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  1. Big Mike

    work on AI ?

    Hi Brit,I know your busy with your other obligations,but are you working on the ai in your spare time?thanks
  2. Big Mike

    update data?

    Hi Brit,I check in every so often to see if any updates or news shows up.I downloaded the latest patch,what were the fixes?I still play this and enjoy it too bad about the sales though.Thank you!
  3. Hiall,enjoying the game,have all 3 previous cmx1.Are there any books on the smaller skirmishes that occured during the war,I know there are plenty of books on the large scale battles.Also does anybody have a problem with the lettering in the main and options screens.Alot of the letters dont show up.Not a game breaker but annoying.Thhanks
  4. Big Mike


    hello anybody?
  5. Big Mike


    Enjoying game,just a question can you adjust fow in battles and quik battles.Thanks!
  6. Big Mike

    Version 1.01.15821

    Thanks Brit and Merry Christmas and hope sales pick up in the new year!
  7. Big Mike


    HiBrit,enjoying this game very much.Just a suggestion,would it be possible to add mines on both land and sea?Maybe infantry units being able to plant mines but given just so many to plant,same with destroyers or if possible new minelayer ships that can also disable enemy mines.I thought this would bring more depth to the game.But im no programer so I dont know how hard a job this would be.Otherwise kep up the good work with other updates.Thanks
  8. Big Mike

    Version 1.01.777 Available

    Great update Thanks !
  9. Big Mike

    Great Game- How about different Mods

    Hi again Brit,into turn 53 of a game and am get attacked with aircraft,never thought i'd be happy getting bombarded.Answers my earlier question.Thanks again.
  10. Big Mike

    Great Game- How about different Mods

    Upgraded game with patch seems ai is more mobile than before!Will the ai also utilize aircraft with this upgrade?Enjoying the game very much Brit.Its a game that keeps on giving.I like it! Thanks:)
  11. Big Mike

    Version 0.97.8806 Available

    Thanks brit great changes and fixes.
  12. Big Mike

    New Version 0.97.8471

    Thanks for the update guys! Also thanks for the reply on release of game,I"ll make due with this demo till it is released.So far played two full games against ai and game gave me no problems so far.
  13. Big Mike


    Hi,can we assume the game will ship this month?Thanks
  14. Big Mike

    Thumbs up

    Hello,new on this forum but purchased all cm titles and sc aside from the patton exp.Great games in their own right.Just letting you know the beta plus upgrade seem to play great so far.Will game speed be adjustable?Hope to see full version out soon.Thanks