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  1. Still nothing...its been 24 hrs and I cant download or play a game I spent 132 bux on, really bummed. **UPDATE***...I put a ticket in about this and litterally withen 5 minutes, got it resolved...THANK YOU BATTLEFRONT...amazing.
  2. Hello All, Been waiting for a month now and excitedly purchased CM Battle for Normandy Big Bundle with D/l, Disk and Manual. It has been 20 minutes, my bank was charged but havn't gotten an email and in my account it has order as "Process"...any idea how long it will take before I finally get to download this awesome game?
  3. Alright, I submitted a ticket, thank you.
  4. After installing the Vista patch, I have absolutly NO scenarios in my CMAK. What should I do???
  5. I cant find the link to register with that site.......I am so sad, anyone know where the register link is???
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