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  1. Ugh, two weeks has not improved this place; perhaps I should take the evening work again. It might at that; did you bring vehicles? Probably not, it would imply a grasp of tactics beyond that of old Earl Haig.
  2. Infandum, O Stuka, iubes renovare dolorem... of days gone by when panicked Syrian pixeltruppen grease the treads of the invincible Abrams; the game I'd been seeking for decades appears in a bargain bin (of all places); and such a seemingly nice forum is marred by a single thread, a great gutter of grognards, this junta of the senile... ... like Sir Speedbump here, who despite his inability to tell a Pallas from a Priapus, clearly has command of multiple tongues, indeed, forked ones. My Moscovite tankers await the next batch of Kievian fish-stories with great anticipation, along with surrender notices.
  3. You shall have it, Sir! Email sent. I shall take your beverage recommendation under advisement, a good IPA is always a fine thing. To say nothing of my fame amongst the Classics majors; one should cherish the rare opportunities to build consensus. On the subject of Autocorrect, Sir Speedbump, the singular of 'alumni' is 'alumnus', though I would not doubt the existence of multiple chattering voices in that skull of yours. How are you all today? Do the men in white know where you are?
  4. Yes, Sir Speedbump of the Shavian House, why ARE you under the Australian table? I suppose you will claim it was a commando raid gone poorly -- don't know about toasts, but you appear toasted. Many thanks for your considerate counsel, but I'm going to ignore your advice. There is too much to do: enemies to drive before... lamentations to hear... horses to ride... wives and daughters to embrace... Speaking of lamentations, the mead is decent, but there is an appalling shortage of good beer in this den of infirmity... {rummage} ... Coorsweiser? What is this?!
  5. Three days it has been without a sign of habitation, and the Cesspool door creaks loudly when pushed... oh, wait that's Joe Shaw. Is there any life in this old place, or has Dalem's poetry done you all in? Good Knights! -- I use that term reservedly, as I haven't seen a single one of you jump in an 'L' shape yet -- while you were snoring in varying degrees of drunken stupor, a new game has been released to an unsuspecting public. To arms! To horse! To armed horses! To horses under each arm! The Breadbasket of Europe beckons, and by the shores of the Dnieper River rest new hamlets, fresh for the cratering. Why sprawl you sleeping? I remember days when 300 posts was the magic number, when the denizens of the Mutha Beautiful Thread would storm forth to pastures and conquests new! Has the old spark been lost? Are the old grognards gone forever? Have the beer and pretzels finally run out? Say it isn't so, and let the glory of the immortal Peng Challenge wax eternal!
  6. Sounds great. I'll send a PM to work out the technical details.
  7. You heard me! In Go player circles, they say you should lose your first 50 games as soon as possible, and I haven't lost any CM:BS matches yet! I played CM:SF a fair amount but have been out of the loop for the CMx2 WW2 stuff since then. I'm up for a QB, a quick scenario, anything. RT, or starting a WEGO (do people play Real-Time? I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like it.) Smaller battles (say, company-sized or smaller) is probably best for starters. Anyone up for a game?
  8. Just finished on the second try. It was about 500kbs for the first half, accelerating to 1.7mbs towards the end. Let's see this game...
  9. Download speed is holding around 300kbs for me, not great but expected for a busy system. It's okay folks, we'll see it in good time.
  10. Indeed, I've been enjoying the narrative-style AAR. Looking forward to seeing what the Abrams tanks do!
  11. Here, have an upvote. ...upvotes, yikes. What are we, Reddit?
  12. Liking the new forums, though I think the white color scheme is a bit... dazzling.
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