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  1. My version unpatched with the uber patch says
  2. Oops...I cleaned the folder out by hand and reinstalled. I can always do it again and use the utilities. The game off the disk works now. I am installing the uberpatch. Do I now install JSH v 1.3.1 and JSH v 1.3.2? I am actually interested enough to see this through now! Thanks to all who are helping me out.
  3. I'll try it tonight and let you know. The CD is supposedly fully patched out of the box. Thanks.
  4. What I ended up doing was erasing the patch version and reinstalling from the CD. I had originally downloaded the game. It still crashes. When I checked the encyclopedia, sure enough there were lots of new vehicles, but no pictures. The game crashes when loading the Mokra scenario, right at the end of the loading bar. The CD version has JSH 1.3.2 on it in the top right corner. This is getting frustrating. I'll try loading the 1.3.1 patch as well, but ideas from the veterans would be appreciated.
  5. I installed the JSH mod in the scenario/mod repository.
  6. Well...I installed the mod and the game crashes...any suggestions?
  7. I'll load the mod and give it a try....I am really catching up on the cutting edge here. I did not even know about Battlefront until a few weeks ago. Seriously.
  8. For some reason my Plan Z campaign does 20 day turns....i.e. turn two is 12/27. Anyone have any ideas for a rookie?
  9. I wasted 65 bucks including shipping on TOW. Work on the engine that works, is realistic, and isn't a sellout to the xbox generation. The only resemblance of TOW to real combat is that bullets are being fired. TOW models Treadhead stuph okay, but not great, and is miserable as far as grunt stuph goes.
  10. Thanks so much fellers! Your quick reply is appreciated. I just took the quickplay icon off my desktop. I'll play this game when it is as realistic as the eye candy. CCBB is a much better simulation IMHO. I could care less about the old school graphics. What a waste of money for TOW...ah well. Having to load a mod to ride on vehicles is just a bit much. Typical example of a game engine based on eye candy for the young, with no thought devoted to realism.
  11. 1) You cant seem to occupy buildings....are they frickin' serious-with all the fancy graphics, you cant occupy structures? If this is true, this is one ex-infantryman who is disgusted with designers who know nothing about real combat. 2) I cant seem to get my men to ride on tanks. Are they serious?
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