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  1. This tank has the AT-12 missle in its ammo.When you look at the tank there is no missle launcher.Then I noticed the missle firing through its main gun.Is that accurate?
  2. Will the initial bugs and setbacks that were patched and fixed in CMSF automatically be patched for CM Normandy and Afghanistan?Or will they start out with the same issues and have to be patched?Will they have their own new set of issues to be fixed since new things are being added like water and anti-tank guns?
  3. bowen42

    cmsf pbem

    I prefer medium to large forces on large realistic maps.Ill play any side
  4. sen me anything you want, i prefer large realistic maps
  5. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fc9_1264624578 I think there is some very unique stuff here that I have never seen before.The quality is amazing.
  6. This vehicle has a 73mm gun and im targeting a wall to blow a hole throught it but it will only fire its mg at the area.Why?
  7. Just seems like at the slightest outburst of fire they panick and I loose control of them ,then they get mowed to pieces buy running out of a perfectly good bldg(why would you run out of a bldg to no cover?)Any suggestions to keep them alive would be appreciated
  8. The 8 story feature is awsome, but im guessing there wont be much use for it in CM Normandy because 99% of building were 2-3 storys in that time period.
  9. In CM1 if the direct hq of a platoon was eliminated or not near his own company, then the company co could take direct command and could influence those squads.Is that represented in this game at all?
  10. Yah it's defenitley the "skating issue" and none of the issues depicted in Peterpanzers pictures (say that fast 10times lol).Its really not even that big of a deal, its very minor, does not affect my enjoyment of the game in any way.
  11. I still see troops that stop their running animation right before the end of their waypoint and slide for a meter or 2 to their final destination.I thought that was done with from1.21.
  12. Why cant the Syrians split their sqads?Just not part of their doctrine?and why wouldn't be?
  13. its Piccadilly Circus , its 2 vehicels as the road block, it says eliminate the road block in briefing
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