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  1. Good morning everybody! After years and years of battling with the Combat Mission AI I finally decided to plunge into the wider pool of the Play by Email against real people. But, there are a few buts. First thing first, I have never, ever played a game through e-mail. More precisely, last time I played by mail, it was sending a real letter every week to my opponent. The game was Squad Leader and the time the Year of the Lord 1988 or ‘89. So, here is what I need. An experienced, and patient too, player willing to explain me the ins and outs of the business. Ah, if it is possible I’d prefer to play as Ukrainian or US. Ukrainian first. Up to now the UKR campaign is the only I’ve managed to complete. What I have. CMBS 4.10, obviously, an email address and Dropbox, if necessary. What I can offer. I could begin with 3 turns a week. Then, if things work properly, ramp up the figure. Moreover, I am not the kind of guy who disappear when things in the scenario start going south. Fair and square fight until the end! Well, anybody out there?
  2. This one was during the third scenario of the US Army campaign, "Ash Shammas", and demostrate that Sirian SF are seriously tough. 1. A 500kg air bomb scores a direct hit on its target. 2. A few second later from the smoldering ruins pop up this guy, running head over heels amid a hail of cal '50 bullets, courtesy of the US Army, and manage to disappear unscathed. I say, respect! BTW. The pictures are on the smallish side because I had only 0,09 MB available. How come?
  3. Ok, this time I double checked before publishing. It do is a M7 Priest. I stumbled into this vehicle last week at Baldassarre Barracks, home of the 132° arty rgt. It seems still quite in good shape judging by its tracks and other things.
  4. I think that, with a bit of luck, the mission can be completed successfully crossing the berm with the infantry only without vehicles. The difference of firepower is huge.
  5. I'm not knowledgeable about clearing mines in RL, so I could be wrong but, if engineers clear an area with AT mines shouldn't they create a safe path large enough for a vehicle?
  6. I cannot access to the second link. "cert_authority-invalid". Anybody else with the same problem?
  7. I know that with BFC a thing is ready when is ready, not a moment before. So I'm not here to complain and, anyway, I'm pretty busy enjoying the demo but, I also think it's high time to change this line "The obvious question out there is "when will CMSF2 ship?" We're aiming for no later than the end of September." ion the main page. It could be misleading for people checking the site only every now and then.
  8. On the same subject, there is this in the first two thirds of this week Esercito News (Army News). Eh, italian only, for what I can understand. Sorry guys.
  9. Morning guys, once, somebody in this forum said that when you play the same scenario for the third time you should be as good as Patton. Well, this Patton completed the Rolling thunder scenario yesterday for the third time scoring a minor defeat. Which is, anyway, better than the two previous total defeats. This apart, is one of the more entertaining scenario I've ever played. The fact is in the demo is a kind of bonus, I say. So, for everybody who hasn't still tried the this demo, download it now! You wont regret it. Ps. I publish this here because I presume people checking the CMBS forum knows this already. PPS. Guys like me, used with CMSF, beware! CMBS batttle environment is a lot deadlier.
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