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  1. I am talking about head to head fighting. Not against AI, because AI just can't compete if you understand how it does things, and most stupid things is that it simply sacrifice his power pieces early in the war... 1. What do you use your first mpp's usually? 2. Do you go first for industrial technology or try to get as fast as possible iw,ht,at,mobi? 3. What do you purchase first with russia? Tank,HQ,corps? 4. Do you try to keep the rate of purchasing new units or do you try to reinforce your units, but slowing down the amount what you are producing out of factories... 5. What is your overall plan to holding the german assault? Hold the line and withdraw when he starts to look too powerful to be held? How far do you organize your defence line, so that the german supply starts to sink so you might have chance to counterattack in someplaces. What I am talking here, is the feel for how to handle russia. For over a year or 2, so that it doesn't crash and burn too fast before the allies can collect some power to the westfront. My usual plan involves in researching first some chips to industrial, then IW & HT, before france falls I start to collect mpps to get 2 tanks and HQ atleast out before barbarossa. I leave to odessa/riga only 1 corps, to slow the germans down alittle. Purchasing more infantry while I am at it. My engineer usually first try to fortify the area where the 2 mines and that 1 city are, and my first line usually forms behind that river. - Is it good choice to try and take finland fast with russians and the falling to hold the line? - How far/close should you first try to stem the tide? ps. With good experience from sc1, taking down units is very easy the closer you are to germany, because of supply 10 HQ's and experienced + teched out german troops...
  2. 1. I would still give the same techs to all, so no nation could get too advanced in it. Or maybe give the chance for lvl 5 for those who were more powerful in that specific tech, so that if they wanted to be most powerful in that they would need to spend alot in research and have good luck 2. Isn't the navy supply working just like it worked in sc1 & sc2? 3. Air fleets, I would give them maximum operational range. Long Range tech would add 2 tiles per tech to it.
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