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  1. I know why they are not releasing it by Xmas, they are too busy playing it Better prepare my CMBO troops
  2. Both in-game 3D model forms aren't too different. Mainly the copula and mg mount. A little bit of bmp work and it would be acceptable as a quick fix
  3. The author "Pat" has a Ferdinand with that camouflage, but it is brown instead of green. Just renumber the bmps to use it as an Elephant No code required for modding, just artwork to the bmps using Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
  4. Some mods have been made for one of the CM versions, but "might" also work in the other two or just one of the other two. Read the "read-me" files in the mod first. A way to check if you can use mods across the CM series is to look at the mod bmp numbers and the bmp graphics themselves and compare them to the ones inside the game directory bmp folder. I make a copy of each of the original game bmp folders for such comparison before I start modding the games. You should also use a mod storage folder for each of the CMs and when you find a mod that is compatible with more than one CM, place a copy of the mod in the appropriate mod folder. I think the barbed wire mod works in the three CMs. Just check the numbers to each games original bmps and place a copy in each of the mod storage folders. As for modding yourself . . . I would get use to applying them first and understanding how they work
  5. Great to hear you are enjoying the process. Yes, a lot of mods lack "read-me" files A tip for using McMMM: open McMMM, go to "options" along the top, check "warn on overwrite". This will give you a warning if you try to install a new mod over a mod already installed.
  6. Hi Vark Look under my name (mfred) at CMMODS http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/ for the unit files I made. They will allow you to easily see which unit you mod and which ones still remain not modded. I don't follow scenarios for modding, I just find the mods I like for each unit and apply them. To make it easy on yourself and to get a good start on modding, install the following mods and then browse for alternatives at your leisure. Author MikeyD - covers most of the main vehicles for CMBB and CMAK Andrewtf - uniforms, half-tracks Tanks A Lot - buildings, terrain etc Gurra - terrain Captain Wacky - low visual grid open ground That is a good start and then you can go on to Uncle Tgt, Pat, and DavidInglett to name only a few for another vast variety of mod options . . . You'll be a veteran by then I don't use sound mods, but others enjoy them.
  7. If there isn't an alternative plain bmp, then yes, you need to do it yourself. I use the cloning tool in photoshop (the program "gimp" is free). You will need to play with the brush size, type and opacity to match the texture. Most mods have plain options though
  8. Oh, I got one right . . . now to fix my other 999 wrongs!
  9. "Other files" shows jpeg (pictures) etc, not zip files. Did you leave it as a zip file? Only zip files show up in the "new" section and only zip files can be installed by McMMM.
  10. The inf mods under Astrocat are Andrew Fox's (long story). The rest of Andrew Fox's mods (you will see "AF" in the mod name) can be found under his name and scattered everywhere else . . . They are all good Also checkout MikeyD's mods to start the vehicle modding process. Oh, you will need to look inside mod folders as some have alternative versions of a bmp file. For example: there might be two bmp files of a tank turret, one with a decal and one without. The naming system of bmp files for both the game and McMMM recognition is purely numerical, like "3456.bmp", and the alternative version of the same file might be " 3456_ALT.bmp". Just choose which one you want and make sure its name is just numerical. I usually just open the zip and double click the bmps to view each one, then cut the file/s I want to change to the desktop and cut and paste back in after I have changed names etc.. You'll work it out. Good to be enlightened?
  11. Hi Download the mods and put them in a folder anywhere on your computer - a partition other than C: is a good idea and will not cause troubles. Open McMMM, double click on the game you want to mod (if you have already added it) and a directory window will pop-up with a game directory and mod directory address options. Just browse to the mod folder you created and all is set. I hope that is clear, someone else might chime in if you have toubles
  12. OK! Saw the pic. Tiger, crew . . . where is the pre-order link?
  13. !033? You are still behind I think GAJ will have to delete all those multiple mod entries, leaving only the original, to fix the problem. As long as he he knows which is the original :eek: There is a chat option at CMMODS now, so you can leave an enquiry/inquiry there.
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