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  1. I have seen walls crumbled by air burst artillery, if enough is fired at the area, but I don't recall if it is caliber dependent. General artillery works better, regardless of the caliber.
  2. Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. He complains about Poland supplying weapons to Ukraine. Interesting to ignore the fact that the very equipment the separatists are armed with comes from Russia. Because all that high grade armor and air defence systems suddenly running around the Donetsk area was bought with Donetsk republic credit cards at the local Donetsk hardware store. Or so the separatists would have us believe. Riiiigghhtt.
  3. I'll your huckleberry. I have all modules. Email to delshand at hotmail dot com
  4. The video footage makes me cringe. Why? Because it is yahoos playing at war. Poor movement and halt discipline. Taking halts in the middle of streets or in plain sight. Poor situational awareness - with the exception of 1 or 2 soldiers, everyone else is not looking around - no heads on a swivel. The footage of the UA position being shelled - what they hell did they expect. That is the worst dug in position. They are on the edge of a treeline but put the trenches forward of the trees in open ground. Then they are dug like gopher holes with no attempt to hide the dug out earth, gear sitting outside the trench, not camoflaged. It looks like a defensive dug position as opposed to a hasty (the camera is in overhead cover but there is no sandbags, no revetment material, no proper staking and I suspect the overhead cover most likely is not sufficient for proper protection. There was a earlier video showing the aftermath of Ukrainian soldiers being ambushed when the tour bus they were riding in got lost and hit a pro russian checkpoint. Nothing is more disturbing than seeing bodies in seats and isles and the bodies just outside the bus when they tried to escape. Who made the command decision to send soldiers into a hot zone in a bus. A god-damn BUS! It was not clear if the pro-russian forces picked up the weapons off the dead already but it wouldn't surprise me if the gear and ammo was in the under the bus storage compartments. Video after video shows just how poorly trained the UA is and the most of the pro-russian forces seem to be civilians thrown in uniform with just enough training to make them dangerous. Which makes this conflict all the more tragic.
  5. I thought the Bradley was a god of war for IFVs, until I used the CV90s in the NATO module (Dutch forces). Man, that thing is a beast against other IFVs.
  6. You may be moving or left your mouse pointer near the opposite edge of the screen from the direction you are using your keys to move the screen. You can see what I mean. Move one direction with the keys and while doing so, move your mouse pointer to the opposite edge of the screen from the direction of movement. You will notice that the screen movement will get choppy and start to stutter and then outright stall when the mouse pointer reaches the screen edge. It may be that moving the mouse pointer while scrolling the screen may be the problem you are having.
  7. I would not recommend that tactic for this game. Even the lowly RPG can wreck your day unless you behind ERA armor and even at that, RPG hits will degrade systems on your vehicle. This 'era of technology' will quickly teach you to respect and avoid ATGMs, particularly later generation ATGMs. Being 'one shotted' by a ATGM is common in this game. Welcome to the community and enjoy this great game. You can add me to the list of people if you want a PBEM game.
  8. Been out of town for the last several weeks but finally, back to the Twilight 2000 campaign. I will try to minimize spoilers. Controlled Burn - Very fun scenario. Riff raff militia defenders with very limited anti armor capability. You got a tank. As in one but it is all you need. Basically, hit 'em hard in coordination with the tank and any other surviving vehicles you have and watch 'em fold like a poker player with a Oklahoma straight. No Place Like Home - the capstone mission of the campaign. Hitting the heart of the 4th ID warlord's defence. Very nice, large map with plenty of choices of approach into the defended locality. Defenders are renegade elements of the 4th ID so they are competent and well armed so watch your approaches and ensure you use coordination with fire and maneuver. Note your mission objectives and stay focused on those and you should prevail. A very enjoyable campaign that stays true to the grim and gritty legacy of Twilight 2000. Very different fare from most campaigns due to limited ammo resupply and no casualty replacements and limited reinforcements. Fighting your small unit through 10 scenarios to victory is an achievement given the limitations of ammo and no casualty replacements. You will get attached to the dogged but spirited men of B Troop and will feel every loss. Fortunately for me, I managed to fight to Total Victory without taking one casualty though nearly 80% of B Troop was walking wounded by campaign end. But victory is victory and sweet. One despot tyrant with delusions of being the sole power in the area put down, as well as his cronies. Hooah!
  9. Continuing on. Again, I will try to minimize spoilers. Scenario 4 - Stuckey's Massacre Nice balance scenario with a variety of terrain to make interesting options for approaches. As before, your troop quality against the mobs will stand you in good stead but don't get too cocky and beware the enemy snipers. This scenario changed my outlook about snipers. Most of the time play CMSF, when I got sniper teams, I tended to overlook their talents because, well - they were a little underwhelming. The sniper reinforcements you get during this scenario gave me a new appreciation of the talents of snipers. During the battle, they were making some long range shots that I had to do a double take. All I can say is these boys can kick ass, making some impressive shots nearly the full length of the map (it is not large map but neither is it a postage stamp). At the scenario end, I found a number of emplacements that I did not engage with my primary troops to have anywhere from 50% to 90% casualties due to the sniper teams. All I can say is I got to get me some more of that mojo. Scenario 5 - Pox on Paxico The title of this scenario sums up my feelings. Uggh. Damn urban sprawl and you got to fight through it to get to the primary objective. And a short time limit. @#$%! I was delighted that the sniper teams stayed on and I gotta say, I appreciated their company on this one. In many cases, the sniper teams was probably the only way I was able to force myself down one flank and into the rear objective in the time I did. You will have to keep moving on this one as the clock will put pressure on you. Don't give it to the temptation to rush though - the enemy may not be as good in quality as your forces but stumbling into a kill zone will result in casualties you can ill afford. Despite my worries about the time, I prevailed within the time allotted. MOUT combat is like getting root canal work done but that is just a personal opinion but I will say that this scenario is well done despite my opinion about the subject matter. A well done and well balanced scenario. Most people like myself would probably like to have more time but I got the job done with between 5 to 10 minutes left on the clock, so I don't think the time is a big issue. That said, you have no time to methodically grind the defenders to dust (my preferred way to fight MOUT battles) and you will have to chance some street crossing and hope your pixeltruppen make it across in one piece. Fortune favors the bold, as the say goes. Scenario 6 - My Land, Your Land Having taken Paxico, you now have to defend it. This is a straight up defensive action. Good positioning and interlocking fields of fire will stand you in good stead. This is the first appearance of more competent troops than the militia rabble you have shooting up till now, making them more dangerous. I didn't take any casualties during this one but between 60-65% of my troops had the yellow cross on them at scenario end, attesting to the bloodiness of the firefight. All and all, a good fast paced battle that will have you wondering if you can hold out. Scenario 7 - Prairie Rattlesnakes The enemy in this one will quickly learn that old adage - Payback is a Bitch. The enemy is withdrawing and trying to escape the area, meaning that they are vulnerable while crossing open ground. Better troop quality but unless they stand and fight, it doesn't mean much in the long run. Your vehicle weapons on your few vehicles and the beloved sniper teams will make short work of the enemy as they try to run the width of the map. Keep your ground troops in contact but not too close (remember, the enemy is more competent than the militia rabble that the earlier scenarios pitted you against) and shoot 'em in the back when they bolt for it. I found the scenario relatively easy but it could be the AI plan I got. Great fun for the payback for the misery the enemy put you through in Paxico. Bastards. Let the crows have 'em. So far, I am really enjoying and digging the campaign, despite me getting a bad AI plan in scenario 3 in which the enemy decided to sleep through their attack (this is now fixed, according to Clubfoot). The scenarios really do capture the flavor of Twilight 2000 and I thank Clubfoot for the effort and time he took to construct this campaign. Now, off to kick the renegade elements of the 4th ID in the junk!
  10. No problem. I'll just chalk scenario 3 up to the bad guys checking us out and seeing how fierce looking we were, deciding that discretion was the better part of valor and deciding to leave well enough alone.
  11. Clubfoot, there may be a problem with one of the AI plans for scenario 3 - Restless Natives. After scenario start, my forces spotted three vehicles and shot up the vehicles and their crews. Then I waited for an attack that never came. After scenario time ran out and nothing happened, I cease fired and saw the multitude of enemy forces near the map edge all around the map. Looks to me like they didn't move from their initial placement so I don't know if that plan had a fail on the movement plan or time triggers. Anyhow, still a victory and on to scenario 4. Damn, though. I would have liked to see how the attack on the farm would have played out.
  12. I have played through the first two campaign missions. I will try to minimize spoilers. First off, the two scenarios so far do capture the grittiness that one would expect in playing a post nuclear survival game that was the focus of Twilight 2000. As expected for such a grim setting, personnel and equipment is in short demand. That means minimizing your casualties and watch your ammunition usage because replacements of both will be in short demand. Read your mission objectives because you will live or die by them. Unlike most missions, the name of the game is not to kill the enemy (that I noticed so far), so stay on mission and only engage those forces directly in the way or in the area of your objectives. Scenario 1 - Civil Unrest. Basically, it is get the hell out of Dodge. Move along covered approaches, support moving forces with fire and keep your engagements short and brutal. Watch your mission objectives and keep moving. The balance of forces is good. You are outnumbered by a large margin but your forces as very good and the enemy is mediocre, so you will dominate firefights as long as you concentrate your forces and brutally shoot up enemy forces in your way. I really enjoyed this one. Scenario 2 - Open Road. This is a really interesting scenario as it is along a stretch of highway with long fields of fire and you are the one that has to cross the map. Again, the quality of your troops will play well for you as the enemy is less capable but they are legion, so watch the fire rate of your forces as this scenario does have the real possibility of depleting your ammo reserves if you get caught up with long range plinking at the enemy. Again, I found this scenario enjoyable. So far, I have taken no losses but my main concern is ammo supply as I got carried away a bit in shooting up the bad guys in scenario 2 and so far at the start of scenario three, the ammo doesn't look good. This should make scenario three a nail biter. So far, I give the campaign two thumbs. It does capture beautifully the nature of a post nuclear war survival situation (as much as you can simulate such with CMSF). Kudos to Clubfoot and my sincere thanks for this wonderful campaign.
  13. I was extremely lucky for this scenario. Only one vehicle was destroyed by the friendly fire air strikes and the other attacks were near misses, resulting in some immoblizations. Casualties at the end of this scenario was 3 KIA and 1 Vehicle (light armored recon vehicle) destroyed. I was very happy with the outcome given how badly it could have been.
  14. Color me confused. Is the info about the Poles in the Ukraine fact or bs?
  15. Wow. Were they invited or is this unilateral? Is any other European countries going on alert or starting mobilization?
  16. I am not surprised actually. One of the guys in the IT department where I work is Russian. From what he says, the Soviet military is a paper tiger. Sure, a lot if their equipment is top shelf but their training is pathetic. When he was conscripted for obligatory service, he fired 20 rounds through his weapon in a training year. 20 rounds. Tank gunners fired one round a year. Soldiers not knowing how to maintain and use their equipment was a common problem. Sure, the Russian military is learning lessons from the Chechnya wars and from the invasion of Georgia but the lessons are hard learned and come slow and often such lesson don't amount to any real reforms in military thinking or doctrine. Russia should have learned and retained some of the lessons of 10 years in Afghanistan about fighting an insurgency yet their initial days during the first days of the first Chechnya conflict where their armor and infantry ran afoul of Chechnya tactics not much different that insurgent tactics in Afghanistan, it displayed that change comes slow and appears not to be lasting. The Georgian conflict where their usage of night vision equipment and training was lacking is a solid case in point. Fighting at night is nothing new. In fact, it is expected in conflicts in the 21st century. You would expect that that is something the Russians would have down pat by now and yet the Georgian conflict showed that it lacking. Needless to say, I, among others, is watching the Ukraine situation unfold, to see if the Russian military had implemented any meaningful changes in training standards and military doctrine.
  17. Not what I was about. My comment was the cold war could be back, with Russian/US posturing over Syria and now the Ukraine. Putin is old guard. Sure, the thaw of the cold war and reforms have changed Russia and enriched him but the loss of so many countries from when Russia went nearly bankrupt sticks in the craw of the old guard Soviets who lament the loss of 'empire'. I think Putin dreams of putting Russia 'on top' again and to do that is get the countries that declared independence back under Russian dominance, either militarily or politically. I remember the axiom of my cold war days was 'never trust the Russians'. Recent events seem to confirm that there is some truth to that.
  18. And now that Russia has invaded the Crimea, timely. This old 'cold' warrior is watching how this plays out. Things look right frosty right now, and I am not talking about the view out my window...
  19. I believe there is a newer version of Afternoon Delight (I think in the respository). Afternoon Delight has wrong victory conditions and it is impossible to get any sort of win without the newer version which fixes the victory condition issue.
  20. Well done Erwin! That is impressive for WEGO, a game mode that I am terrible at. RT are large maps is not that hard once you develop a knack for it. I typically watch my forces moving around with the map zoomed out so I can see all my forces and I watch for red markers to appear or for the sound of gun fire then I pause, zoom in and develop a read of the situation that is unfolding, issues orders, zoom out and unpause and watch the action unload until something else gets my attention, where upon it is pause, zoom in, assess and evaluate, issue orders, zoom out and unpause. Repeat ad nauseum until victory. I do admit that I do lose out on the beauty of watching the action unfold right in the thick of things at ground level with the ability to watch the same action from different perspectives as much as one likes. But as I said, I am not that good at WEGO and RT works very well for me. Splendid job at CIMIC House. But I hear the Operation Market Garden enemy forces are spoiling for a rematch...
  21. I have played this scenario three times now from start to finish and solely based on those three play throughs, I have parked numerous vehicles on the dam bridge and have yet to have any air power attack them. I usually get the vehicles beside the dam 'building' sides and keep the middle of the road clear. I have had vehicles in the LZ 1 trees (beside the LZ) and in trees at the Hassan compound. They usually aren't spotted but I have been lucky in the few times that they were spotted, the rocket attacks are inaccurate, as well as the bombs from the Syrian jets. I don't know what goes on in the calculations made by the game engine but it seems being in trees helps somewhat - at least that is my perception. At LZ 2, putting vehicles in the narrow lanes in the building complex across the road from the initial buildings the LZ 2 forces initially assault into seems to help as well. I have had the vehicles in that area spotted only once and rocket attacked and the buildings soaked up all the rockets, preventing the vehicles from being hit. What seems to be key is once you hear the helo blades sound effect or the jet engine noise is to STOP moving forces around and sit quietly until the air assets stop buzzing around. My experience is they really key on 'movement' or units 'firing', most likely getting spotting bonuses for your forces moving or firing while they are overhead. I have done the 'keep the head down and don't move' in all three play throughs and I have had the Syrian helos buzz around about three or four passes and then leave without them firing a shot because they couldn't spot any of my forces. If you do have forces in the open when the hostile air arrives, keep them moving - quickly. While this seems to contradict what I said above, chances are that vehicles would be spotted in the open anyhow and your forces take less direct hits by rocket, missiles or bombs due to them getting moving bonuses against weapon systems instead of getting no bonuses at all by being static. So far, the only vehicles I have lost were empty Humvees where I parked them in the open in dead ground to dismount the TOW launchers or the Mk19 - vehicles sitting static in the open. That said, I could be the luckiest SOB around since in three play throughs, the only vehicles I lost were empty, parked in the open Humvees - so either I am extremely lucky or there is some truth to the tactics I outlined above.
  22. My observations about the type and number of AT weapons the US forces have is similar. I found the SRAWs ineffective against the armor for the most part but I had better luck than you using them to bust bunkers. Some insight from my playtesting for Snake_eye concerning the US Airborne forces. This is more for everyone than specifically directed at Erwin but these insights and suggestions will make a difference. For both LZ1 and LZ2, it is prudent to pick a defensive area in or near your LZs and sit tight until the Brits arrive. The reason is principally of economics - your AB forces don't have the AT weapons to defeat all the enemy armor and you don't have the small arms ammunition to do much more than hold the LZs and perhaps push your perimeter out a bit. The bunkers might seem to be a concern but in reality, you can place your forces so the bunkers can't engage them and allow the Brit armor to take care of them. It is easy to caught up with thinking you have to deal with the bunkers but with them having interlocking fields of fire with each other, trying to take them out will result in casualties. My suggestion - let the Brit reinforcements do the bunker clearing. Conserve on the Javelins. That means, give them very short firing arc so they don't fire. With four missiles, you need to prioritize on targets. It is tempting to see static T-55 and ZSUs and think you need to take them out but my advice is keep the Javelins to defend your airborne forces. Let your airpower and the Brits deal with static armor. Your targets for the Javelin should be tanks first and foremost. The LAWs and SRAWs have better chances taking out the BMPs and the BRDMs than tanks. Your TOW launchers can be put in creative places that have good lines of sight and are safer than hill tops. You just need to find them and sneak the launchers in. I have in both AI plans been able to stop the armor counter attack cold with just the Javelins and TOWs. Careful placement and micromanagement is key here. Get some of your forces high but this is important, DON'T fire them as they will reveal themselves and then you will have all sorts of armaments being shot at you and artillery raining down. One or two headquarter units and the FO is sufficient. You will see lots and can see the enemy moving around. Intel and the ability to see what is coming is more important than a MG team being able to kill or suppress enemy infantry because that hill top MG team of your isn't going to last long once it becomes spotted. The Syrian artillery is powerful once it adjusts onto you but is it slow to acquire and get on target. Once adjusting rounds start to come in, get you forces out of the way! It usually be be apparent what the artillery is trying to engage so don't be there when they go into fire for effect. Syrian air - keep under cover and dispersed as much as you can. There is nothing you can do except try not to get spotted and hunker down once the rockets and bombs start falling. If your vehicles are not someplace for a critical reason, keep them beside and between buildings - this makes them hard to spot and hard to hit if they are spotted. Under trees works nearly as well. Your artillery - don't go after bunkers or vehicles as it is costly in ammunition. Use your artillery on the enemy infantry. You can enough to really punish the enemy infantry if you catch them static in trenchworks or when they mass for attacks. This scenario really plays best on real time because the one minute WEGO can introduce surprises that can unfold rapidly and get a player 'back on his heels' very quickly, making for a tough uphill fight if you are just reacting to the enemy. You want to set the tempo and the prep the ground and fight on your terms, not the enemy's. Be aware of your orders and your objectives and stick to them. It might be tempting to fight the entire map but you don't HAVE to. I have bypassed and ignored significant enemy forces simply they had little to no impact on what my forces were doing and where my forces are. You can win by literally, like the Bridge Too Far of old, putting forces along the road to the airfield and ignore forces who can't see or can't fire effectively onto the road. In short, use your forces to hold the LZs and blunt the counterattacks you can get and wait for the Brits to arrive. The Brits have the firepower to deal with everything the enemy puts in their way so they can force the roads to the airfield if need be. Use the Brits to kill the static armor and bunkers and pound any forces in the way.
  23. I wait with bated breath. I am sure it will be sterling like Fallujah Hospital and CIMIC House.
  24. Sure Combatintman, I can send a PM but it will take a day or two as my household is infested with grandchildren and family. Erwin: I intend to do up a proper AAR as my post was more of a 'sales pitch' to get people to play this wonderful scenario instead of a more detailed AAR but will give it a few days so people can enjoy the scenario without me being all 'spoiler' about how my game turned out. Stay tuned. Combatintman: About the comment about vehicle casualties. Incredible luck. One of my tanks was hit about 5 times by RPGs alone and got nothing worst than three or four sub-systems with small green crosses. One of the Warriors was hit three times without anything moving any sub-system out of the green. I don't want to give the impression that I am the Teflon man and AT rounds don't stick to me. More likely the luckiest SOB around... that and the fact that RPGs fired at me rarely get a second shot at me because they are killed or I quickly clear out of the line of fire.
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