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  1. Installed the game as administrator and have administrator privileges.
  2. Took out the files with the commas, still only lists those three scenarios. Took out the ones without the commas and left the ones with the commas and there are no scenarios. Took out all six of the files, there are no scenarios. Removing the *.dll doesn't help, still only those three scenarios and that's it. If I replace the new .exe with the old .exe all the scenarios come back, but according to the developers the new .exe isn't doing anything with the list.
  3. Installed in C:/MyGames/Battlefront/Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin List of scenarios in the Scenarios folder Worth noting that before I apply the Vista patch and add the three files I can open the game and all those scenarios are listed to play, as soon as I apply the patch it's only these.
  4. I have the same problem. I already put in a helpdesk ticket and they apparently can't replicate the problem on any version they have. I have the Direct2Drive version, don't know what you have. At this point I just uninstalled everything and figure I lost $5.
  5. When I did a fresh install I went to start a game before the patch and all the missions and everything were there. As soon as I use the new .exe, though, only three missions show up in the list. Permissions and administrator/user rights were set for both versions and only the fresh install without the Vista patch had all the misisons.
  6. When I apply this new Vista patch to a fresh install of CMBB it only displays three Battles, and there are no Operations. What's up with that? I was thinking it might be a display issue so I Alt+Tabbed out of the game and went back in, but no luck. I also disabled AA for the game through my video card, so I don't think it's a display issue. Looking in my Scenarios folder in the directory shows I have quite a bit more than three Battles to choose from, or at least I should. Any idea what the problem could be?
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