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  1. Hey guys so i have been playing CM:SF + Marines for a few weeks now, no problems ran great with and without mods. Now all of a sudden, i get a HUGE performance drop, very laggy, frame rate shot well below average. So i reinstalled the game without mods, patched ect.. same problem. Re imaged my entire machine and reinstalled CM:SF tried again, and yet again huge performance decreases. This is happening with no other game. Any idea why this is happening all of a sudden? My specs are below: Q66 Quad core Nvidia GTX260 4gb RAM Win XP
  2. Here shown in summer 1944 France. http://www.atthefront.com/us/uniforms/images/armycamouflage/us_camo_1944.jpg
  3. US Marines never fought German Waffen SS units. What your thinking of is shortly after the Dday landings a very few US army units were issued an experimental dot pattern uniform, similar to the SS camouflage uniform. Needless it say, given the amount of SS divisions in Normandy they were quickly ditched for fear of being accidentally shot. Very few photographs exist, and i have never seen an example today, and i collect this stuff.
  4. Im still having problems setting off that IED, im pointing it to target vehicles, but they just roll on by and over it... any ideas?
  5. Nm i found it, got to target the vehicles with the actual IED. I like the map, more Russian vehicles and a few more insurgent teams and this would be perfect.
  6. how do you detonate the IED in the road as blue force?
  7. Hey guys just bought CM:A and loving it. My only problem... when i call in for mortar strikes for an area target, and i set a small circle for arty strike, the mortars hit nowhere near where im setting the attack area... why is this? im new to these titles period so any help appreciated.
  8. multiplayer dosent exist for ToW, any version.
  9. you wouldent go as far to warn other ppl online that the game runs like crap and is unplayable, but you yourself will warn your friends. So your just worried about your money being spent on a terrible game and nobody elses. Again this turned into a bug thread, and im over reacting? pfft save your money ppl.
  10. Right off the bat ill tell you its not my machine, i dont feel like i need to list every single hand selected part i have put into this machine,there is alot of money invested into it and runs everything flawless. Bottom line is this.. when you release a game, the customer expects to PLAY the game, the memory leak makes this game unplayable. Sure i can make a random generated mission which has no storyline, replay value, or immersion.. but if i wanted this i would of kept the demo and not paid $45 for a broken game. This is to warn other people, everytime i see my Kursk 1942 icon on my desktop i cringe, i dont think my statements are any differnt from what other people feel. Why release an unfinished game? will your customers be loyal to your next titles? My expectations are not high like you say.. i loved ToW1 had no issues other than the game being left high and dry before new titles were shoved out the door.. just the tow2 just like kursk and im sure for the next ToW titles.. word of advice... customer loyalty > fast $$$.
  11. I warn all future potential customers DONT BUY THIS GAME, if you have a top end system (which i and many others do) you still wont be able to play this game. There is no patches, no support from battlefront, no hint on to when we might get this game fixed and is EXPENSIVE for what it offers. Dont buy it, save your cash and wait until something that actually runs comes out.
  12. I have been a Huge fan of ToW1 and played for awhile but stopped about 6 months ago due to it constantly CTD- now i certainly didn't want to stop- but i was almost forced so. Now after playing ToW2 i can say the game is great... but in much need of a patch and some serious help at this moment. For me, the game is almost unplayable... everytime i load a saved map i crash, therefore its almost useless. i run a Q66 Quad core with a 8800gt and 4gb of ram, never really have CTD issues except for ToW. If anyone had any ideas for me or some similar rant lemme know , thxs.
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