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  1. When I edit movement or soft and hard hit numbers in the 1945 Invasion American campaign, the AI stops working during the axis turn at the ""air reorganization" phase. The program stops responding. Now, if I edit any of those numbers already marked with an*, the game plays as normal? Any ideas?
  2. Half way through the operation flatiron scenario, I received this message? Failed(animate_unit_combat_and_tile_control_update): After this message, the game shuts down. Anyone know what happend?
  3. Actually, I continued to get the same results with load, save and modify. However, I did get it to work properly by via load, save and modify by increasing the MPP first and then saving and making changes. Everything worked fine from that point on!
  4. Thank you! I will try the load, save different name, then modify tonight--and run editor as admin.
  5. When I make a change in the editor-such as increase the combat data of a ground combat unit to maximum strength-- the AI stops processing at some point and just sits there for 5-10 minutes? Any suggestions?
  6. U.S. Marines played a significant role in WW1. Belleau Wood was a huge Marine assault where the Marines got their nickname "devil dogs".
  7. wlape3, I am running Win7 but have not messed with the performance feature. New to Win 7 so where do you adjust this?
  8. Another option. Open the Editor prior to a campaign and see what capitals are assigned to USSR.
  9. I can respond to the effective range. Look in the editor under edit country data and you will see both the range and number of units HQ can control. You can adjust both.
  10. I have all the SC Battlefront games and this is an issue with all them except SC2 Blitkrieg. I often go back and play Blitkrieg because the AI turns are quicker. BTW, I love all the games but slow AI ruins the game for me, especially if I mod games. I can mod in SC2 Blitkrieg all I want and it doesn't slow AI! Running fast computer 9 Gigs Ram, 3.0 processor, and turn on both video accleration and quick animation
  11. Well, the USA is kind of special, so it should get an advantage! Ha Actually, this should be researched.
  12. Yes, there is a PDF print friendly manual in the Main Directory of the game.
  13. Conquer all of the other Japanese held countries/territories (which will decrease MP's) keep Japan surrounded, and focus on Europe.
  14. A number of options. You can increase production by; research, conquering nations you have invaded or reduce spending in other areas (movement, new units, etc.).
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