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  1. No kidding though Combat Mission T-Shirts would be great. Maybe with several choices of a tank on the shirt. A Tiger, King Tiger, Panther, Jagdpanther, IS-2, Sherman Jumbo.
  2. The possibilities are endless. "Combat Mission" breakfast cereal (similar to Cap'n Crunch) "Combat Mission" comic books. Etc. ☺️
  3. J Bennett

    A long delayed update

    I was crimson with rrrrage at the egregious impertinence! The derisive mockery was exceeded only by their sheer hauteur.
  4. I played "Tobruk" in late 70's to date myself, then "Squad Leader" and its gamettes in the 80's made me forget Tobruk and finally ASL came along before the days of computer games. Remember a certain scenario I think it was called " The clash of armor" where a few Grant tanks tried to hold off a whole bunch of MK III H and J panzers? Fun times. I always thought desert combat is interesting, not dull like most of the others think, it had a certain mystique for me. Well there's still CMAK of the CM1 series, I have not played it in a while though, seems like there was a bit of an immersion problem for scenarios with the "Flak 88" used in an anti tank role. They did not seem to be quite the devastating weapon in the game that they were for Rommel.
  5. J Bennett

    What will the next CM be?

    Well of course it will be CMPB , Combat Mission Panzer Blitz. You even used the logo for your profile picture.
  6. J Bennett

    Fire in the future?

    Well I would agree that better looking fortifications are probably something easier to do with less frame rate hits. Something needs to be done about the "foxhole sandbags" I think. To me they look like big life rafts aka inflatable rubber boats. I understand there are limitations because of game engines and computer horsepower that are going to keep 'realistic features" like fires, horses, hand to hand combat, naval gunfire etc out of the game.
  7. J Bennett

    Fire in the future?

    Kindling, persistent fires with spreading fire possibilities is one of the most needed elements the game still needs imo. There should also of course be modifiers to these effects, from wind, damp, wet or dry conditions etc.
  8. J Bennett

    Combat in woods - clip from TV series

    Yeah I noticed that too! Who's been hating on John. Oh never mind i just noticed the other explanatory posts
  9. Tanks themselves are a "secondary weapon". It seems sometimes MG's were fitted to a tank just to discourage infantry assaults. Consider the machine guns mounted on the rear turret of some Russian tanks. Was there any real way to aim it? Perhaps a crewman was just supposed to blindly fire a quick burst occasionally in area where infantry might be near.
  10. If there can be no Pacific CM then how about CM Korea? I'm not a fan of the Fulda Gap idea because I dont like "what if" stuff.
  11. Those are good points but this makes me wonder now about the next module for CMRT, As the Soviets closed in on Berlin there was considerable night fighting, Tanks had big search lights mounted on them in addition to the other night fighting elements you mentioned. Could we see in a Battle for Berlin module? On the other hand there was plenty of daylight fighting and I dont think a "revamped" game is coming until CM3 anyways. But I digress.
  12. I think that would kind of take away a lot of the "flavor" of having the Japanese in the game. e.g. fanatical, Banzai, Code of Bushido, and all that. The Japanese have to look and act like Japanese with the very unique characteristics of the Japanese soldier in WW2.
  13. Well since we are speculating I reckon it (Pacific CM) would start pretty late in the war. After all CMBN, CMRT and CMFB all start in 44 and CMFI starts in 43. THe most appealing Pacific base game would also start in 44, probably late and might feature Phillippines, China Burma and maybe Okinawa. There might be enough tanks to play with in these campaigns, but like you I am not so sure.
  14. Yeah I guess so . Imagine a scenario based on the battle for Tarawa for example. What a torturous grind that would be.
  15. Yeah, you may have a point there.