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  1. Quoted for truth. That about sums up my take on what is or is not a wargame.
  2. Wildlife get used to ambient sound changes in the environment. When I was in the military as an artillery officer, at the time when I was a forward observer, I would have to make allowances while adjusting artillery fire to avoid the herds of elk and deer on the firing ranges. They ignored nearby exploding artillery rounds and on two occasions, I had to put the guns at check firing because a herd of elk walked up onto the hill that I was adjusting artillery fire on.
  3. In a nutshell, Modern infantry are far more lethal than their WW2 counterparts - in all aspects. A modern infantry squad will have high rate of fire assault rifles with impressive ranges, usually one or more LMG gunners and the standard rifleman usually will have a grenade launcher on the assault rifle. Depending on the nationality, there will be a designated marksman with a weapon to engage targets out to 800 metres. Depending on nationality, there may be a dedicated AT gunner or some other specialist weapon (like for the US Army, the XM-25 anti defilade rifle). Anyone in the squad can carry disposable AT weapons, so depending on scenario and availability of AT weapons, each soldier can carry one. Disposable AT weapons are serious threats to all armor. Some tanks like Abrams/T-90 may be able to weather a few light AT weapon but for the most part, unless the vehicle has got a Active Protection System or Explosive Reactive Armor, a hit from even a light AT weapon is going to wreck the vehicle crew's day. Now remember, a modern 8 man squad may be carrying up to 8 LAW, so modern vehicles need to be very wary and alert to enemy infantry. Anti Tanks weapons a step up for LAWs are even more capable - they have longer ranges, are guided (meaning very high hit probabilities) and are even more capable against heavy armor. They are also very portable so anticipate their presence in numbers on the battlefield. Systems like Javelin are game changes - they are top attack and autonomous guided system, meaning the gunner can fire the missile and immediately bolt for cover with the missile steering itself and top attacking the target to avoid ERA and APS defensive systems. One shot kills are common on the modern battlefield. Gone are the days of WW2 tanks duels where it may take a half dozen shots to seal the fate of a tank depending on the tank matchup and range. Modern tanks can put a round in the pickle barrel at ranges of 3000-4000 metres and do it all day long, which means engagement ranges are typically far longer than usual engagement ranges in WW2. Modern sensors and optics means expect to be seen clear across the map, day or night. Thermal imaging means even infantry across the map will be spotted with frustrating regularity unless kept to low ground or heavy cover. WW2 hardpoints like bunkers and the like do not offer the protection against weapons. Modern armies have specialized weapons or ammunition (like thermobaric warheads) designed to kill infantry in bunkers and buildings so depending on the situation and scenario, bunkering up is to trap yourself in a death trap. Like wise, modern artillery systems and certain weapon systems (anti cover weapons systems like programmable airburst rounds) make short work of infantry in trenches or behind walls. Modern armies have high mobility and can rapidly move and reorient on the battlefield. A modern infantry squad usually roars into battle in an armored carrier with enough firepower to pound to scrap a WW2 rifle company without breaking a sweat and with the speed to leave your typical WW2 halftrack in the dust. That means, unopposed, the enemy can be nearly anywhere on the typical scenario map in a few minutes, complicating tactics and defenses. Guderian would have given up a Panzer regiment for the capabilities and lethality of a single modern US Abrams tank company if it was available in WW2. In general, try not be to seen. To be spotted and engaged first by the enemy means most likely the start of a bad day and the loss of an asset, be it either infantry or armored vehicles. Try to spot and engage first is the rule of the day. Hope this helps give you a feeling for the differences between WW2 and modern warfare.
  4. The amount of white is assaulting my aged eyes making it bit hard to look at. Otherwise, a very nice look to the site and I appreciate the improved functionality. But my god, the white.... arrrrghhh * claws at eyes*
  5. So Putin, in late August, implicitly threatening to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations including Ukraine and the Baltic States was just 'trash talking' and speaking out of his nether quarters and is not really meaning anything by it? Cause it is just trash talk, right? Funny that, when a Russian leader speaks so and the West shouldn't take him at face value. Odd that, that everyone should believe him on everything else but his comments about using nuclear weapons should be discounted because, well, that is just plain crazy talk...
  6. I have played Allah's Fist a number of times (one of my favorite 'fast' scenarios) and I never knew the blue force got mech infantry! I usually take the two hill features on the edges of the map and have destroyed the Syrian force and forced a surrender before the blue force mech infantry arrive it seems. Need to try this scenario again at a more leisurely pace. Thanks for the vid. What floating icon mod are you using? What sound mod gives that distinct artillery incoming sound?
  7. There was a news bite within that last month that some researchers have developed or are developing a new battery that will recharge back to 70% capacity in less than five minutes with a claimed recharge cycle of 10,000 recharges. Not sure the size of the battery to know if it is at a 'practical' application level but if so, it may be the first breakthrough in mobile power technology that may herald some interesting changes for all sorts of tech, military tech included.
  8. Or that all those tanks now running around in the separatist AO were bought from the local vehicle dealership with separatist government credit cards?
  9. I remember that attempt at a campaign (assuming it was the same one you are recollecting). I was to be the Dutch forces commander. Real damn shame it fell apart because it looked like a hell of alot of fun.
  10. Hard to say - I don't know what active defence animations look like, so the BMP is either toast or that explosion was an ERA or active protection system going off, in which case the BMP likely survived.
  11. Tanks will remain as a viable weapons system until they field the first battle mechs. Don't laugh too hard but militaries have considered such but technology isn't there yet. As for surface to volume ratios, that has never stopped innovators and thinkers from trying to 'cheat' around such concerns. That is how jumps in technology and science occur. Also because we can all use a little 'giant armed and armored robot' love...
  12. The commentary about the flags on vehicles is noteworthy. In a war in which both sides have the same equipment, I suspect the flags are more to say 'we are this side' rather than a nationalist sediment or bravado. I see videos with the separatists vehicles flying flags as well, so both sides do it. I imagine that friendly fire is a real concern and I have no doubt that 'blue on blue' engagements have happened for all sides. Throw in the rather haphazard training of the rank and file UA soldiers and the separatists and proper identification of who the enemy is must be a concern.
  13. Are you using any mods? If so, remove all mods from your Z folder and restart that scenario. If the halftrack is missing still, then put in a support ticket to BF help desk. If the halftrack is there, the culprit is one of the mods. Restore mods one by one (restore one mod, start scenario and check if the halftrack is missing, rinse and repeat process) until the halftrack vanishes. The last mod installed most likely is the mod missing the data for the halftrack.
  14. I have the Commonwealth and Market Garden modules and I had no problem with using the CMBN 3.11 file, so I would suggest using that one, not the CMBN Market Garden one. Frankly, I am surprised that there two 3.11 files and I am inclined to think that the Market Garden one is being mislabeled and there is only one 3.11 file.
  15. You can check out this thread that covers the subject in some depth. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=110294 While the tutorial is for the WWII version of the CMx2 engine, for the most part, the screenshots and procedures are similar. I don't know who is still active on this particular forum that still routinely creates scenarios still other than Combatintman but he is a wealth of information. He might pop into this thread or you can trying giving him a shout out if you need help with some concept. At the very minimum, he can point you to other resources or other scenario designers. GeorgeMC also does wonderful scenario work but I haven't seen him post much in the last several months but he is still around so and can likewise help or point you to other resources. There are others, but as I said, I haven't seen them post in a while - they most likely are on the Black Sea subforum these days.
  16. Special Forces have used pack animals and horses in Afghanistan, particularly in the mountainous regions. Probably not well known because it would give PETA fits...
  17. Some constructive comments: For the size of the Blue forces, the map is too small. For the victory conditions defined, Blue can't lose, Red hasn't a chance - because: 1. Blue has nearly a 2-1 ratio over Red 2. Scenario is night where Blue's night vision capability gives them a quantitative edge over Red for spotting. 3. Blue has both a over generous amount of Fixed Wing and Attack Helicopters I just used a dismounted platoon and the three Bradleys and left the rest at the start position. Using the mortars and air assets, I was on the two hill objectives in under 10 minutes and took the village centre in under 30 minutes with minimal casualties for Blue. Suggestions for improvement: Enlarge the map or reduce the Blue Forces. As I stated, I won with just a dismounted platoon and the three Bradleys. If you want to keep dismounted company as the core concept of the scenario, you need a larger map. The map, while well designed, is just too small for a company+ force to maneuver on. Reduce or eliminate the air assets. Or change the victory conditions to have 'preserve' objectives so Blue has to be mindful of where he puts his airstrikes. In my playthrough, I very nearly leveled the village with my airpower and waltzed into the village center to claim the centre objective. Make it a day mission instead of night. That would change the scenario dynamic right there. As it was, after my vehicles encountered the right hand trench defenders and made short work of them, the vehicles followed by the dismounted platoon moved up the right side of the map to the right hand hill objective with very little resistance because the defenders couldn't see them. Not a single RPG was fired at the three vehicles in plain sight, not a single shot was fired from the village at the dismounted platoon advancing in open terrain up the right side of the map. The right hand hill objective was mine within 5 minutes of scenario start. Hopefully, I have not been over critical. It wasn't a terrible scenario by any means but I found it cake walk for blue and for me, it didn't present any challenge, even with leaving most of the blue force in the setup area.
  18. As Hitler found out. Hitler came into power and was tremendously popular. But once the war dragged on that changed, so much so that there were over 10 assassination attempts on Hitler by German nationals or his own military. A lesson from history that seems lost on Putin but once the russian people really start to feel the pinch, Putin may find his position in territory very much not to his liking.
  19. A few questions about artillery. Artillery can 'record' a target after firing it and then re-engage that target again with greatly reduced response time. Will this be reflected in the game? Artillery can fire 'fire plans', coordinating a series of targets over a short time frame, usually set to a particular times/timings. Will this be in the game? ICM and DPICM ammunition have been out for a while. I know precision strikes are in the game but these are advanced lethality artillery rounds capable of covering a larger area with submunitions and capable of affecting both soft and harden targets. Will there be ICM/DPICM in the game? Will the US forces get SADARM munitions (the M898 projectile) for the 155mm gun systems?
  20. Counter Battery decisions are based at brigade level or higher. Shock Force puts you in the role principally of a company commander and for larger scenarios, a battlegroup /taskforce commander. Therefore, Counter Battery decisions are beyond the scope of the role the player is put in. It would be a nice feature to have but I am not bummed out about not having it. I will just assume that the artillery that red has in a scenario is the stuff not being subject to counter battery fire and count my blessings that that the amount of artillery raining down on me could have been far worse.
  21. 3 Terabyte drives average about a $100 US dollars now. It isn't hard to image your current drive to a new high capacity drive and then setup the new drive and retire the old drive or repurpose it.
  22. QFT. The concept of democracy is totally lost on people and cultures that have operated with a tribal mentality ongoing for thousands of years. They simply don't get what it is, what it means, and the responsibilities as citizens under it. In short, it is a largely meaningless word. Most think incorrectly that it voting for your leader(s), which it is not. Saddam thought that Iraqis voting for him as the only person on the ticket would show the world that he was 'democratic' because people had a vote. To most people unfamiliar with democracy, having a vote = democracy, which is is not. Someday democracy may start to grow in places in the world like the middle east but it isn't going to happen in a few short years due the power of the status quo of centuries of tribal politics. Even democracies in the West took decades if not centuries to grow to what is today. But more importantly, it has no value. To the average Iraqi/Afghai, it is a word that they don't understand or totally misunderstand. As such, it has no value to the average person in such countries because the culture has never been one that encourages free thinkers. Self empowerment and other liberal values associated with democracy just don't flourish in a culture of tribalism where safety is toeing the status quo and ignorance is a virtue because it is safe. Until such time as democracy ideals are understood and more importantly, are consider to have 'value' over the current system, democracy isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  23. As Combatintman indicated above and in the scenario brief, the ANA platoon with their mentor forces are meant to go out. I took the ANA forces out and actually used them to engage enemy forces on route and they actually seized one of the objective compounds. I would estimate the ANA/Mentor platoon accounted for between a quarter and a third of the enemy force losses in my game, so go ahead and use them to do yeoman duty for the operation.
  24. Here is my impressions of Into The Green. This isn't an AAR per se, as I don't want to spoiler it for those considering on playing it. The map is a large area, relatively flat, with intermittent vegetation and numerous compounds. Your task is to patrol out and check on three of those compounds where reported hostiles have been sighted. The map is large and generous, allowing numerous approaches to the three objectives and therefore, lots of options for fire and maneuver for your forces. This is an infantry action mainly though you have a few vehicles. It is a patrol scenario - basically go out, see if you can find the bad guys and eliminate them if possible. It is a very nice scenario. From the tactical map in the briefing, you know where some enemy positions may be but for the most part, the enemy locations, intentions and strength is largely unknown. Pay attention to the mission brief as it is important for giving you a picture of what to expect. An enjoyable scenario with periods of waiting anticipation as your forces carefully pick their away across the map, never knowing if your going to step on an IED or get hit in an ambush, punctuated by periods of short brutal close range engagements when the enemy does show himself. The scenario has two AI plans but I only experienced one. Personally, I found the scenario easy to accomplish in the time frame and with careful maneuver and units supporting each other with fire support. This is a scenario where 'breach entries' with engineer charges pays dividends. I went out with the two maneuver elements in the briefing ( you are told to leave the other two elements to secure the two friendly compounds) and examined the three suspect compounds and actually managed to get all my forces back into the friendly perimeters in the 2.5 hour time frame with no casualties. A very good scenario about conducting patrol operations against insurgent forces. I enjoyed it and I hope you do to. For Combatintman - I had to cease fire after the time ran out. I met all conditions and got a total victory but didn't force a surrender. Perhaps I didn't kill enough bad guys? I got full points for not causing any collateral damage, so I don't think that was an issue. Just letting you know.
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