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  1. Bingo. A hard cover puts contraints on the utility of the vehicle for different loadout configurations and loading and unloading utility. For example, the Canadian Unimog heavy lift truck has sides which can drop away (turning it into a flatbed), allowing for crane and forklift loading. One soldier can take down the canvas top and ribbing within 20 minutes (faster with more helping). The load can be stacked above the limits of the canvas roof (not that that is a good idea but possible) if need be, simply by taking the canvas cover and ribs off.
  2. Very nice scenario. Played it a few times. Took no casualties and got a Total Victory on the last playthrough (I play RT Elite). While somewhat gamey, I used the transports that start on map at the start of the game as taxis. Dump out the usual occupants and you can very nicely get a Brit squad into the vehicle. Once the reinforcements arrive, you got enough transports to move an entire platoon at a time. Big note: the transports are not AFVs so don't even try to use them as such. Just use them to move your forces quickly from one location to another without the fatigue factor adversely affecting your troops. Using said transports, you should be to get a platoon of infantry across the wadi within 30 minutes of game start on the left flank. I usually move the entire company up the left flank, along with the Jackals in a big left sweep. I can clear the high ground and the central objective within one hour of game start. I get a Total Victory easy enough in the remaining time by methodically working into the final two objectives. Time isn't an issue if you go up the left flank. I have walked infantry down slope to the wadi without being engaged effectively by the enemy. If the enemy does engage your advancing troops, it is with his HMGs and you want to find them. When an hostile HMG opens up, have your troops go to ground and engage the HMG position with mortars. Soon enough, the enemy will run out of HMGs, making your advance easier and allowing your Jackals to get in the fight without risking get shot up. In all playthroughs, I never felt pinched for time. There is lots of dead ground and covered approaches to move troops without exposing them to undue risk. The extreme heat is more the limiting factor on your manueuver rather than the enemy himself.
  3. I like that video of the improved rocket pod technical being set on fire by the backblast of the launch. It is said that most of the rebel irregulars are students.... very obviously, not ENGINEERING students. What is the line from the movie, 300? "They shout and curse, stabbing wildly, more brawlers than warriors. They make a wondrous mess of things. Brave amateurs....they do their part"
  4. Which was my impression as well. But above surface defense works still show a faint 'impression' on my machine. For example, trenches show as two parallel 'railway track' impressions when I zoom nearly full out. Perhaps it is a video glitch after all, but I am seeing what the OP is seeing.
  5. It is not a glitch. If you zoom out quite a ways, you will see the impressions of all breaks in the ground level mesh. And those breaks will be the location of trenches, bunkers and ditches. Nothing can be done about it, except to limit yourself to not zooming out to that level.
  6. I suspect the TacAI is overiding the smoke for AP rounds, since the AP round, in most circumstances, is the better choice. Try doing a 'Target' area fire with WP selected and indicate a point just in front of the enemy tank.
  7. Not to worry. Scenarios by the community will start popping up any time soon and once that floodgate opens, you will not lack for scenarios.
  8. I most certainly can confirm that grenades cause friendly fire... at least that is my observation and based on the suppression on the Syrian squad (CMSF) I was assaulting, I am pretty certain the grenades causing casualties to the Syrians and my forces were thrown by my own pixeltruppen. It pays to wait six seconds before charging your troops after they throw. I saw the AI pull off the most amazing case of friendly fire in the CM:BN demo scenario "Closing the Gap". I was playing the US side and I watched in awe as the German FO dropped a entire minute long barrage of 105mm on top of his own troops as they tried to assault forward down the center. It was amazing and stunning to see. I figured the friendly fire losses at around 25 - 30 KIA/Wounded.
  9. Because the refresh monkeys now recently become download monkeys are sucking up the bandwidth. There was once was a time when something like this would be all gentlemenly and such - things like 'after you, sir'. No dignity now days. It is all fists and feet and getting beat out of the line now. At this rate, I might finish my download sometime next week.... Bastards.... all of you.
  10. I am unconcerned. It is when the dead lurch to life and shamble towards my forces that I would be upset. Consider it homage to the 'dramatic death' scenes we see in war movies. I jest...
  11. The irony of the announcement was that I was in the middle of Birdstrike's CMSF scenario '3:10 to Yuma' and had just secured the terrorist leader 'Bin Wadi'. Within a few minutes of that, my son came down to the computer room and told me that CNN was just announcing that Bin Laden was dead.
  12. Congrats to the Tier One SF forces for finally dusting Bin Laden's ass. Looks like a lot of hard work in the intelligence community and the military finally paid off. I raise a cup in toast. A job well done. Looking forward to the story when it finally comes out of how the operation unfolded. Unfortunately, while the head of the snake was finally been cut off, it will change nothing. Al Queda decentralized operations after US forces moved into Afghanistan, so it will be business as usual. The downside of Bin Laden's death is that he is a marytr now for the Al Queda rank and file.
  13. I like this scenario because it is a tough one for blue. I played it twice. The first time, I lost the 3/4 of my initial vehicles and half my intial infantry and the red forces rolled into 3 of the objective areas before my counterattack with my reinforcements pushed them out. The second time, I spent considerable time optimizing vehicle run up locations and hides and hid my infantry better. This time the initial blue forces managed to hold their positions and kept the Syrians out of all objective areas (some red forces made it in but where either destroyed or withdrew). The blue reinforcements just had to advance forward and destroy the red units where they were halted. I only lost about a quarter of my intial vehicles and 85% of my initial infantry survived. It is possible to hold the line, since I have done it. It takes very good defensive placement, knowing when to expose units and when to withdraw, optimal use of the blue artillery and air assets and a dose of good luck to do so, though.
  14. Well, it is what typically happens once one snorts too many lines of coke. What Charile doesn't twig to is all the people on his twitter didn't sign up because they are eager to hear his pearls of wisdom. They signed up because they wanted to see if he can dig a deeper hole for his career and make a larger train wreck than Lindsay Lohan.
  15. I will continue to play CMSF as I love modern combat and it will keep me engage until CMSF 2 comes out. I have ordered CM:BN, even though I am not a fan of WW2 combat. I want to see how the new spawn of the CMx2 family plays out, even though I am not a fan of the subject matter, I am a fan of the game system. Who knows, I may even enjoy it as much as CMSF. But CMSF remains my first, best love. At least until CMSF 2 comes out...
  16. The only resupply is from the 10 Humvees that either start or come on map (which have 5.56mm ammo and 7.62mm ammo). Not much but it is enough, as long as you focus on the mission (find the Joker 3 callsigns) and not on trying to kill every insurgent you come across.
  17. I'm up for trying out the new version, LLF. Email to the same address as before.
  18. LongLeftFlank: Playtest results sent to you. If file size of the screen shots I attached as a zip is to large, let me know and I will resend by another means. For those waiting in the wings for this, you are going to be in for a very difference experience. The map is literally a maze of streets, walls, and dead ends, so much so that to make effective headway, you need to keep to the streets. Lateral movement betweens streets is going to be a problem if not downright impossible in places, making flanking maneuvers problematic to execute. Patience, proper fire and movement tactics, properly executed assaults and suppressing fires are critical. And guts. Sheer guts. Because, at times, you outright have to make a 'Hail Mary' dash for the next cover or through an intersection because you will be unable to dominate the surrounding buildings. Also, you don't have the ammo is duke it out with every insurgent in the areas, meaning fire control and picking your battles is key. Let's just say, by game end, I had some sections who would be looking to break out their 9mm magazines for the pistols in RL if the fighting kept on. But it can be done. Real Time - Elite. Only 1 US casualty at end game. But you will have to bring your 'A' game, make no tactical bunders and get damn lucky on the many 'Hail Mary' dashes like I had to make. In short, it was a blast to play. Just expect to get 'schooled' in the first few minutes the first time you take this puppy out for a spin.
  19. No, there is no means to retreat off the map. Surrender or cease fire or toughing it out are your choices. Retreating is conceding the field of battle to the enemy, which means, you have LOST that battle. Just consider the surrender or cease fire option the same as conceding the field of battle to the enemy (retreating) because it means the same thing.... you are acknowledging you have lost that battle.
  20. I am not a scenario designer but in regards to your first question about how do you know if it is too tough. You don't really, which is why some scenario designers call for playtesters to 'kick the tires' and take the scenario for a spin and provide feedback. In regards to your latter question about mutiple AI plans. If you don't provide multiple AI plans, you for certain are going to consign your scenario to being only played once or twice at most (unless it is a good human vs human scenario as well). The size of the scenario in relation to time is irrelevant in my opinion. There are some long scenarios (2 hour +) that I have played 6 or more times because they are challenging. Just because a scenario is 3 or more hours in length doesn't mean it is destined to be a one shot. If you provide the elements that makes a scenario engaging, people will play it more than once.
  21. RT only dude here. I can manage RT, even in large scenarios. As for mod's I second (or it third or fourth) akd's sound mods, any of Mord's and Scipio's mods and I am rather fond of Vein's mods, even if he is a relatively more recent modder to CMSF.
  22. Started the playtest and all I can say is 'WOW!!!' The word 'Intense' doesn't do this justice. Just to give everyone a feel for the first few minutes, I am going to do some 'radio traffic' between the two 'at start' Humvees. Imagine you are listening in .... SM Booker "Sh*t, Michigan and Easy Street has no traffic. No pedestrians. Something is up." LTC Kennedy: "Heads on a swivel. Driver, kick it up." Booker: 'SH*T!!. Taking small arms fire! Kennedy: "Anyone see the shooters! Driver, floor it! Get us the f*ck out of here! Booker: 'RPG!! RPG!!' Kennedy: 'Push on! Push on! Sh*t! <sound of small arms hitting Humvee are heard>' Booker: 'Second RPG at that intersection!! <sound of M2 hammering away>' Another voice: 'RPG 3oclock!!!! <sound of loud explosion>' Unidentified voice from Kennedy's radio: "We have shooters on the rooftop of the shop at two oclock!!" Booker: 'I'm hit!!! I'm hit!!' Kennedy: "Driver, floor it!!! Go! Go! Go! <sound of small arms hitting vehicle> Booker, report!!" Booker: "F*CK! IT IS RAINING F*CKING BULLETS HERE!!. Kennedy: 'Push on, push on!!' If we stop here we are dead!!' Unindentified voice: 'RPG!!!! < sound of explosion>' Booker: 'DRIVER, WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU GOING!! STRAIGHT!! STRAIGHT!! < in background, another voices screams "I'm HIT!!'> Kennedy: 'SNIPER!! Third floor balcony, at your close 11 oclock!' Booker: 'I got your doe-eyed virgins right here, bitch!! <sound of Booker's M2 hammering away' Kennedy: 'Take the next right!!' Booker: 'RPG rooftop. SHHH**TT!!! <sound of loud explosion and ringing noise> F*CKING EAT THIS!! <sound of M2 hammering away> Unidentified voice: 'We got shooters right and left!!! They are everywhere!!' Kennedy: 'PUSH ON!! PUSH ON!!' Another unidentified voice: 'CHRIST!! I can read the f*cking serial number on that hadji's AK from here!! <sound of multiple rounds hitting humvee> Booker: 'I think I can see Joker One ahead!' That gives you an idea of the intensity of the Humvee linkup with Joker One, the other QRF. Elapsed time: 2 minutes from game start. Casualties in the Humvees - No dead or incapacitated but 2 light wounded in Booker's Humvee and 1 in Kennedy's. 4 RPGs were fired at the Humvees but all missed. Big time pucker factor. No idea of insurgent casualties during the Humvees' 'Thunder Run'.
  23. In fact, the scenario Joint Venture (in the repository) does just that. It is British advisors/trainers and ANA vs Taliban with American Marine and Brit reinforcements coming in to assist the beseiged blue force.
  24. Battle for Germany - Simulations Publications Inc (1975). Ah, the memories. A very novel game mechanic and one that rarely gets seen. It would be interesting concept to explore though it will be a challenge to implement. I wouldn't like to see some 'artificial' high wall running through the map to separate the city into 'zones' to avoid mixture of forces. It would be a real shame to have such a gamey artifice put in make the concept work, particularly given the work you have put into the map so far.
  25. Ahh, Mark. You do realize that you are dealing with some who have English as a second language. There is bound to be some 'lost in translation' issues.
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