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  1. Yea great patch, just the missles and nukes need to increase their damage by 25-50% because of the HP buff, which was needed
  2. Yes, they do declare war on you What difficulty level are you playing on. Only play aganist the AI on expert level, nothing lower
  3. I was not talking about you N3rull, just the OP and Rick. We are talking about balance here, and this is just a game design thing, the higher tech units might need a larger seeing radius because of the increased movement rates of the higher tech units. They move farther and faster per turn. This is overall a game and in some cases, may not be realistic for balance purposes but it needs to be balanced. We all know airpower is Overpowered in real life, it does not have to be in EoS (just as an example)
  4. Tried a game with the new resource balance, I will say Brit it works WELL. As in I can produce an actual army to defeat an opponent instead of having to weaken my defenses to attack someone. For example, with a typical garrisson 1 inf 1 tank 1 flak and 1 missile launcher, plus pop usuage and roving units, I can actually afford an offensive army for transports and taking out other players. Before you had to weaken your defenses, because you would run out of food fast before you could mount an assult on a heavily defended island
  5. Most of the issues I've brought up have resulted in changes. I don't think any of the issues these two guys will bring up will every result in a change. Now if only we can get the seeing radius larger for the higher tech units, fix the battleship owns all problem, and find out a way in which a combined attack will actually be useful (as in stacking) or 1 attack per .10 ticks of a turn instead of each unit getting an attack aganist every unit
  6. Like that won't happen nowadays with crusie missiles and coastal batteries. It may not be artillery but they are anti-ship missiles, so I think its a good trade-off.
  7. LOL I couldn't agree more N3rull, people don't want a balanced game, they want a uber super unit they can build and kill everyone. That is not the kind of game I want to play. Artillery and Missile launchers are necessary to keep battleships and crusiers from bombarding cities right now
  8. I like what I see, thanks for the new update
  9. Ok, so there is no way to grow your cities, but you can kill their population from missiles, bombing, and food stravation...there is no way to regain that lost population or production?
  10. Your cities grow over time with a food surplus. However, your cities will die very quickly if you don't have enough food.
  11. I see other people have posted about the food issue in other threads so I gave this one a bump. Seems like that mostly everyone agrees that food needs a slight buff, or some building similar to an oil refinery for food consumption. Once you enter the late game stages with your cities ranged from 12-18 population, these cities consume over 2-almost 4 per turn. So your production grows over time but you can build less units over time. I think this is something which needs to be fixed
  12. This is a list of fixes which must be fixed before release -Infantry attacking from an entranced position. Any form of attack requires movement, thus the attacker should not be entrenched -Nuclear bombers - I built three nuke bombers, and I attacked cities with each of them, all of them ran out of fuel over the target. WTH? -Missiles - Sometimes missiles run out of fuel and do not hit anything. This may be a valid point for V2 missiles but cruise missiles and ICBMs need a 100% to hit unless shot down I find the middle one slightly game-breaking since it takes nearly 20-30 turns to build one of the bombers.
  13. LOL, takle a look at the thread I started on naval balance, it outlines about the same thing, as well as my radar and aircraft balance thread. Glad I'm not the only one noticing these unbalanced units The BB is really the most game breaker of all, since if I just build battleships and destroyers and transports, I own the game. The fact people forget about building your own battlehship si that if I have my battleship outside your port, when your battleship gets produced, it begans docked, which my battleship will destroy with ease (this just may be a balance thing not talking realistic here)
  14. Everytime I try to download the update it freezes when trying to apply the update. I've already tried to reinstall and update as well, it does the same thing. I also get an error message when the game tries to autosave as well.
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