where I was being outflanked and outgunned, the terrain was pretty open, summer daytime with some scattered trees. Inf only, no smoke, no MGs. I tried doing a mass withdrawal and now all my men are broken or routed...do you guys have any tips about how to pull back without ending up routed or dead?
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