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  1. I would be more in favor of dumping RT in favor of WEGO only . Por Favor
  2. This module looks exciting . Thanks Battlefront for all your hard work and dedication, I truly admire it. I will be buying this module as soon as it gets released.
  3. Maybe off topic and I suppose for CM bigger is always better for screen size. But for me my monitor does double duty I also use for Flight simulators: IL2 Sturmovik and DCS world so I would not want a bigger screen than about 32 inches. It seems to me anything bigger than that and I run the risk of my cockpit being BIGGER than a real life cockpit. Just thought I would throw that out. I know I just made everyone's day LOL.
  4. I just hope the patch does not contain T-rats. Those things were just abysmally terrible. However, if MRE's are in it, it will be good to go. I would much rather eat MRE's
  5. Every time a member makes a post in this thread, it can be considered an "update on Engine 4 Patches" . So I thank you all for each update you give.
  6. I prefer to think of the coming engine 4 code as an "update" rather than a "patch". To me a patch implies things getting fixed where an update is more like improving and enhancing. But wait... maybe the next update will fix certain things. If it does then its probably a "patch" But if it fixes and enhances and improves what is it? Maybe a patch-update-enhancer with special properties. Whatever it is. I know I will like it.
  7. I have played all WW2 CM titles and also Graviteam tactics Mius Front and like them all. But I think saying a person that only plays CM is not a true wargamer is very unfair. Besides we're all busy and gaming time is limited. Let people play what they like. Back to the fire topic. I like it too and have said in other threads I wish there was more of it in the game. But I am sure Battlefront has good reasons for not expanding this particular element.
  8. I should have also mentioned the field caps. Thank you for the information and your kind offer. I'm pretty good at handling files , I think I will give it a try. thanks again.. Jeff
  9. One of the minor (or not so minor?) annoyances I have in the game is the German tank commanders only seem to wear a "peaked cap" or "barracks cover". I would like to ask the forum, are there any mods where the panzer commanders wear a beret or garrison cover? Most photos or film clips I see of these men they usually wore something other than a peaked cap. This is probably a question that has been discussed but i couldnt find anything in my search.
  10. Yeah let me grab my leather Jacket. I would love to see something Pacific , even if it were Okinawa and Philippines also some China-Burma thrown in. With these Battles anything near the beaches could be avoided, thereby allowing the current engine to handle it. But I know, not popular enough. So my next wish would be eastern Front 41-43
  11. i was an exception, I liked the Soviets , always admired them
  12. My system ASUS p6t , intell core I7 975, two AMD 7850's "crossfired", and I have two hard drives that I have set up for multi boot to Windows 10, 7 or XP. Its getting long in the tooth but it plays all my games well. I still play all my CMx1 games on it usually booting into XP, however I can run them in WIndows 7 with "minor" graphical issues, e.g. some buttons don't show up until i "mouse over" them, but the games are playable. I have not tried CMx1 on Windows 10 yet.
  13. North Africa has a lot going for it I'd say, The Americans WERE there after Operation Torch, you have Rommels DAK, The British, The Italians, The vichy French if the Battlefront team puts them in. I think it would sell well imo. However with a new game engine I can already see us all begging for more theatres, Italy, France and Russia. Its all good to me though, Anything new in WW2 and you can count me in for a copy,
  14. I agree Erwin, I still play CM1 in addition to all the WW2 CM2 stuff. I like CMAK a lot still, I can get my fix of North Africa, the Italians, British Grants vs MKIII's near Gazala etc. Also on the Russian front we have early Russian and German afv's plus the Finns
  15. I have all CM1 titles and all the WW2 CM2 ones. IMO CMAK is the best of all time.
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