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  1. I would also say my machine is old, and it plays great on it windows XP 4gb Ram Nvidia 9800GT
  2. Yes i do, I usually run out of piat ammo, and my 6 pounder gets nailed, but my men fight on, i made one or two silly mistakes and they paid for it, its giving me a good game the AI, in fact i have only played one other scenario from MG so far, as i am enjoying this one so much
  3. My Half track men die at extreme ranges, ive had them roll onto the map and the gunners get hit straightaway, i agree with Oddball E8, their is something not quite right in MG with the gunners on halftracks, a minor point, but their is something not right, and its not Tactics.
  4. Pete, i played as British and WEGO. One case in point, i moved a British Squad near the bottom of Annastraat (walked there last month ) and caught the Germans forming up to attack, im sure they had a look of suprise on their face as they fell! Still lost though Played it now 4 times 3 losses one win as Brits
  5. Just to say after all the years ive been playing Combat Mission, this is a fantastic scenario, one of the best. Kudos to the designer.
  6. Scenario from MG, Boys against men, germans attacking up the road, halftrack appears at eastern edge every man and his dog shoot at it!!! Killing gunner, meanwhile i have 3 stugs and about a company of infantry between them and the halftrack. Id say there is a bug!! Joanna hoeve farm, if you want to die be a halftrack gunner, play that and see them fall. Sorry there is something wrong? some glitch which makes them redshirts from star trek.
  7. I get this as well, but just stay away from 8 and 9 as Micheal says.
  8. Had a few teething problems but this game is brilliant, if they fix the roads please please, im currently battling for the crossraods at the Schoonoord where i was this September and well the last 24 years or so, and loving it, looking at a house i actually stay in now computerised So yes one or two bugs but they will get ironed out but thanks BF
  9. Well i cant find it, however i removed all my mods and also deleted saved games and it works, well its worked once anyway
  10. Just downloaded it and its asking me for my CM Normandy key, which i dont have anymore, tried using my market garden key but that doesnt work any ideas?
  11. Hi there, have had all the combat mission games except Italy, and they have always run great, got the demo of Normandy loved it, bought Normandy and CW, the game runs like a 3 legged dog in treacle, its slow, vehicles vanish off screen and then reappear as do infantry at times, point being the joannahove scenario, the German tank advanced i aimed the piat at it, then no tank for a whole move until it appeared infront of my piat team!! and killed them! Like Star Trek Transported it ive got 4gb Ram, Nvidia Geoforce 9800 GT, XP Home SP3 all patched suited n booted Any ideas i get a frame rate of 12-14!!!!!!!!!!! yet on combat mission shock force at least 30 plus, its shockingly bad on CM N, yet i love the games and am waiting for Market Garden, but not if it runs the way it is. Its updated to v2.01 as well.
  12. This is going to be my new computer, any probs playing strike force on this you forsee?? Intel® Pentium® DualCore E5200 (2 X 2.50GHz) 800MHz FSB/2MB Cache Memory (RAM) 4GB CORSAIR XMS2 800MHz - (2x2GB) Windows Vista™ Home Premium 64 bit Edition + SP1, Memory - 1st Hard Disk 320GB SERIAL ATA II HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7,200rpm) 1st CD/DVD Drive 16x DVD-ROM & 52x CD-ROM DRIVE Graphics Card 1024MB GEFORCE 9500GT PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT Sound Card Sound Blaster® Audigy® SE with 7.1 Surround Sound (£21) Monitor 19 Inch Wide TFT Silver/Black 1440 x 900 5MS, D-Sub, DVI, Audio
  13. Cheers many thanks, as im not using 2nd computer with the internet, that was the bit that worried me, cheers for the help.
  14. Hi, i purchased Shock Force, and hoped my 6 year old computer could play it,well it can in a very very poor fashion, now i use this computer for working from home, which it does great, however im going to get another one purely for gaming (mainly down to this game,computer sucks,but game looks like it can rock) As i dont want the new computer connected to internet, can i copy the game off the original computer and transfer it to the new one??
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