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  1. Hi and many thanks for this. That's a helpful & informative reply -- now I'm in the picture regarding my (limited) options. Thanks again -- appreciated. Just a thought: I did not see any information on the Battlefront "store" website relating to these issues. For example, if I'd known about the video card issue before buying a new computer, I could have specified the correct card for the games. I also did not see any information stating that the game(s) will not run on a laptop. True, you can download a demo and see if it works, but what happens when you buy a new machine? Customers need to be fully in the picture about the Intel issue. The licensing system is explained on the website and in the manual, so I guess that's fair enough. Yes, in theory, I could ask the helpdesk for an extension. But it still seems to me that I have not actually bought a game -- I have bought permission to access a game with certain limitations attached. This situation alone is bad enough, but then it also seems that the copy-protection can "trip" security programs too. And so the bottom line remains the same: I spent money on CMSF, CMA, CMBN + expansions & upgrades and now cannot use them. I don't feel good about that. And so Adios!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. It's a desktop. My old computer had GeForce Nvidia graphics card and (as already explained) the game didn't run on that. I don't really want to spend more cash on a video card. I just kinda expected the game to work. Maybe a bit naive, I admit. Kaspersky AV seemingly makes no difference -- the games don't work even with it turned off. The copy-protection sucks. I bought all these games and now can't play them.
  3. Hi There! I bought CM Normandy on release and it never worked on my pc. I posted several forum threads and even submitted a ticket to the helpdesk but the issue was never sorted, and so I simply did not play the game. Boo-hoo. A few days ago I had to buy a new pc. I thought I'd try again with CM Normandy. The game installed and activated but would not run at all. I got a message saying that the exe had stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same thing happened. I disabled my Kaspersky AV. Again, no deal. The game tries to launch but for some reason can't. And so I thought, hmm, OK, I'll go back to playing CMSF instead. I installed OK, but when I tried to activate I got a message saying that I'd used up all my activations. Boo-hoo. OK then, I'll go back to playing CMA instead. I installed on my new machine and guess what? Yep, I'd run out of activations for that too. OK, so I went on Gamersgate and picked up a very cheap copy of CMA. Hurrah! I installed and activated with the Gamersgate key. Guess what? The game wouldn't launch. I tried in various "compatibility" modes but no joy. And so, reluctantly, I've come back to ask for help again. Here are my full system specs: System Information Report General Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Central Processor Intel® Celeron® CPU G1610 @ 2.60GHz User Name Chris Graphics Video Adapter Intel® HD Graphics Video Memory 1.85 GB Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 Storage Total Memory 3.70 GB Free Memory 2.39 GB Total Hard disk 465.66 GB Free Hard disk 416.98 GB I/O Mouse Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical Keyboard USB Input Device Computer System Computer Name CHRIS-PC User Name Chris Organization N/A Operating System OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1.0 Product ID 00359-OEM-8704243-92089 System Up Time 24/11/2013 19:37:28 Internet Explorer Version 9.11.9600.16428 Microsoft DirectX Version OpenGL Version 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) Registry Maximum Size 2048 MB Current Size 74 MB Status OK Central Processor CPU Name Intel® Celeron® CPU G1610 @ 2.60GHz Code Name N/A Manufacturer GenuineIntel Current Clock Speed 2600 Mhz Max Clock Speed 2600 Mhz Voltage Unknown External Clock 100 Mhz Serial Number BFEBFBFF000306A9 CPU ID Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 Socket Designation CPUSocket CPU Internal L2 512 KB CPU Internal L1 128 KB CPU Internal L3 2048 KB Motherboard Model H61M-DG3/USB3 Manufacturer ASRock Serial Number E80-37007101235 BIOS Name BIOS Date: 07/09/13 17:39:16 Ver: 04.06.05 BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc. SMBIOS Version P1.10 BIOS Date 09/07/2013 BIOS Features PCI is supported Yes BIOS is Upgradable (Flash) Yes BIOS shadowing is allowed Yes Boot from CD is supported Yes Selectable Boot is supported Yes BIOS ROM is socketed Yes EDD (Enhanced Disk Drive) Specification is supported Yes Int 13h - 5.25 /1.2MB Floppy Services are supported Yes Int 13h - 3.5 / 720 KB Floppy Services are supported Yes Int 13h - 3.5 / 2.88 MB Floppy Services are supported Yes Int 5h, Print Screen Service is supported Yes Int 9h, 8042 Keyboard services are supported Yes Int 14h, Serial Services are supported Yes Int 17h, printer services are supported Yes ACPI supported Yes USB Legacy is supported Yes Memory Resource Total Memory 3.70 GB Used Memory 1.31 GB Free Memory 2.39 GB Memory Usage 35% Physical Memory Memory Bank BANK 0 Description Physical Memory 0 Device Locator ChannelA-DIMM0 Capacity 4.00 GB Speed 1067 Mhz Manufacturer Kingston Data Width 64 bit Memory Type Unknown Form Factor DIMM Disk Drives Name ATA ST500DM002-1BD14 SCSI Disk Device Media Type Fixed hard disk media Capability 465.76 GB Interface Type IDE Partitions 2 Total Cylinders 60801 Total Heads 255 Total Sectors 976768065 Total Tracks 15504255 Tracks Per Cylinder 255 Bytes Per Sector 512 Sectors Per Track 63 S.M.A.R.T Support Yes Current Temperature 0C (32F) CD-ROM Drive Name TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224DB SCSI CdRom Device Drive D: Transfer Rate -1 Status OK IDE Controller Name Intel® Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation Status OK Video Adapter Name Intel® HD Graphics Video Processor Intel® HD Graphics Family Manufacturer Intel Corporation Video Architecture VGA DAC Type Internal Memory Size 1.85 GB Memory Type Unknown Video Mode 1680 x 1050 x 4294967296 colors Current Refresh Rate 60 Hz Driver Version Driver Date 21/05/2012 Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Screen Height 1050 Screen Width 1680 Status OK Wireless Network Connection Product Name 802.11n Wireless LAN Card Service Name netr28x Manufacturer Ralink Technology, Corp. MAC Address 48:02:2A:FB:4D:39 Local Area Connection Product Name Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Service Name RTL8167 Manufacturer Realtek MAC Address BC:5F:F4:CA:3B:E0 Sound Device Name Intel® Display Audio Manufacturer Intel® Corporation Status OK Mouse Name Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical Manufacturer Microsoft Buttons 0 Status OK Keyboard Name USB Input Device Description Enhanced (101- or 102-key) Function Keys 12 Status OK USB Controller Product Name Intel® 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1C2D Manufacturer Intel Protocol Supported Universal Serial Bus Status OK USB Controller Product Name Etron USB 3.0 Extensible Host Controller Manufacturer Etron Technology Inc. Protocol Supported Universal Serial Bus Status OK USB Controller Product Name Intel® 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1C26 Manufacturer Intel Protocol Supported Universal Serial Bus Status OK
  4. Mmm, definitely a breed apart those snipers! Seriously though, it's as if the normal stance is suddenly, for a split-second, replaced by an "arms akimbo" stance. It's very quick--blink and you'd miss it. But once you notice it you can't help watching it happen over and over again ...
  5. Just returned to "Shockforce" after a long break. I patched up to 1.32 and noticed something odd: Playing as the Brits, I saw that, after firing, my sniper suddenly raised both arms momentarily in a kind of split-second Crucifixion scene. This happened after every shot he fired. Just thought I'd mention it ...
  6. Many thanks for these useful tips. I downloaded the shaders fix and that has indeed helped--very grateful for that. And I'll check out the Everest Ultimate system analysis software -- again, really appreciate the info. Still have problems with shadows and have had to turn them off, sadly making the game look fairly bland. And still some grass/tree textures issues but in general performance has improved. Hopefully I'll be able to actually settle into the game and actually play it.
  7. I tried the game again this morning with graphic settings as above. Soldier and cursor movements seemed fine but there were graphics anomalies relating to grass/tree textures and shadows. The shadows looked OK at certain angles but would turn into black, hard-edged, geometrical shapes as I moved the camera. For example, a light-coloured building in the distance would be covered in black triangles. Grass and trees constantly shift, change tone and "remap". I turned off shaders (ALT+R) and shadows (ALT+W) and these problems largely disappeared. I carried on playing the game, moving units/cursor/camera around: the game looked very bland/basic, graphically speaking, but at least the units/cursor/camera were behaving. I was starting to feel that I might be able to play through a whole scenario when the game crashed with an "encountered an error" message.
  8. Hi and thanks for this. OK, my graphics setting in the game options is: Vertical Sync = off 3d Model = balanced 3d Textures = balanced Antialias = off High Priority Process = off But in my Nvidia control panel, the 3d set up was profiled according to the performance hints for Nvidia as given in this forum. And so I changed the Nvidia profile to allow the ingame settings to take preference (override). I went back into the game (with Kaspersky running) and noted that the quick, jerky movements were gone and units were behaving normally. Cursor control was also OK. There were still problems with grass/tree textures constantly shifting and remapping, and there were still distortions apparently linked to shadows. The game seemed more stable and while not particularly good graphics-wise, I reckon it would be possible to at least play through a scenario. I only had time for a quick inspection, so I'll give it more time tomorrow. Basically I need to spend a bit more time with the game just to see if this improvement is going to stick. Thanks again for advice and help--much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for this. Despite my earlier, more positive post, I have since met all the old problems again! I can't explain why the game worked OK this morning but not this evening! But I just had to quit the game because of the problems I described earlier, added to which a new one: the cursor was uncontrollable. I checked my CPU and the system did seem under a lot of strain, but I couldn't work out why, especially as my AV software was not making much impact. I've tried out several other games today, including CM Afghanistan, and they worked fine. And so I'm back where I was initially--the best part of $100 down and unable to play the game. I've had the game months now and have been unable to complete a single scenario in all this time; and yet other games have worked fine. I think at this point, if I were dealing with a local store in town, I'd be getting my money back. I did check my CPU without the game running and it averaged at 3%. If I have to buy a new card just to play this game, I will have spent--well, a ridiculous amount of money. I can't even try the game on my backup/offline computer because of DRM/activation issues. The situation is not satisfactory from my viewpoint as a customer.
  10. Thanks again to all above for good advice. I uninstalled the game, then reinstalled in the manner described above. I didn't add any mods this time. I noticed some graphical improvements but still had some lag and loading time issues. I noticed that my AV software (Kaspersky) keeps bleeping when I boot up the game. I was also getting "threat alerts" on a file that turned out to be the BF DRM for this game. And so, by going offline and disabling my AV software, I was able to actually play the game with what seems like a reasonable performance. Will monitor this further. Thanks again for help and apologies for initial rant.
  11. Thanks for this -- that's good advice and I'll check out the air compressor. Thanks again -- appreciate that.
  12. Hi guys and many thanks for replies--much appreciated. I already installed up-to-date drivers, so that angle seems to be covered. And other 3D games also work fine (e.g. CM Afghanistan). But I have been using some mods in the Data/z folder, so maybe this is a problem? And it's possible I goofed up the install somehow (installed setup, then CW expansion, then patches, then CM2 engine upgrade). Can someone explain/clarify the correct installation procedure? I have actually un-installed/re-installed the game maybe 4 or 5 times now -- hence the frustration vented in this post. I could try installing on my backup computer, but that is always offline, so I'm not sure how I could activate the product(s) due to DRM issues (last time I tried to activate a BF game remotely I hit problems when the relevant activation website/web page was unavailable). Anyway, sorry for the moaning but I spent so long on this game with no good results so far!
  13. My Specs: Windows XP SP3, NVIDIA 9600 card, Kaspersky AV, AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor, 3GHz, 3GB RAM. I give up on this game. I bought CM Normandy and Commonwealth Forces. I keep game patched up to date. I buy Version 2 Update. I read and follow advice on NVIDIA graphics cards (posted on this forum). But from Day One this game has never worked for me, and even now--after months of updates, patches and re-trying, it still doesn't work. Months ago I submitted a "ticket" to the "Help Desk" but no one ever replied. I have lost my money to Battlefront and hope they are at least happy. What are the problems with the game? 1. Unexplained crashes "Game has encountered an error and must close" 2. Map spins around, out of control 3. Soldiers carry invisible weapons 4. Soldiers do not walk but slide along ground 5. Game runs at increased speed with comical effect 6. Soldiers move in jerky manner, speeding up and then slowing down 7. Camera has mind of it own and is hard to control 8. After installing Version 2 I lost all custom scenarios (explanation: even though I couldn't play game properly I still spent time making scenarios, in hope of an eventual fix). Version 2 actually "wiped" these scenarios--the files were still in place, but not showing in the list of available scenarios; but when I open these files in the Editor, they are completely blank--hours of work removed 9. Strange and distracting visual effects, perhaps caused by "shadows" in game 10. Extreme "clipping" of images (example: half of a lamppost or soldier is "missing") 11. Extremely long loading times; sometimes game seems to "freeze" while loading 12. If I double-click on an HQ to select whole platoon, and then issue move order, only some units react, others remain in place 13. When viewing battlefield from zoomed-out view, some unit icons are invisible (i.e. they disappear until I zoom back in) I am not happy. If I bought this game from a physical shop in town I would have my money back. If anyone from BF reads this, I hope you will be motivated to remedy the situation. Now--because Life is too short--I give up on this game and do something else. I could have given all this money to charity and at least helped some poor guy. I spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of hours--but I cannot make this game work properly.
  14. I posted this a week ago and, on the same day, submitted a "ticket" to the Battlefront "Support" desk--a week later and I've had response at all. Last game I buy from you guys. So long!
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