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  1. Will Bil H's Gridded Terrain Mod work in CMFB 4.0?
  2. One of the best accounts I have read regarding WWII infantry battalion operations is "The Clay Pigeons of St Lo" by COL Glover S Johns. It is a great read. Johns used his Pioneer platoon to build and secure a waterproof BN command post so he could fight his battalion without the rain screwing up the commo he needed to defend his rifle companies with artillery. If you are interested, the book is Kindleized.
  3. Chris, While playing the 2nd Training Mission, I noticed an irregularity with one of my rifle squads as they approached the "attack position. I had given them an assault command on the previous turn. At the end of that turn, I noticed they had not moved. Upon further investigation, I saw the rifles of all 12 men (in Green) shown in the unit display, but could only see 8 men on the field. On the next turn I sent the squad forward with a Quick Command, yet the floating icon stayed with the original location, and only 8 men responded to the Quick Command. I never could find the other 4 men on the field.
  4. Got it bought, downloaded, and. Activated. Used my iPad to complete the purchase and then dl from account to my PC.
  5. I did not Pre Order and am trying to buy CMFB for a PC (Download only). I can get to the page past Checkout and to the request for shipping info. When I select next, I get kicked back to the first page in store where all games are selections. I have tried numerous times and even tried to buy CMFI. Same problem. What am I doing wrong.
  6. I tried to buy the game. But cannot get past the Checkout page. When I tried the second time, my cart had two games. I changed it to one and hit checkout. Once again, I never got to the paypal page.
  7. BLAST I recently saw conversation on this topic on I think the CMBN forum. If you are playing WEGO you can pause the Blasting team long enough before they execute the BLAST command so that the turn ends right after the blast occurs and before the team crosses the blast area. In the next turn, you cancel the Blast order and move the blast team back. I tried it out and it worked. The amount of time the blasting team needs to execute the blast depends upon their experience level. I think my team was Veteran and they needed 15 seconds. Consequently I put a 45 second pause on the Blast command. This is a gamey solution, but hey you just can't be murdering your blasting teams.
  8. Something else for me to try. This is a great forum. Thanks IanL
  9. Michael, In direct fire mode, I tried the "Target Briefly" command. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but all I got was a couple of Adjust Fire rounds, but no Fire for Effect. To answer your question, I was talking about both indirect and direct. I will go play around some more with indirect light and short. Thanks
  10. FIRE MISSION OPTIONS CM 4.0 As of now under CM 3.0, if I give a "target" command to a mortar unit, it fires until it either gets a "cease fire" or it runs out of ammo. Because mortar ammo is limited (32 rds per tube), have you given any thought to adding a volley command which would limit the "fire for effect" to 3 or 5 rounds per tube?
  11. Steve, I have been a CM buyer since CMBO. You guys make great games. Incredibly realistic. I cannot wait for CMFB! Thanks
  12. Steve, Windows 7, I have cleared my cache, I have done the internet time thing, I have rebooted, and still get the cert revoked. I do not have the option to "continue to this website". I don't know what to do.
  13. Yeah, as FM 7-10 states, these were approach march formations. The great news about the later versions of CM is the "Assault" move command. It is a fire and movement command and that is what FM 7-10 suggests when approach turns into contact. If CM 4.0 could include assignable platoon formations, I would be an even more happy camper than I am already. In any event this is a really great game series. If you use real world tactics in this game, you do well. I don't know what better complement I could give.
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