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  1. On this page- https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/cmsf2-marines-module/?tab=toe the following sentence appears- Below is a list that highlights the new units and equipment that Gustav Line has to offer. No doubt a cut and paste that didn't get edited. Anyway, I'm happy to see that the game is getting ever closer. Rock on, Battlefront!
  2. Nice one. I remember stenciling the torii on my helmet's camouflage cover lo these many years ago. Do they still put the number of the battalion with the torii image? Be nice to see one for 2nd Battalion.
  3. Looks like the vehicle never reached the waypoint to which the arc was assigned. Multiple waypoints in a straight line along the backing up path may, possibly, have prevented the vehicle from going so badly astray.
  4. If a BMP is hull down, does its spotting benefit from a man occupying the leader's seat?
  5. About the fences. If scenario designers make occasional gaps in fences it could mitigate the problem, to a degree. Especially in rear areas where movement could be expected to be unobserved. And often it's the sound cue of a wall or fence being crushed that alerts to opponent to look for the fence going down. If it's important to you, you could agree with your opponent to take out those sound files. Just a thought.
  6. Just in case this topic comes up in a search by anyone having the same problem- I looked at the helpdesk page on the site here and and read I should try to unlicense and relicense the game. It explains how to do it. I tried it and it worked. So, many thanks to whoever wrote that page, lo there many years ago.
  7. Hello everybody, So I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, (a long time ago) and I'm told 'License is not for this machine' when I try to start CMSF. When I try to get the license online, it says 'number of uses exceeded' (words to that effect). But the game's not been on more than 2 or 3 successive computers of mine. So, should I uninstall the game and try again, or does it look like I need helpdesk level of assistance for this? Just wanted to ask advice before uninstalling. Any help much appreciated. Want to dust things off and get ready for CMSF2!
  8. If the Chaffee was 'Knocked Out" then it's the damage model involved, nothing crew reaction could affect. Small arms fire in the game which gets through a hatch has a chance of immobilizing or, apparently, knocking out a vehicle. How small that chance is, and whether it's set at a level we'd like, I don't know.
  9. Fraps is a good program for taking screenshots in the game.
  10. I wonder what kind of guns were involved. Light AT guns like 37mm and 45mm can be very hard to spot. Did the tanks suffer morale effects from all the AP hitting their armor? That might reduce their spotting ability- I think.
  11. c3K, I'm glad you liked the video but I can't take credit for the subtitles- they were already there.
  12. Swedish post-war film showing Sherman, Churchill, Panther and some light tanks attempting various obstacles, with explanation. Don't know if this has been posted before, but it's pretty interesting. The Panther comes off quite well.
  13. An ATR can can penetrate the side or rear of StuG's and Pz IV's and similar vehicles, if the the range is not too great. That can mean crew casualties, morale effects, etc. I've seen a StuG crew bail out after their vehicle suffered one side penetration by an ATR.
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