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  1. I keep staring at the beautiful smoke all the time... Thank you for this great mod!
  2. Same problem now in the brit campaign. In setup I positioned my forces, saved... When I press the red button the game crashes. See savegame: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/66430339/The%20Scottish%20Corridor%20012.bts Help would be much appreciated
  3. This time I concentrated quite some firepower against the invincible pillbox. Two sections worth of PIAT ammo, 1 Churchill 95mm combat load and several infantry sections- result: the same as before... One guy bailed, pillbox knocked out but still occupied by the incredible super soldier who refused to die. Of course there may be workarounds, like forcing a german surrender in the scenario. But is this fun? NO! I want to fight my enemy, not the game engine!
  4. OK, I do not know why, but for some reason in my case only one guy bailed out. The the other one remained inside the bunker/ pillbox and was impossible to kill... The problem would be easy to solve. If the bunker is knocked out, every occupant should bail out. Then only the empty and destroyed bunker would remain... But apparently I am the only one attacking these things with infantry!?
  5. This image shows the positions of the invincible bunkers
  6. Thanks all for the feedback! Firstly, the remaining guy in the bunker did use his rifle against my troops, not the bunkers MG. Secondly, of course it is possible to blow up a bunker with a tank, no doubt. It is the rich mans approach. But another classical method when only infantry is available is to use smoke or dead ground for a covered approach and blast them out with satchel charges or hand grenades. This should work in the game too. As the main armament of the bunker is directed to the front, once you are in position in the flanks or rear your guys would in reality try to place a charge or grenade into any opening they find. This is what I expect to be able to do in the game too. I do not like being limited in my choice of tactical options. A viable real world tactic should also work in the game...
  7. Having ceased playing the new german campaign because of CTDs after saving I tries the scottish one. While my attack initially went well in the first mission, I then encountered the invincible log bunkers. First I thought, no problem! Smoke them with mortars, close in with a platoon or two, then knock them out with grenades... So much for theory, everything worked fine, closing in, no losses, grenades, bunker knocked out, one german guy bailing and killed. But the remaining occupant then started to fire back and kill my guys. I concentrated an entire coy around the bunker, exausting my ammo supply firing at the bunker- result: all my platoons decimated, starting to surrender to the knocked out bunker with one invincible guy in it. This did not happen once, but with all three bunkers I found in this scenario. They are probably still fighting as I write this... I´ll put the game on the shelf for now as I find this highly frustrating. P.S: I have no mods installed, no Z folder to delete... If anyone has a solution, please help me out...
  8. Well, not exactly... I tried to use the last savegame I made just having won the first mission. unfortunately same result. Screen freezes, mouse pointer eventually changes to "desktop style", game crashed... Now I will try one of the allied campaigns.
  9. I have exactly the same problem...
  10. I have not been playing TOW2 for a while as I experienced several serious problems in the campaigns. Among others: -scenarios not ending even though all objectives achieved (german campaign) -reinforcements do not arrive even though they should (german campaign) -panzer III burning, crew bailed out, but tank is not destroyed and every AT gun wasting all their ammo shooting at the burning but evidently not destroyed tank ignoring the main attack (russian campaign first mission) -hand to hand combat in trenches absorbing all my infantry against invincible russian soldiers, Hummel intervention kills all of them -stupid "point system" for artillery which is not a bug but completely unrealistic I really want to like this game and it has great potential. What I cannot accept is the evident refusal of battlefront and 1C to even discuss the problems that evidently exist. Having played and owning all the TOW games since the beginning I am also CMSF player. In the CMSF forum their seems to be a different attitude towards the customer. There is something like a dialogue between battlefront and the community and one is informed of the progress made. In this forum I do not feel neither informed, nor welcome. I hope this will change soon. This game deserves to live and be continued but without a single word of the developers on a patch or their assessment of the situation I must say that I´m pessimistic as to the future.
  11. Well I tried "Yahoo Babelfish" to translate the russian post by ALEX I find the translation quite "polished". Болт да слава богу, что после фиг знает какого кол-ва тем про сирийские грузовики и шилку они таки cдались, хрен с ними с деталями, будет приятный сюрприз = Bolt yes glory to god, which after fig. knows what quantity that about the Syrian trucks and [shilku] they after all they c[dalis], horseradish with them with the components, there will be the pleasant surprise Well, any questions? I for my part from time to time appreciate a post in a language other than english. It is quite refreshing isn´t it?
  12. Even though there are some initial problems with KURSK I would nevertheless say that this game not only has great potential. It is simply the best TOW there ever was. Even now in the state it is. With the responsive support of BF and 1C I am quite optimistic that they will succeed in ironing out the bugs. The battles have never been this immersive before! ... just to "counterbalance" the negative impression the newbees might get when surfing this forum... Give it a try people, it is worth it!
  13. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough: I occupied the village with infantry (snipers and several scout teams count as infantry for me) but only after having cleared the trenches with a combination of tanks and artillery to avoid any unnecessary losses. Of course I eventually also occupied the trenches with infantry. What I found strange though was that contrary to earlier attempts the"sturmovik" attack did not take place. If you need proof I have the savegame available...
  14. I walked my infantry (scout Teams and snipers) all over the Map. For a game which is about tactics I ask myself why someone would want to tell me which forces to use for a given task. In germany we dont do things this way! You are given the objective and it is up to you to decide how to best accomplish your mission. This is by the way exactly german forces functioned during the second world war. (And think about the thunder run in Baghdad, would this have met TOWs victory conditions?) Could it be that this approach is not compatible with the "human wave" attitude of russian scenario designers? No insult meant, but after having played all TOW games I find mission design to be the weakest part of the series. How often did I position my units with interlocking fields of fire on the flanks only to have the enemy spawn right behind or right on my units? Those responsible seem not to have even the most basic understanding of "real world tactics. Sorry but I really find this annoying because with a little care taken TOW could be the best game of its kind.
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