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  1. would like to play AoC Battlefield europe 1939, will play either side. pm me.
  2. in a similar boat but do not have a copy of the global conflict software,if any one could help the full.exe for the game that would great. have license. I am actually want to play the attack Communism, which i have the software and license for.
  3. Hello Anyone for call to arms or 1939 storm over europe on breakthru or WW1 engine?
  4. looking at the screen dump at http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=314&Itemid=539 The german purchase unit screen, there is no aircraft carrier? I would of thought the aircraft carriier would have been more critical to the game than say a rail gun?
  5. seeking opponent for either Breakthru or SC WW1 Call to Arms. or Nups ww2 World campaign.
  6. in the latest patch 1.07, I see the war can be extended to 1924, so with that in mind USA entry is now well worth the cost. Does it require both parties to agree to extend? and if france surrenders the war is over?
  7. In my Call to arms game, Spain joined the CP, France responded by attacking spain and has captured the capital, what is the surrender conditions for Spain in this case, spain only hold one town with to corps and hq?
  8. reading this thread, I can't see the advantage of getting us into the war, as they are a day late and dollar sort. the investment v return, return is to late and to little. It would be far more advantage to get Romania, Italy and Greece into the war earlier to knock Bulgaria out before it can strike at Serbia.
  9. Hello All, interested in ww1 or ww2 on ww1 engine. irederekgrant at eircom dot net
  10. Question re Blockade, does the amount of ships or tiles covered by by ships increase effect of the blockade on morale?
  11. any one playing calm be the storm 1938 version 2.x? Does it work human v human?
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