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  1. sigop22

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    American infantry move through the hedgerows under fire. First squad supresses while the remainder of the platoon advances Fallschirmjaeger advance on American defenses with assault gun support Assault squad charges through a breach made by engineering team
  2. sigop22

    Arty Smoke

    Menthols, cloves, filter / no-filter, lights, Lucky Strikes...?
  3. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    I agree. I know that many people loved it but I couldn't. The terrible casting hurt it too. Vince Vaughn drove me nuts.
  4. sigop22

    AFV Show & Tell

    Canadian Kangaroo APC. Dont hear nor see of it much, but did pretty good for the time it was in the war as a means to push infantry right into the enemy as opposed to a battle taxi. https://imgur.com/a/TXQRs
  5. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    It's not a new theme either. John Wayne in The Longest Day as Lt. Col. Vandervoort was thirty years older than the actual person. Apparently the real Vandervoort was a little displeased as being portrayed as a 50 year old man despite being in his late 20's for the D-Day invasion. Sounds like John Wayne was also a PITA to work with as well.
  6. sigop22

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    Russians literally will use anything for artillery
  7. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    That's what I thought. It being more in common with society has turned it into a versatile word in the modern military. It's more a exclamation point more than anything else now. (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO0B-cjDozM
  8. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    It's unfortunate that some of the deleted scenes actually gives the characters of the crew more personality than their most apparent features. Bible being the religious guy. Gordo being the Mexican. Wardaddy being a huge douche. Coon-Ass being..well...an ass. The whole of Wardaddy's character is fleshed out in one deleted scene that involves him speaking about how his younger brother and his 'Rose' died in a car accident he caused while drinking. Hell, it explains the whole reason why he's in the military as well as the scars on his back. The one with Jon Berenthals character (sorry, just hate referring to his nickname) shows that he's more than a one dimensional 'haggard' grizzly mean guy and some who's absolutely frightened that they're going to be the next in the coffin. The alternate to the discussion at the dinner table about shooting horses is much more emotional and pushes how much Gordo hates the war. Honestly think the movie deserves a 'directors' cut. There are some alternate and deleted scenes that explain much more and give it a bit more heart and made the characters more redeemable. I personally enjoyed the movie. Having been in a hatch for with 'field showers', dirty rations and cigarettes it captures a rugged look that I believe some war movies miss(Oh the mud, there can never be enough mud and grime.). It had its flaws, but no more than some other war movies I watched (Cross of Iron and Stalingrad(old one) being my favorites). The inclusion of actual tanks was amazing; and I only wish they had incorporate some more dynamic tank-on-tank action besides the tiger (Imagine the beginning battle with Stug's and a Panzer included). The final act is the part I could live without. Feels like they were attempting to create a separate war movie and made it much more dreary than it had to be. I would have been happier if there was a solution either than 'everyone has to die' in order to wrap it up. It seemed almost like they had rented the tank for a few extra days more than they planned so they filmed a scenario that seemed implausible. And the actor not showering for a month to recreate the prospect of soldiers not being clean is a bit.....dumb. Even in the most extreme of circumstances, hygiene for a soldier would involve more than running dip over your staches and seeing a puddle of water once in awhile. A can of water and a wash cloth can go miles above just being a dirty bastard. One other thing that bothered me was the cussing. Sometimes I think it was a bit much and heavy for the time period. Not that I sat in a tank in Berlin in 45', but the level they were swearing seemed overboard for their situations. It's more common than before for people, especially soldiers, to cuss. But even now.....eh. Dropping the F-bomb between nouns and pronouns doesn't really give to good dialogue.
  9. For sure. My southern force could have bypassed what seemed to be two platoons worth of paras and gone for the objective. Hammering through the front just cost me nearly a company. The north and centre were unavoidable though. They sat in what I wanted and my poor truppens paid for it dearly. That minor victory did not feel like one at all
  10. So I retried the scenerio tonight and took into consideration everything said here. My attempts in the South Forest were great. Scouts, scout squads, and flanking squads really covered the forest well. Had the opportunity to plaster the British a few times. But was halted just shy of the south objectives by withering HMG fire and a PIAT making the luckiest hit on my Panzer 3. However, the lack of reinforcements to the North left what was basically two under strength squads with a few HQ elements left to hold that area. The middle was daunting. All my panzers were knocked out by the end. The first three were matter of minutes at the start because some lucky PIAT's scored hits. Overall lessons learned? Don't fight British airborne in the forest.
  11. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    I haven't heard much in the way of Canadian war crimes. There is an incident later in the war with the A&S Highlanders, but it in 1945 near the end of the war and there is not much recorded on it. Ardenne Abbey was not the only case either where the 12th SS executed Canadian soldiers and I believe close to 140 were recorded having been executed overall. It seemed the 12th SS had a particular liking to executing Canadian soldiers post Juno. I have Mark Zuerke's "Holding Juno" book that I haven't read yet. I can take a peek. But as far as being in Canada, I've never heard the term "Tommie SS"
  12. Too mamy bills to buy red tbunder I think ill just settle for the vehicle pack today. This thread is great and ill have to try these new tactics tonight
  13. sigop22

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    My friends wife is from the Philippines. She said once that even a few generations later they still have a hatred for the Japanese
  14. Thats it there. The South west corner I had a platoon moving through with a pander iii in support but can't support in depth. I have a company + coming straight on from the west with two panzers. Been a rush trying to flush the airborne out. The north has an understrength company trying to swing east with a panzer iii. Its been rough. Most German squads are bout 10-12 with mostly kar's and an mg42. A few separate mg42 groups but no on map mortars. Its rough without some of the typical on map supports that the Germans usually roll with (halftracks and mortars) Damn stens push out such a high rof. Ill try and spread out what I have and try and centre the hmg squads with the platoons.