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  1. Thanks Rinaldi, very useful, can’t believe all these years I didn’t know we had that
  2. What is this ‘evade’ command you guys keep referring too? Is it a hot key combo as I do not see it in any menu. Confused!
  3. just fought this scenario with a regular opponent and it was a really good tough fight for the first hour but the battle then petered out as both sides had suffered heavy losses and were pretty exhausted. The town changed hands 3 times! (if only Bfc had more realistic damage for buildings ) We still had over an hour left on the clock and both sides expected reinforcements to dribble in or arrive en-masse but nothing else happened, which was a real anti-climax after such a great fight. We continued with sporadic fighting but then both hit ceasefire with 40mins going. Great scenario on a good map, just needed some late units to keep it spicy. I got a total victory as the US player
  4. first battle, on the beaches is fantastic. Been wondering how tough/good a D-Day invasion scenario would play out since CMBN arrived. I have visited this very beach and walked down to the waterline to head back up the beach to get the same visual perspective as those gallant guys would have got, very poignant. Really look forward to battling through the rest of the battles, once my beachhead is secure ;-)
  5. Just found this, looks great! Look forward to battling it out, many thanks for your efforts.
  6. Hi all, I am currently fighting the rather good 'Battle for Carentan' scenario with a Blitz opponent. However the German paras are appearing as regular Wehrmacht troops. Is that how they are meant to appear? Been a long while but I thought FJ were introduced into CMBN a long time ago. Maybe this scenario pre-dates their release?
  7. The Priest was limited to a 35 degree elevation apparently
  8. The minimum range sounded plausible but aren't these in fact howitzers mounted on AFv chassis? I only found figures for German sp gun elevation ranges but for most they have anything from -10 degs to +40 to 70 for everything upto 150mm. So in theory there is no minimum range, ammo and fuse dependant. They would have maps and radios onboard so see no reason why the OP couldn't give them a fire mission rather than sit redundant behind the trees.
  9. Why on earth after so many releases of CM do we still not have the capability of ordering SP guns to fire indirectly as fire support? ie like they were designed for !! This is particularly painful when playing as allied troops against usually better weaponed/dug in German forces. Maybe I should have posted this in the CMBN forum where it particulary annoys me considering the Allies relied so heavily on overwhelming indirect fire against a tough foe, but as this is the latest release and still not able, I thought I would ask. I am currently fighting the Verrieres ridge scenario at present and I have two 105mm SP Guns sat back out of sight completely unable to engage anything whilst I have an FOO with perfect observation on the ridge with dug in 88's. Anything that sticks its nose out of the trees will be instantly clobbered. (and before anyone suggests it, yes I had already targeted the guns with the limited arty available but they didn't take out all the guns). For a series that prides itself on authenticity, this seems one of those glaring feux-pas :-( I don't buy the excuse of people using them too gamily, that can always be sorted out between opponents. So is there any reason why they cant be used like any mortar team and be given indirect fire orders? even for smoke rounds would be useful.
  10. These do look stunning, great job. I have been craving some proper Normandy buildings/villages/towns since cmbn came out, plus proper looking damaged buildings too.
  11. Excellent, been looking forward to fighting some of the gruelling winter fighting across Belgium and Holland in abysmal weather. Hope the allies get the proper amount of arty that constantly backed them up.
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