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  1. Found it and enjoying the graphics, especially the Air units.
  2. What version are you playing? I have had the v.1.07 for some time but never seen bitmaps of this style.
  3. There seem to be two SC1 versions with different graphics, one as in standard v.1.07 (purchased that from battlefront some time ago) and another as shown im mobygames and one of the posts here. Are they two different versions or is the other graphics set from an earlier version before v.1.07? What do I need to do to obtain the other version?
  4. There are several good WW3 counter mods for SC1. After a look at them, there may be some changes just for more colorful pictures: Israel could become a nation of its own, with counters in blue and white. In the current mod Israel is in French colors. The "allied minor" (reinforced from the UK resources) counters could be used for that. In that case, Israel cannot purchase new units, which reflects the small size of the country. The strenght of Israel is good fight in the first battle (which corresponds to the history of Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 and 1973). The Arab countries could have their own color, green (another shade of green than the USA, or the USA changes colors). They would be on the Soviet side, and some of them (Egypt after 1973) could be neutral. In that case we have the following countries: UK France US (Germany is not in game - I still do not understand the trick how you replaced Germany with USSR?) Soviet minors - Eastern Europe (Baltic States would be "Surrendered to Axis" in this case, as it corresponds to their actual status in the USSR, if USSR is "Axis" in game) NATO minors/other pro-Western (Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain/Portugal,Ireland) Israel Arab Countries
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