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  1. King Philips War novelized in any of the above? Looked for that also, but couldn’t find anything interesting. And thanks for these recommendations. I will definitely read some of these.
  2. I’ve read a small bit of this. Couldn’t get into it. Might try again
  3. Thanks for this recommendation. I will give this a read (and still looking for a book as described in the original post).
  4. I’m glad to see you recommend the Fort. That is on my ‘to read’ list. I’m trying to read novels in as close to chronological order as I can, and wanted to read a few 7 years war and pre revolution books before tackling a number of revolution era books. Note - I have read Agincourt by Cornwell and really liked it, as well as a Kindle sample of Sharpe’s Tigers (which I think I will read when I get to the 1800s).
  5. Looking for recommendations for good historical fiction books set in colonial/frontier US between start of 7 years war and America revolution. A couple that I liked are “Follow the River” by Thom and “Rise to Rebellion” by Shaara. I’m asking here because I haven’t had much luck in other searches/forums. And I know this place used to have some very well read history folks. (I assume it still does, but I haven’t been playing much since the CMx1 days). Thanks!
  6. Bump - Is anybody playing RT against humans?
  7. Where is the best place to find opponents that are online that are looking for a game immediately?
  8. How does the game determine if you control a VL? Are there any subtleties that are not mentioned below?
  9. Is there a printer-friendly PDF version? Or is there an easy way in Acrobat to just print text without the background image?
  10. (Long time CMx1 user, couldnt get into CMSF) Played one game and I like it. The game plays well on my computer, which is good. Thanks BFC - I am hoping this steals way too much time from my work!!!
  11. Big thumbs up from me too. I'd rather have other gameplay and game features than this (or auto-maps), e.g Co-play. And that isnt sarcasm.
  12. Obviously I lack in communication skills, because I never said hand made maps are a step backward. The best maps are without a doubt hand-made. And I wont try to clarify anything else, because apparently I am not very good at it.
  13. Exactly. release the game already so we can stop all this nonsense
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