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  1. Morning guys, once, somebody in this forum said that when you play the same scenario for the third time you should be as good as Patton. Well, this Patton completed the Rolling thunder scenario yesterday for the third time scoring a minor defeat. Which is, anyway, better than the two previous total defeats. This apart, is one of the more entertaining scenario I've ever played. The fact is in the demo is a kind of bonus, I say. So, for everybody who hasn't still tried the this demo, download it now! You wont regret it. Ps. I publish this here because I presume people checking the CMBS forum knows this already. PPS. Guys like me, used with CMSF, beware! CMBS batttle environment is a lot deadlier.
  2. Sandokan

    CMSF2 Demo

    I'm 56 but I don't feel old at all. Especially considering I can't retire before 67. Presuming legislation isn't changed again in the meanwhile ... BTW, I was wondering if among us forumites there is some Vietnam vet. After all it is that unlikely.
  3. Sandokan

    CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    And now, for some kind of comic relief, here it is. After the sudden death of my old HD I've at the moment only CMA on the new one so I've decided to play all the campaigns I have and then the standalone missions. During the second stock campaign I didn't fully realized that one of my core units had had a constant flow of losses that ended with what you can see in pic 1. At the beginning of this scenario I was supposed having an infantry platoon and some support. And then, 15 minuts later, with the arrive of substantial reinforcements... Luckily, I managed to complete the mission with only a minor defeat.😊
  4. Sandokan

    Rimini Airfield

    Seems interesting! Just a note, the place nearer the coast name should be Miramare, presuming the airport is the nowaday Felllini Int'l Airport.
  5. Like this, you mean? " right down to what the individual soldiers cary into battle" 😊 Funny how typos creep inside texts.
  6. Sandokan


    I can see only CMSF scenarios ...
  7. I didn't know of the existence of this Militarypedia. Seems useful. Thanks Backer!
  8. I've just watched the first episode. It's quite interesting. Thanks for the heads up JK. BTW I've on my "to watch" list on Netflix "Tell Spring not to come this year", a documentary about tha ANA. Has anybody checked it already?
  9. Sandokan

    [SCENARIO] Frontier post #11 'Bug'

    Anything helps. Thanks , Denis.
  10. Sandokan

    BTR60 in Milan

    Ah, I presume you meant http://www.panzerverkauf.de/. A lot of cool stuff. Pity the only T-72 M has been sold already, it should be cheaper than the regular ones.
  11. Sandokan

    BTR60 in Milan

    Ahah! You aren't the only one.
  12. Sandokan

    BTR60 in Milan

    Yup! I stand corrected. Anyway, it isn't that expensive ...
  13. Sandokan

    BTR60 in Milan

    Long story short. Last week I was at Cartoomics, a comics and games fair in Milan. As usual, among other things, there were the guys of the Umbrella Corporation Italy club, linked with the Biohazard movies, putting up a show a few times a day with zombies on rampage, Umbrella's soldiers shooting around, terrified civilians on the run etc. Not a bad show, really. The thing which surprised me was that this year was added a real BTR60. I asked more info to a guy of the gang and he told me that it was bought in Poland last year and has the engine and a good deal of the electric stuff still in good enough shape. Well, obviously it was demilitarized. Italian legislation is rather strict about this things. I wonder how much can cost such a vehicle. More than a FIAT panda, I presume.