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  1. Mac Version of CMBN 2011 Macbook Pro 2.2ghz 8GB Ram ATI6750M Runs great at 1440x900 - eats through the battery in about 65 min
  2. what system are you running on and what graphics card. How much memory? Its not working for you?
  3. Hi - Are you saying because you didn't do a clean install its not working? As I have said in previous posts CMBN works fine under lion.... if so please explain whats not working for you?
  4. It would be nice to be able to change this in prefs. But it is currently not very sensitive. Also is there a way to turn the music off during boot/Menus?
  5. I have Lion on my laptop and desktop and both are running fine under Lion 10.7. Running 1.01 but the demo worked for me as well.
  6. Works fine for me - Nvidia gtx285 mac pro and a MacBook Pro 2011
  7. Yes what you say totally makes sense .... but why would they fire and waste ammo if they can't hit anything but the rear of the hill?
  8. Happened with my 50 Cals firing into the crest of a hill. They had to me micromanaged about to reposition themselves 1mm and then all was ok. It seems to me they should be intelligent enough to at least reposition themselves. Does happen with Tanks as well
  9. So how did you change it to .5 and what is .5 signifying? Come on guys a little more explanation:confused:
  10. After rebooting Windows 7 today. Going to the setting screen I get a settings screen that is all BLACK except for the text which is visible. The Buttons graphics are not visible but if I click around I can change it. I have everything on HIGH. I am running on a Mac Pro 4gb ram, windows 7 with the latest Nvidia driver for my 8800GT Graphics card 512mb video ram. Running the game at 1600x1200. After playing for a while in game... I tried Quitting and restarting in a lower resolution and graphics level but the game would not allow me load the Battle of Sidi Bou Zid... It locked up everything. Rebooted to try again....still running at 1600x1200 with Medium Graphics level. Now everything seems to work. Possibly even with a high end system I still need more... Ha.
  11. I cannot stress the fact that all games from now on must come out supporting Windows 7. While I can get TOW 2 to work. There are still things like hanging up in the Setup Options screen that really take away from the joy of playing this game. Windows 7 is shaping up quite well and will replace XP FINALLY. Thanks for the Demo... will be purchasing soon.
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