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  1. I recall a game I played where a Panzer Mk IV managed to get surrounded in a little villa by Russian SMG squads. The crew bailed out and were defiantly popping away with their Walther pistols.only to be quickly cut down by a hail of ppsh fire. I wish I had recorded a movie of that. it was kind of amusing,... I think i digressed off topic.
  2. I very recently "upgraded" from an ATI 7800 series card to a NVIDIA GTX 1060 . I used to have shaders turned off or on low and also the other settings at "better" or "improved" to get good frame rates. Now I max everything . It looks great. FPS varies greatly on "Huge" scenarios or maps from high teens to 50's and higher depending on where i put the camera. But for the most part its mid 30's. Thats a big step up for me.
  3. Few companies I have seen support their games as much as Battlefront does. They have done many free patches and V4 was pretty much a game overhaul and I have not seen any other companies do that . If you have please tell. They hardly need my defense but the BF team makes quality products with a small team of people. Seems pretty amazing to me what they have been able to do. Its written in a certain book that a worker is worthy of his wages . There is only so much you can get for free, you've got to pay to play. As for the community being slow or unhealthy, that seems to be a subjective thing and a matter of opinion. I;ve been here occasionally putting in my 2 cents or passively reading it for years. I bet it will be here for more years.
  4. Fire and rubble means we get more fire and rubble damage effects? And BF has cleverly named the new module to accentuate this fact. I like that.
  5. I like the Canadians, which we already had, but I like them.
  6. Yes thanks playtesters! If it were not for them I could not be enjoying Rome to Victory right now.
  7. This is what I use. Captured many fun moments of combat.
  8. I apologize. I had replied to this thread and didn't realize it is an old thread. I want to withdraw my remarks, I dont want to make anyone mad. Thanks
  9. Very interesting video. I remember from my non-illustrious military experience, we were issued the M-16A1 in my day. We were told immediately to never carry it by the carrying handle. Thats the military for you. I dont know if it's true but my Drill Instructors told us the M-16 was based on a Mattel toy rifle. Maybe that's why it had the rather pointless carrying handle. I happen to be the proud owner of an M1 rifle I got through the CMP program. It seems to me it could have and maybe should have been used in the "ready" position, since it is semi-automatic with an 8 round clip. Also you can get really good at reloading it fast. When empty the clip ejects and you insert another one quickly as I 'm sure you all know.
  10. What if the troops were conscientious objectors? Naturally then they would be hesitant to shoot at others. Another possibility is they had very low morale, actually they were thinking about surrendering. Now I ask you. If you want to surrender you probably dont want to shoot at the troops you might be surrendering to in a few minutes. Another possibility is these men are hungry. They are saving their ammo for edible game to shoot. Humans are not a clean animal to eat, also there was not much cannibalism in WW2. There are of course more reasons why men won't shoot at the enemy troops, but I suppose that would just be more speculating .
  11. I would be more in favor of dumping RT in favor of WEGO only . Por Favor
  12. This module looks exciting . Thanks Battlefront for all your hard work and dedication, I truly admire it. I will be buying this module as soon as it gets released.
  13. Maybe off topic and I suppose for CM bigger is always better for screen size. But for me my monitor does double duty I also use for Flight simulators: IL2 Sturmovik and DCS world so I would not want a bigger screen than about 32 inches. It seems to me anything bigger than that and I run the risk of my cockpit being BIGGER than a real life cockpit. Just thought I would throw that out. I know I just made everyone's day LOL.
  14. I just hope the patch does not contain T-rats. Those things were just abysmally terrible. However, if MRE's are in it, it will be good to go. I would much rather eat MRE's
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