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  1. Thank you for your replies, i'm going to try that and see if it works. I'll say here if i suceeded. P.S.: Sure, although i whould like another method of playing. My most used email: Jpmcruz@hotmail.com
  2. Hello all, i'm a new poster. I just rebought the game i used to play 2 years ago (i lost the registry key:(). I bought the original and WaW:), and i heard that it is now possible to change a country's name :confused:. Can someone help me and give me a DETAILED explanation how to do it. I love doing campaings and it whould help me alot. I thank anywone who replies:p.
  3. Ty for your help! i was using this: http://www.battlefront.com/products/sc2
  4. I am having a problem here, whenever i go to the website to buy it and click "order now", it says "page not found".... I tried this on 2 diferent PCs. I need help! I rly want this game!! I had it some years ago now i want to re-buy it
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