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  1. Hello, This sounds like a really exciting project. I have taken a big break from TOW for the last year or so, after having played it almost daily, however I am now back. (I got into Red Orchestra and did a realism mod that no one seems to want to play lol, it showed me that you need a game with a respectable AI otherwise you can sit on an empty game server all night and never get to play your game no matter how good it is) TOW3 looks great with the strat layer, I always said that that was what was needed so that it was like the last versions of the Close Command games, with endless possibilities. Then I thought to myself this game would be great if TOW 1 and 2 etc could be made like this and then I discovered this thread where exactly that was being done. I am willing to be a game tester too if you need one, I helped game test some of Gnashers and Arzoks work the year before last. (Bulldog and De Gualle mods) Cheers Alan
  2. Yes the Italian and German campaigns were the best ones, especially the Italian one.
  3. Yes it is annoying sometimes though the game just misfires, misses an internal trigger and just does not end. It could be you have to occupy something with Infantry and not just with tanks, check the mission briefing to make sure. I remember that knocking out the artillery behind the original german start positions (2 75L18 infantry guns) was important and it may be that this ground must also be occupied with infantry too. Alan
  4. You have to drive down to where the germans came out of and nail the leftovers and the ATGs on the other side of the pass. Then the game should end. There is also a narrow walkway accessible only to infantry running parallel to the pass on its right hand side about 300 (game) metres away, there might also be enemy units still active up there too. Failing that just do it all again saving as you go. Good luck.
  5. Hello, Another option is to change the resolution in the config file using wordpad as an editor. That works for me when all the other options are exhausted. AL
  6. I have bought and played all the games you mention, as they were released, a real gaming pioneer I am. I quite liked GI Combat but it never took off like I hoped it would and then TOW game along and I have been playing that ever since. AL
  7. I could not find any Close Combat games on Steam, did you mean Command and Conquer?(groan that is not a real wargame and belongs in the arcade game genre) If Battle Front et al wanted an absolute hit game they should forget scripting and simply make a 3D version of Close Combat V and then to enhance it even more a random map and campaign generator as well, like in the Steelpanthers game. Cheers AL Cheers AL
  8. [quote=jcmil;1200220 Wonder what will happen to BFCs profit margin with Steam prices tho!!
  9. TOW on steam was fully updated a few days ago, it even came with the Lehr Campaign and the Belorussian Campaign, Great value, I am well pleased. Cheers AL
  10. It is there now, TOW was updated to the lastest version today plus the Belorrussian campaign and a few other extras are there too! Brilliant and all at no extra cost! happy gaming Alan
  11. Dear Knokke, Thanks for your help, I have coincidentally just bought the game again as part of the bundle offer with Steam (I only wanted the Kursk game as I have all the others however to get all the games plus the new one for 40euros was too good to go past, especially if they start adding the campaign packs etc as they go, which has been suggested) this then means that I have fresh install to work from that will hopefully be steadily (automatically) updated by Steam and also allow me to keep going with my campaign. Will give it a go. As Winnie said: "Never ever give up". Cheers Alan
  12. I just bought all 3 TOW games for the 40euros package, I already had TOW1 and 2 and now I have the Kursk game that I wanted plus all the online Steam support for updates etc for the other TOW games. Maybe the mission editor in TOW2Afrika will work again for me! Sounds/looks like a great deal, might even find someone online to play. Cheers AL
  13. Hello, Yes I am testing them as a solo mission before adding them to the campaign. Still they do not work. The campaign is now 7 missions long and works fine. The problems began with the 8th mission (which I have now tried to redo about a dozen times now plus some other completely different mission examples just in case the problem was with the map). This pretty much ends my mission and campaign writing career in TOW2 Afrika, as far as I can see I am using only stock units nothing fancy. I even reinstalled the mission editor files from a backup that I have, thinking that perhaps they were corrupt, but it did not help: I made another mission and it crashed on test startup, interesting is that sometimes even the deployment zones get moved around as well, all by themselves. All these problems and crashes etc are the equivalent of having not been able to make about 10 missions. Now it has entered the no fun zone of endless repetition and frustration. Such a shame. Cheers AL
  14. Well I made about 8 missions linked them up as a campaign and all was going well until the 8th mission. Now no matter what I make with the mission generator it freezes and crashes on startup when I test it. When I examine that mission in the mission editor I can see that the placeholders and crews have become seperated and spread themselves over the map in places where I did not place them when I created the mission. I do not know how to fix it and have had about 6 goes at creating new missions and each one freezes on startup, this is despite the use of different units, maps, support etc etc. Somehow I think my mission generator has become corrupted. Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can do? Lettuce no! Alan
  15. I discovered a little trick that gets the computer to write that file for you. What I did was make a copy of the in game German campaign folder, copied my missions into the folder, disassociated and then removed the stock missions from the folder, renamed the folder, restarted the editor and low and behold the computer had written the campaig.xml for me. Plus when I edit the text in the missions using the editor the computer also updates the text.utf8. as it goes along. This gets around writing boring pedantic code. Cheers Alan.
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