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  1. Just figured it out - I forgot to input the activation code for SF1 main game so although modules were all activated, the main game was not. Anyone else having this problem, please make sure you start with the original main game activation and each module activation from the original SF1. Lastly, input the new "bigBundle SF2 Upgrade activation code". Thank you Battlefront.com for all the hard work in upgrading such a great title and offering it to original purchasers at a very nice discount! All the best Robert
  2. Hi everyone. Just upgrade my version of SF1 to SF2. As I had all modules of the original, I opted for the CMSF1 Big Bundle Upgrade. After successful activation, I select the "PLAY" button. It then takes me to the load screen (image of a tank firing in the dark) and freezes there. I'm on an iMac. Anyone else having a similar issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Robert
  3. OMG :eek: - thank you!!! I own the PC version but have not really played it much since I switched to MAC - cant be bothered with bootcamp. This is fantastic news!
  4. Thanks BenPark - appreciate your quick reply.
  5. Just considering buying Theater of War 2 and was wondering if it can run on the imac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance R
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