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  1. Don't worry, the AI doesn't build air units
  2. The main drawback with increasing the complexity is the effect it has on the AI. It would be nice to get supply, weather, ... but then you either chew up more processor time or get a less excellent SP game. If there is a sequel maybe it's worth looking at adding more complexity, but for now, I'd agree with Brit that it's not worth the effort right now.
  3. The patrol thing seems broken in the new version to me. Repeat stays selected but the unit is in the needs orders queue and doesn't move.
  4. Hmm, I think it's because I installed it to a flash drive rather than the HD. Oh well, thanks for the input.
  5. Or so it appears, that the demo is not the latest version. What is odd is that I cannot update my version on one of my comps as I get a 'cannot connect to server' issue. I'm assuming that it's something on my side, but I guess it could be on the battlefront side.
  6. Is there a way to regain lost HPs? I can't seem to find one, so my suggestion would be to make it possible, maybe at a cost perHP restored.
  7. I read that but it doesn't really answer the general question. What values are compared? What kind of RNG is applied? I don't mind the nitty gritty, if anyone knows what the formula actually is.
  8. From what I've gleaned if you look at the attrition value and your units is lower than the unit you are attacking you are more likely to win. So that helps a little, but is it possible to see the actual mechanics behind combat somewhere? Thanks
  9. licker


    [esc] to close open windows please [,] and [.] to move forwards/backwards through units without orders [space] to take a unit off the 'needs orders' list for one turn only
  10. Thanks for the cool looking game, but is there going to be a hotkey to close windows? That drives me crazy more than anything else.
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